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Condoms Do Not Exist in America

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Condoms Do Not Exist in America

Post by Fenix » December 13th, 2010, 7:58 pm

*Old blog post I wrote*

Americans might as well not wear condoms. All of these babies raising babies. Women do not have families anymore, they have tribes. I do not understand why birth control and condoms exist. Why? No one uses them obviously. I am so sick of teenagers having orgies and then becoming pregnant. Teenagers enjoy going to fuckfests, I mean High schools and learning how to do the reverse cowgirl. They sure as hell are not learning how to read, write and spell. These teenagers are becoming future porn stars. You really think they are learning anything in school? You know how many contraceptives they are for people to use? Around 18. Why oh why are 14 year old girls having 5 kids? I just do not understand this. I saw a couple videos over the past few weeks. The first video was about a Chicago, Illinois High school. Out of 800 students, 110 females are pregnant. That is f***ing insane.

The second video was about some dumb ass mom telling her teenager daughter that she wanted to get gangbanged. This bitch said she wanted 7 guys to boink her at once. Uh, this woman has 4 vaginas and 3 assholes? Is she mutated? This woman was obese like Della Reese. Giving her teenage daughter and other dumb asses on webcam "sex advice". You know how many people in America have HIV/AIDS? About a million out of 308 million. That is a f***ing lot. Compare that to the Philippines. 90 million people live in the Philippines and only 5,000 people there have HIV/AIDS. Half of the population in America has some form of HPV (i.e. herpes). Resident Evil has spread the G-Virus! 28 Days Later...starring the United States of America. It is sickening to me. What is wrong with a condom? Rewind, what is wrong with a vasectomy? I am getting a vasectomy. I do not want kids. Anyway, what is so wrong with wearing a condom? Men and women. Both of you are at fault.

"Eww, when I wear a condom, I can't breathe! I start to get a seizure and shit. You do not understand!" This is the same guy that wants to f**k his girlfriend in the dark all the time. "Why are we f***ing in the dark? Do you have night vision eyes or something?" This guy has a snow cone dick from his STDs. I went to a sexual education class back in 2004, just for the f**k of it. It scared the living shit out of me. Even if I was hazardous to my sexual health, I would still be scared. I use safe sex and it still scared me. Imagine this, your girl's puss looks like Linda Blair's character from "The Exorcist", I am talking about her face. They showed a lot of pictures on the projector. They had a dude's penis on the screen and it looked like a Nestle Crunch bar. Woman's vagina was in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest genital warts. Genital warts so big, you could play Connect Four (connect four!).

Another woman's vagina had so much pus on it, looked like her p***y had rabies. It was disgusting. Men and women in America still have unprotected sex. More and more people are having anal sex. Anal sex is probably the leading cause of AIDS. Anal sex? Really? "I just took a mean shit today and when we have sex, I want you to put it up my ass. I want to suck off my fecal matter. I want to see how my shit taste. It turns me on!" f***ing nasty simple bitch! Some guy had 21 kids...21 kids! These women knew he was a deadbeat but they still wanted his semen. What is the problem? This toxic culture is so obsessed with sex. Sex is everywhere.

I remember people would be outraged back in the 1950s over a peck on the cheek. Women flashing on television is the norm nowadays. It just won't stop. Condoms are not evil. They won't bite you. Use one! "Condom? I want to f**k my girl raw! When I have one on, I just feel like...I don't want to wear one, okay?" Excuses! I threw in the towel a long time ago with Americans behavior. No one cares or respects themselves. This is a vicious cycle. Oh well, have fun having herpes!

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