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Russian Women ARE Better than American Women

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Russian Women ARE Better than American Women

Postby ssjparris » Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:04 am

Okay so i wanted to show you guys some visual differences between american women and russian women when it comes to their reaction to you.

I was horny so i decided to scout youtube for some fun. lo and behold i found candid breasts walking around in public being video taped by american men. hehehehe.

Here is what an American woman is like notice here response to him. she is angry, scared, nervous, give the ol' DON'T APPROACH ME LOOK on her face. she tries her best NOT to get eye contact with him. ( they do this because they do not want you to approach them, truly dysfuntional. ) she talks to friends while he is still video taping her. she makes it SEEM like she is not bothered by his presence ( sociapthic )'ll catch the details here...

very big breasts indeed. :lol:

Now this one i like the most this is the RUSSIAN WOMAN she is being videtaped by an american. Notice her reaction to him. she notices the camera is on her. she locks eyes with the camera for a long time too. her response to him is easy going and relaxed. she is not angry or nervous. she does not even give the ol' don't approach me look on her face. it is the exact opposite of the american above. this russian lady is definitely approachable. It did not bother her that her breasts were being watched in public. she was just super relaxed. watch it below to see what i mean...


so all in all if you wanna know how a foreign women will react to you when you meet her in public. it is just going to be the most relaxed and comfortable moment you will ever experience with a woman period. :lol:
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Postby Winston » Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:23 am

Are you sure the girl in the first video is American? She doesn't look American and American girls don't kiss their friends on both sides of the cheek when they greet them. That's a greeting that Euro women do.

Here is a clip of me meeting some girls in Moscow in Red Square. Here you can see for sure how relaxed and open it is, without all the uptightness, defensiveness, caution, etc. that you would get in America.

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Postby ssjparris » Fri Nov 05, 2010 5:20 pm

hmmm maybe your right ? its just the ladies reaction is so similar to an americans reaction. perhaps she has been in america for too long. i noticed foreign women start acting like american just a little. the whole don't approach me fear and the like is definitely american thing foreign women adapt if they stay too long. but like you said the kissing on the cheeks are a customary european greeting.

Its just when i meet european women here in L.A. they are very very open and approachable. they are also very relaxed meeting me. they don't do the don't approach me vibe tat you were talking about. although i did get it from a european woman here in L.A. i came up to her and she completely dropped her defense shield.

ofcourse winston i LOVE your videos there is zero american reaction there. they are super open, friendly, social, relaxed and comfortable around a male's presence. can't wait to be in europe soon. thanks buddy.
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Postby ssjparris » Fri Nov 05, 2010 5:26 pm

makes me wonder about the first video now. which country is that lady from. i think your right. she isn't american. if she is acting like that compared to a russian lady ( in the second video ). I would love to know which country she comes from because i don't want to be around women that act like that. yeah I prefer the ones from your video winston. hahaha.
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Postby have2fly » Fri Nov 05, 2010 6:48 pm

Another thing I wanted to point out from Winston's video is that other Russian guys that are with girls are not REALLY cock-blocking him. I guess some may have done that, but many don't. Also girls are totally fine to chat up, laugh, meet, hang out after they JUST met you! They are not late to work, school, home etc. They are not in rush all the time. Even if they are, they could still talk to you and skip whatever they were going because they think that meeting someone special could be more important than say getting to the bank or post office or whatever.

Wow, I just really want to go to Moscow now. Although I heard it's not the safest city, but I think I will do OK there because I speak the language and know the culture.

Just amazing video Winston. I totally love it. Makes me feel BAD for all those years I spent lonely here in the US, even though I did get laid much more than most of my American friends, I still missed so many dates, vibes, friends, interactions etc. Seems like I missed a part of my life. Also makes me feel bad for all the Americans who live their life in complete isolation and loneliness and don't even know that it's not the way their life supposed to be.
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Postby ladislav » Fri Nov 05, 2010 7:03 pm

The first video looks like it is in Italy, not America. There are a few telltale signs such as window signs, the architecture and scooters everywhere. It may be in Argentina, as well, although there are not that many scooters there.
Italy is my 1st guess.
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Postby ssjparris » Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:29 pm

yeah ladislav bro. i tried real hard to look at the sign at one of the buildings. tried to read the words but it was a little blurry. her giant boobies where in the way. lol. i think some where in europe as well. if argentina looks that damn good. then we need to check out some acapolco and get some tacos to go please.
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