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Stop Looking For a Wife: You Won’t Find One

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Stop Looking For a Wife: You Won’t Find One

Post by wuxi » October 22nd, 2010, 1:52 am

I thought this article was interesting. Although I'm not optimistic about western women I believe good wives can be found in asia. ... -find-one/

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Post by momopi » October 22nd, 2010, 8:08 am

This is what I was taught:

When you get old, you should have these 3 old things:
Old spouse
Old friends
Old money

Old spouse is a wife who is loyal to you, raised your children, and stayed with you even when you're too old and have to piss into an adult diaper. Unfortunately many marriages end in divorce and, people die from accidents and illness. To have an old spouse who stayed with you for many decades is a blessing. Know the difference between a gf and a wife. "She's hot" is not a good reason to commit to a life-long marriage. The girl who'd lean over from the passenger side to open your door is probably better marriage material. Guys who are looking for a wife and know what they have will put a ring around her finger & take her off market, before you have a chance of meeting her.

Old friends are people that you befriended when you were young, and stayed friends for many decades. You grew old together and went through the same decades. So when you talk about Michael Jackson, your friends will know what your'e talking about, versus the younger kids will reply "who's Madonna? Never heard of her. As you get older, your friends will drop like flies, until you yourself drop dead and it's game over.

Old money is money that you've carefully saved and stashed away safely, away from your children. An old man with old money gains respect from his children and grand-children. If you give away your money to your kids too early, they'd probably burn through it. Invest wisely and let your money grow over time. Establish a trust fund.

Now, understand that the above works for "grass" and "tree' type people, but not necessarily "cloud" type. Grass is happy being planted on a nice sunny hill, and tree is happy when it plants its roots nice and deep while spreading its branches into the sky (or far and wide). But a cloud is only happy when it goes where the wind takes him. Grass is not a cloud, and cloud is not a grass. So if you're a cloud type person, ignore the advice above, don't root yourself (it'd make you unhappy anyway), get off your lazy butt and start flying with the wind.

As for the wife question, I think everyone here understand that women prefer to marry up, because they'd rather submit to a taller, stronger, and more successful mate than a shorter, weaker, and insecure male. If you want to get married and have your wife submit to you, you must be the man. In cases where the women is an over-achiever type with higher income, the roles can be reversed with the women working in her high-paying profession, bringing hom the bacon, while the husband takes the role of the house-husband, raising kids, cooking, cleaning, etc.. Hey, if the women wants to be the alpha, sure, go right ahead and work her butt off at the office while the husband go shopping at the mall and play video games at home. Hey, gender equality, you want it, you got it!

Except for cases of real economic necessity (poverty?), if equality means both husband and wife are out working their butts off to make $$ mula so they can drive new BMW's, leaving the kids with daycare, why even bother getting married and having kids in the first place? Your kids are only young once, so being a parent is a one-way street with no second chances. You either get it right the first time, or fail. Once your kid pops out, you cannot say "oops I change my mind". Your children is your responsibility, and public schools should not be used as daycare centers. If you're not taking the time to help your kids with school work, don't blame the teachers if the kid flunks. Teachers have to look after classrooms with 30+ kids, it's unrealistic to expect them to provide individual attention to each pupil.

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