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Updated list of characteristics of US American civilization

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Updated list of characteristics of US American civilization

Postby darwinsturtle » Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:00 am

Behold the true face of the ugliest and most cretinous civilization in all of human history!

1. It is exterritorial, knows no borders and able to attack and devour from Iraq to China, from Russia to Nicaragua. It has no natural habitat and able of endless expansion. Wherever there is a man to enslave, a house to bomb, a tree to fell, it is ready to come.

2. Its main occupation is usury. They provide loans to states, ensnare them with impossible conditions and ruin them.

3. It considers human solidarity and brotherhood – ‘totalitarianism’.

4. It rejects Spirit and considers it ‘fanaticism and fundamentalism’.

5. It equally abhors Apostolic Christianity and Islam; but it loves to set the Christians upon the Muslims, and vice versa.

6. Its devotion is given to the Jewish State. Not only the JINSA Cabal is ethnically faithful to Israel; the US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said that the security of Israel is the key to security of the world. Rice added that she feels a deep affinity with Israel.

7. It is heavily engaged in drugs. Wherever they win, heroin has its field day. London's The Independent newspaper, reported from Baghdad: The city, which had never seen heroin, is now flooded with narcotics. It is not unusual that where the Americans go, the narcotics flourish. The Taliban had successfully eliminated the drugs from Afghanistan but since the US forces took over control, Afghanistan has become the largest producer of heroin. Some reports suggest that the drug and arms trafficking is patronized by the CIA to finance its covert operations worldwide.

8. It exalts vengeance. The war against Afghanistan was promoted as ‘vengeance for 9/11’.

9. It has a soul of a dastardly knave, in its narrow meaning of ‘opposite of noble’. The Americans are gutless cowards. They did not dare to attack Iraq until it was fully disarmed by the UN. (Also, after twelve years of the most comprehensive sanctions in probably all of history.)

10. It produces no art. In vain archaeologists of Fourth Millennium will search for their Venus. The rusty American Venus a.k.a opus 5327 exhibited in the Guggenheim is identical to any heap of scrap metal. There are no glorious temples, no exciting architecture, absolutely nothing to miss if the gods would pour sulfur and brimstone on its cities.

11. It is obsessed with paranoid fear. It is not enough that the US spends on weapons ten times more money than the rest of the world. They want to disarm everybody. The war in Iraq was caused by the desire to remove its weapons. Now they want to disarm Iran, Syria, Korea, and Ukraine and Russia just wait for their turn.

12. Fear of weapons is not aimed exclusively outside: the proponents of US civilization try their best to disarm the American people as well. For this reason they committed the mass murder at Waco and implicated militias in the Oklahoma bombing. (The same could also apply to 9/11 as well.)

13. It despises labor and laborers. American cinema, the only existing quasi-art output of US civilization, depicts millionaires and whores, gamblers and brokers, bums and gangsters, but its last worker was depicted in the pre-war Grapes of Wrath.

14. It loves the rich. They believe the rich are virtuous, for they are blessed with wealth, while the poor are evil and damned just because they are poor.

15. It is presently at war with the entire world. It is an usurer, tax collector and alcohol pusher magnified by a factor of a million. It pushes heroin instead of vodka, loans out billions instead of two rubles, sucks out the wealth of nations instead of the meager livelihood of a peasant, and fears nuclear weapons rather than the moujik’s axe.
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Postby wuxi » Tue Aug 24, 2010 4:51 pm

The only outcome of increasing narcisissm and psychopathy in a country is increasing social and political tyranny. This is the situation the US and all other western countries are faced with. ... sonic.html
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Postby Contrarian Expatriate » Tue Aug 24, 2010 5:45 pm

wuxi wrote:The only outcome of increasing narcisissm and psychopathy in a country is increasing social and political tyranny. This is the situation the US and all other western countries are faced with.

Correct. Narcissism manifests itself in the "we know what is good for the masses" mentality. Well, this is what we get when corporations supplant the wishes of the population. We almost need a third chamber of Congress, the House, the Senate, and the Chamber of Corporate Representatives.
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