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Learning from Foreigners Here In North America

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Post by momopi » November 28th, 2010, 9:56 pm

globetrotter wrote:
Northamericanguy wrote:And for the life of me, I have NO IDEA why people even eat that food. I mean even high end restaurants have been known to serve dogs/cats so what do you expect out of a hole in the wall place.
It's just another mammal.
Think about why you value a dog or a cat but not a cow or a pig.
Why is eating dog disgusting but eating a cow is not?
In most of the world dogs are nothing more than large rats and they are treated as such.
I have eaten snake, pigeon, donkey and goat since being here. Dog and cat is mostly southern China.
Dog also leaves you with a nasty body funk the day after. You can smell dog eaters from afar.
The Chinese have been breeding dogs for food for >2,500 years. Historically goat, pig, and dog were bred for food while ox and horse are defined as beasts of burden and not eaten. Eating cats was also taboo, either by superstition or usefulness of the cats in catching grain-eating mice. By early 20th century, the consumption of dog had fallen out of fashion in Northern China. My grandfather was from Manchuria and he said that he had to go to Korean restaurants to get noodle with dog meat in 1930s-1940s. In Southern China the consumption of both dog and cat continued to be popular. When I lived in Taipei in late 1970s, there was a specific street where dog restaurants are located.

Europeans were also eating dogs and cats up until the 20th century. Dog meat was not banned in Germany until 1986. China will likely ban the consumption of dog and cat within next few years: ... 379689.htm

There were a few Korean restaurants in the US that served dog strew in Korean-language menu up until about 10 years ago. Today you can still go to some Chinese restaurants in LA and order "imitation dog meat" (pork) in dishes traditionally cooked with dog: ... t-rosemead

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Re: Learning from Foreigners Here In North America

Post by ladislav » November 29th, 2010, 4:51 am

Lots of immigrants in the US are so sad because no Americans give a shit about their native culture or even know where their home country is.
There are some culinary interests- Chinese and Thai restaurants, and some sexual interests such as Asian porn, for example or Russian mail order brides. And some fads such as Rubics cube and the like.

Another thing to add- America has a race structure that is very different from that of other countries-an apartheid structure- why it opposed South Africa is beyond me. It divides people into five very arbitrary "tribes"- the whites, the blacks, the asians, the hispanics, and the American Indians. By coming to the US you need to see where you fit in within this strange quinto-tribal system. And the society pushes you into it. Since most, at least younger, people want to fit in, they start acting as Asian Americans, Black Americans etc. And do so in exaggerated ways. I used to work in Monterrey Park in CA and I would be amazed how these different kids of so many different Asian countries would hang out together. Asians are now a nationality, white is a nationality, black is a nationality. A domestic nationality, that is. A very unnatural system for most people. And these new American "nationalities" are often opposed to each other.

Many act weird. Like I would see Filipinos in the US walk with a ghetto limp, most Asians would try and act nurdy and distant, looking at me with suspicious eyes. The Carribean blacks would now have to act like a "brother" and dislike other groups and celebrate Kwanzaa. Some Jamaican people would still hold on to their values- they have told me this- "in Jamaica we do not call ourselves black or white, we call ourselves Jamaican". And this other Jamaican guy told me-" I never heard the N- word until I came to the US". Jamaica is a real multicultural society where all people are just well...Jamaican. End of the story. Some preserved their individuality but still when you talk to the Carribean people, they look cautious and check you out.

The Europeans - East, West, etc. also fall under the greatest degree of pressure to americanize because they are not 'foreigners' as soon as the accent is dropped. Now they, along with the Jews(!!!)- are suddenly 'white'. One would be tempted to see it as a blessing, but it is not as simple. First of all you need to get rid of all the intellectualism, put on airs, oppose the other " tribes" and deal with constant homophobia (!) without being gay. You write poetry you fag? You paint- you faggot! You speak foreign languages- why don't you be like any other American and speak English. You play the accordeon- unamerican! I remember when I was still FOB I would put on a nice cloak, nice Italian shoes and go out for a walk. Gays on the subway would ask me about the color of my underwear. I got mocking looks, etc. Jeers, leers, WTF?
I remember I still thought I was back in the home country, put on a nice embroidered shirt, tight shorts and went to the beach to pick up girls. I New York.

I remember in Ukraine that is what you would do. The girls would immediately stare and say- "Wow, look at that boy- so cute so well dressed. An embroidered shirt- so sexy".You can imagine what happened on the beach in the US. The looks I got from guys were like they saw the devil himself. Then, you are not supposed to speak with any accent otherwise you are a freak and immediately they frown and start looking at you with hostile eyes. Asking for directions is scary. They can snap back at you! The Asians are expected to have an accent and Hispanics are supposed to but you are not allowed. Get americanized. Act white! Otherwise you are a freak and a homo.

Enough to give you a complex. In some ways those of different races are expected to be different, but you are not.
And then you are so poor that people just see you as some kind of loser.

Recently I was in the Philippines and I bought and wore some native Filipino Hawaiian style shirts. The Filipinos paid no attention to it. But various Anglos would be on my case. Mocking looks and smirks, teasings, etc.

Now had I been a Black American wearing enormous dreadlocks with a knit African banner color cap the size or a large potato basket, they would leave me alone and turn away respectfully.

I felt like saying "Shut up you freaking gravedigger, you plumber. I want to enjoy because my life is bright, your life is the color of a sparrow and a rat".

And they too thought I was gay.
A brain is a terrible thing to wash!

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Post by ajushi » December 22nd, 2010, 8:22 pm

I believe that when most foreigners come to the USA, they are absolutley shocked at the condition of our society. The mentality of our people in general....

from all manner of psychotic things ranging from not being able to drink from the same container or share food, to eating alone all the time, to these weird cafes designed to look like living rooms because the people are so lonely we go there to sit at our computers just to be around other people, the disconnectedness, the materialistic and money centric standard, the homelessness, and the crime.

There are in fact people who come here from other countries such as Korea as missionaries and priests in an attempt to help restore the disintegrated sense of community and family values in the USA.

Now this doesn't go for all. There are some who come as refugees, and many hundreds of millions who would like to, who would be overwhelmed at the sense of opportunity and potential and quality of life here, ranging from freedom of religion, to freedom from civil war, to clean air and drinking water. They may still be shocked at the degree of isolation and disconnectedness and how much the so called melting pot is actually not a melting pot... but they are probably amazed in the other regards

Depends on where they come from. I think most people from 1st and 2nd tier economies see it the first way and most from the 3rd tier see it the latter way.

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Post by globetrotter » December 23rd, 2010, 2:03 am

The 'foreigners' that you see in the USA are not representative.

1) They self-select to go to America and thus have a given assortment of personality traits that those back home do not.
2) America brings out the worst in many foreigners. The 'character' that you see and assume about people is nothing like what they are like back home.

The USA amplifies the worst qualities of many.

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Post by have2fly » December 23rd, 2010, 2:54 am

And they too thought I was gay.
OMG! LADISLAV, you just made my day!!! Why aren't people noticing "the good" about you? I remember wearing Italian shirt and leather shoes in Ukraine would always spark comments and interest in Ukrainian girls. But if you do it here in the US - it sparks negative comments and everyone is considering you a freak! WHY? Why when every media in the US is filled with "democracy" news and just about "how free United States is". And some ghetto dude in 4XXXXL shirt holding his jeans from falling on the ground is considered much more normal than me??? Or some douchebag covered in tattoos and piercing wearing shorts from Walmart? I just don't get it! Freaks are considered normal in the US while fashionable guys are considered freaks!

I remember buying an Armani Exchange t-shirt and most American girls considered me gay because only gay guys spend much money on clothing. SICK! A|X isn't that much more expensive by the way. I did wear that shirt to a Russian club in Chicago and girls loved it.

Totally agree. When I came to the US I just had to copy others, no one wanted to hear what I had to say. Besides the same sickening questions, like: "Where you from? Oh, what city in Ukraine?" When I ask that American guy/girl: "What cities do you know?" They never respond, there was only one who knew a few. WHY FREAKING ASK THEN???

WHY WHY WHY Americans ask the same questions everyday, discuss same topics and consider well-dressed guys being fags??? Russians talk about Americans as being "brain-washed zombies". I can totally see it now.
The 'foreigners' that you see in the USA are not representative.

1) They self-select to go to America and thus have a given assortment of personality traits that those back home do not.
2) America brings out the worst in many foreigners. The 'character' that you see and assume about people is nothing like what they are like back home.

The USA amplifies the worst qualities of many.
EXCELLENT! I agree totally. I see some Russian (Ukrainian) girls that just recently moved to the US freak out when they find out I've been in the US for too long. When I ask why? They say "you lost the romantic part, you are one of THEM now, empty American guy with no soul and no heart"...

I have to add about seeing Russian girls who grew up or lived in America since being a child - many are completely screwed up the same way or worse than American women. I know one girl who works overnight at the hotel and goes to school for Ph.D. just because she wants good money and because when she got her Bachelors life lost meaning to her, she didn't know what to do with herself. Needless to say, she is extremely ADD and mental, she changes topics every few seconds, her hands shake etc. She plays tennis for fun and gets wasted at the bars, sleeps over with tons of guys! Amazing, horrible. I have never seen such girls in Ukraine that are so mentally eroded and screwed up, but I have seen many in the US that were normal Russian (Ukrainian) girls at some point, but that's what life in America does to you, worst being middle-high school for sure. Thank Heavens, I escaped that part and were able to keep "real me" inside.

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Post by NorthAmericanguy » December 23rd, 2010, 3:10 pm

Excellent post gentlemen. I see your points, and it make sense.

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