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Attn Bashers: You are now strictly limited to the flaming/ba

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Attn Bashers: You are now strictly limited to the flaming/ba

Post by Winston » September 15th, 2007, 5:37 pm

Attn Bashers: You are now strictly limited to the flaming/bashing board ONLY!

Dear Bashers,

I should have listened to my gut feeling which told me to ban your asses when you first arrived. It was a mistake to attempt to show you tolerance and fairness.

I gave you that chance with the flaming/bashing board, and most of you STILL can’t follow the rules and can’t resist the urge to bash me on every board. I knew I couldn’t trust you folks to keep to those compromised rules. I should have known better, since you folks are not at all about truth or justice, and have exhibited a constant patterns of double standards.

It’s apparent now that your real purpose here is not to tell the truth or help others, but to 1) bring me down any way you can, including using lies and deceptions, 2) infest the whole forum with extreme hatred, negativity, and pessimism.

Having you here is no better than having the KKK here or any other hate group. Nothing good comes out of it at all.

Thus, nothing good comes from your presence here, and I’ve wasted many precious hours debating with you. It teaches me a lesson too. I have so many other important things to do. You guys don’t even play fair, as you dodge all my hard questions, positive quotes about me, yet you demand that I answer all your questions, even after I’ve answered them.

I created this forum as a support and advice area for members to help, encourage, and advise each other, not as a war zone where my enemies can come and trash me, spreading nothing but hate. Those guys are really sick. In real life, most of them are social hermits with very bad people skills which handicaps them from going out and doing something healthy.

So, you bashers are now strictly limited to the flaming/bashing board, and NOT allowed to participate in any other boards anymore. Violators will immediately be banned. Eventually, all of you bashers/haters will be banned, as you bring nothing but sewer filth here. And you vastly LOWER the content quality of this forum. This forum is supposed to have high content quality, like PBS does. And you folks are a great detriment to that. It would be one thing if you scumbags told the truth, but you don’t, as you’ve spread lots of lies and misinformation about me (e.g. telling everyone that I spent half my youth in a mental hospital, which I’ve debunked hundreds of times, yet you still spread it).

So for now, enjoy your last days on this forum, which you’ve used as an outlet to try to bring me down. Fire off your last parting shots. Ask me any last questions on the flaming/bashing board. Then, in a few days, you guys will be gone from here. Most people would have banned you, I’m told, but I am too tolerant and fair, and folks like you take advantage of that.

It’s not that I have trouble taking criticism at all. Constructive criticism is welcome. But you folks are nothing but. You use childish insults, hate, scorn, want to see everything go bad, etc. Intelligent members of this forum have told me that your hateful comments and childish insults (demonstrated by how you described weasel) automatically DISCREDIT you, and they are right. Thank goodness that the quality folks on my forum can separate the wheat from the chaff easily. And you bashers make that way too easy, showing your true colors early on.

In truth, I feel sorry for you and pity you. You bashers are obviously social hermits who have no life and so you waste precious hours trashing me on my forum, because you can’t do any better. I wish I could help improve your life, but I can’t with your attitude and situation. So all I can do is bestow a blessing upon you and hope that you change for the better someday. But change has to come from WITHIN, it’s not something I can just activate in you like a switch. Life is short, and you folks had better change for the better NOW, before it’s too late. Otherwise, in retrospect, you will someday regret all the hours, days, weeks, and years that you wasted spreading hate, false lies, negativity, etc.

I hope you make the right choice now before it’s too late.

Then, if any of you ever evolve and become healthy individuals, feel free to come back here and share your newfound wisdom or help others. Until then, you aren’t bringing anything good here. I hope you acquire the wisdom someday to see that bringing others down does NOT help them or anyone at all.

Good luck and God bless.


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