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Fantasy, Masturbation, and Sexual Attitudes

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Fantasy, Masturbation, and Sexual Attitudes

Post by firethrower1000 » May 13th, 2010, 10:49 am

Fantasy, Masturbation, and Sexual Attitudes
Men and Sex for Women
A Series to Promote Sexual Understanding Between Men and Women

here is some knowledge and acts of us Men

Although the spread is narrowing, there are some basic sexual differences with men and women that make it very hard for women to understand men and sex and vice versa.

Bearing in mind there is always that scope for individual variety, here are some almost universal truths about men that women most often fail to understand:


Men daydream about sex with various partners and in various situations.

Men masturbate while indulging these fantasies.

Men add spice to lovemaking by fantasizing about someone other than the current sexual partner.

The same men who use sex to express love can and will use sex manipulatively and for no other reason than for sex itself.

Most men have times when they just want sex for the physical sake of sex itself without the entanglement of a relationship. Sometimes a man just wants a woman's body. She can be asleep or drunk or even watching television; he doesn't even care.

There was an expression during World War II that explains this thought process: "Throw a flag over her face and do it for Old Glory!"

Women often wonder, "Why would a man pay for sex when it is easily obtained for free in our society?" The fact is that the man will pay because he is only interested in "getting in and getting out," quickly, and without any other involvement. This way of thinking is practically incomprehensible to a woman.

But even more incomprehensible to a woman is that a man can have sex with a woman he does not love at noon and then expect sex from a woman he does love in the same afternoon. Women can not understand this total separation and then total merger of sex and love.

There is another reason men can divorce sex and love. Males reach the peak of their sexual energy in their teens.

This means males seek sex long before they are mature enough for any enduring intimacy or relationship to form. Thereafter, for many years, or at least until a man's sexual vigor wanes with age, this high sexual energy threatens to disrupt any relationship that does form.

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