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Introduction of my advisors on this forum

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Introduction of my advisors on this forum

Post by Winston » September 15th, 2007, 5:39 pm

Introduction of my advisors on this forum

Dear everyone,
My recommended and trusted advisors have now registered on the forum, and will be giving suggestions and answering questions when they have the time. I’ll provide a short summary of each of them below, according to their registered user names. But if they want, they can introduce themselves here or in the “Member Introductions� board.

Ladislav – My long time cultural consultant, quoted all over my ebook, whom I dub the “Socrates� of international culture. His advice guide on selecting a country with his observations, is the only written work I’ve ever seen with a TRUE MULTI-NATIONAL perspective, which you can read at: http://forum.internationalliving.com/vi ... .php?t=491 . It is the most culturally enriching work you can ever read. An American expat born in the Former Soviet Union, he has lived and traveled in many countries, and speaks nearly 10 languages. Like me, he is a freespirit and lover of the Philippines. I’ve met him before and can say that meeting him is a soul enriching and expanding experience, stretching your mind outside the box. It was like meeting Socrates. He is truly one of a kind. But since he is on vacation now, he will not be posting much for a while.

Mr S – An American expat who has been living in Asia for the past few years, he is highly intelligent, knowledgeable, worldly and a no-nonsense person who tells it like it is. Unlike many men, he never embellishes the truth, never makes up stories to brag about, but tells it like it is, is to the point, and does not waste time in BS or rhetoric. Thus, he is someone you can truly believe. There is a beauty in his words in that they contain a sort of equilibrium – nothing more than necessary is said and nothing less than necessary is said either – and devoid of soundbytes to filter through. I love guys like that. They are very refreshing in a world of bullshit.

He has a great talent for detecting BS and in the past has helped me see through a lot of bull, lies, and deception, wasting no time on it. Though he enjoys going out and having fun, he has intellectual interests as well, and can discuss a variety of topics including life in general and how things are. Thus, I’ve dubbed him as one of my “advisors� on Asian affairs.

Momopi – An Asian American intellectual with worldly knowledge on a variety of topics. He not only has deep knowledge and observations of Asian culture, but also on computer, business, economics, and technical areas as well. He is like a human encyclopedia who can provide facts and figures on almost any topics, kind of like “Data� on Star Trek the Next Generation, but with human smarts, wisdom, and practical common sense as well. I have hung out with him a few times in person, and he is a very friendly and helpful person, the ideal friend that every guy should have.

KristineTheStrawberryGirl - A young Ukrainian American female that’s been on my list for a long time. She is brainy and knowledgeable – offering a variety of examples and facts on mostly sociological topics. Though she and I don’t agree on some things, she always provides fascinating facts, figures, examples, and reasoning to consider, thus making a great contribution.

I’ve met the first three advisors above and am friends with them in person as well.

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