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Where Are All The Good Men????

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Where Are All The Good Men????

Post by Fenix » December 13th, 2010, 8:05 pm

*My masterpiece of a blog post I wrote last year on my MySpace blog.*

Women are so funny. They crack me up. I am sick of hearing women say, "Where are all of the good men?" Women know the answer to this question but I will answer it anyway. Where are all of the good men? The answer is this, the good men are everywhere. You do not see us. You do not want to see us. You do not want us. The good men are ghosts and holograms. Good men are tired of the bullshit women pull. Women cry rivers about how men are dogs and they want a good man. Women want a good man in their lives. Well, you can't get something you don't want to begin with. Women like bad boys. I keep hearing the excuses. "Nice guys are boring!" Nice guy = wimp. Bad boys are better? How so? They beat you half to death. They impregnate you and leave you out to dry like clothes on a clothesline in 1819.

They cheat on you left and right, and front and center. They have no jobs, no education, no goals, no brains, no sense, and blah blah blah. You know the rest of the chapters in this saga. Good men have the pleasure of waiting 35 years to get a good woman or a reformed skank. Reformed skank? A girl that was brainwashed by feminism and was told to "sew her wild oats" when she was a teenager and until she hits 35. When 35 hits, she wants to be saved. She wants that good man in her life. She was f***ed and chucked her whole life hanging around the bad boys. The men that treated her like a million bucks! Get the f**k outta here. Good men do not care anymore. I don't care anymore. Good men get burned more than a candle. Good men do not have time to waste on the opposite sex. Good men are getting their degrees, getting their own house, car and other assets. Good men are planning for their future.

Women just want a man as a toy. When the toy is worn out, the woman gets another one. Women seem to misunderstand that there are more good men out here than good women. The good men get f***ed over because a woman made a choice to date bad boys. "All men are dogs!" No, all the men you f**k with are dogs. Stop attracting toxic waste. You might get gold nuggets someday. The good men are also leaving America. They have researched women from other countries. Foreign women actually treat their men like men, not like a piece of scum. Men are humans too (contrary to popular belief), we want to be treated with respect and dignity too. We are not pieces of meat, we are not "objects" A word women use a lot. "Objects." Men do not want to be a tally mark on your chalkboard. You want to be a slut, be one, but do not do it on my watch. Undercover sluts are the worst.

Do not pretend to be this innocent princess and you are far from being those things. If you like to have sex, have sex. Men are whores too, if they want to be manwhores, so be it. Women do not want good men. If they wanted good men, they wouldn't date bad boys all of the f***ing time. Women just want to be treated like shit. How do you expect men to respect you if you want to be treated like an animal? Doesn't make any f***ing sense why a woman would want to be treated like horseshit and complain about it. You chose your own fate! Some good men turn into bad men because they can't get a date. Good men are so desperate, they have to turn into Billy bad ass to get a chick. Men are not stupid like you think we are. If something works, people do it. Scammers scam people one way and if it works effectively, they continue to use that same scam. Men are turning into jerks for your expense. Men are not walking wallets with sperm. If you want to be treated like a human, treat the men like they are human too.

You can't have it both ways. You know how much shit a man has to do to get a woman? It is hard. Men have to do all of this bullshit and women take it for granted. Women would change their attitudes if they knew what men had to do to get a woman. Anyway, the good men are everywhere you go. You do not want to talk to us. We are not exciting enough. Life is a f***ing rollercoaster, you have to have your thrills and chills! Shut the f**k up. "I need a challenge! Bad boys do this for me." This isn't "Where's Waldo?" you don't need a challenge. This is real life, not Sudoku. Women care too much about materialism and other trivial shit that doesn't matter like how many Klondike bars are in the freezer. Women, two things you need to know about men...Men want to know if you have a brain and a heart. The scarecrow and the tinman, that is how good men feel when you shit all over our plates. You want a good man when it is too late. You want a good man when your looks have faded away and cannot attract men like you use to.

No man wants to marry a mummy. You are telling good men that you are 35-40 years old and you didn't deserve me when I was younger. You are pissing on the man that wanted you from the beginning. This man has to wait an eternity to date you? You are not worth it. Men don't want leftovers. Men do not want to eat off someone else's plate. All the shit men go through and we deserve treatment like this? Are you f***ing crazy? If women read this and get pissed off, good, you need to know how evil you really are. You are a demented creature. You do not know how much damage you cause. You wield your sexual power without limitations. You use sex as a weapon (like a prostitute) to get what you want. All you have to do is use your golden vagina and men come running (to pay for your time and sex). You use your sexual power because that is the only thing you have to offer.

Men do not want a slut, we want a lady. Women in America and other English speaking countries are not ladies. Women nowadays are mimicry of men. Penis envy, jealous of what men can do. "Brad can f**k a million women, I want to have sex with a million men!" Women, we do not respect you if you are a cum dumpster. You don't respect yourself. A real man won't respect you. Bad boys, they are the pick of the litter, they want you to act like this. A savage...The question is not where are all the good men. The question should be why do I ignore the good men and date the bad ones? Good men are a dime a dozen, you fail to realize this. You fear a good man. If a good man came up to you, you wouldn't know what to do. I do not hate women, they hate me. I am not a "nice guy" also known as a wimp. Women have this hidden language. They speak in codes and shit. I am a good man,. All men have their good and bad sides.

We are just labels. Women like the style, but they need to get the substance of a man. "Swag" and looks do not matter. Especially looks...Looks fade, you have to get to know a person's personality. You can be the most beautiful person physically but if your personality is like a Tasmanian devil, your looks turn ugly. What do women really want? Everything. When they have everything, they do not want it anymore. Men are at fault also, don't get it twisted. The p***y whipped men made women like this but don't put all men in the same cesspool of maggots. p***y whipped men, doing anything to get a woman's attention. All he wants is p***y. Catering you like you are a wedding reception.

Men have become sick puppies and women are putting us to sleep. Women have started a war with the genders. Men already have to compete with other men, we don't need to compete with women also. Men don't want to come home after a 16 hour work day and deal with another boss in his household. Get a grip.This is all about control and power. Feminism is a crock of shit. Equality? Equality my asshole. Equality = power in woman speak. Back to women growing some ovaries and taking their lumps for what they do...

Women are the ones choosing the men, they are responsible for their own decisions. Beggars can't be choosers. Blaming men for everything is getting old. Take accountability for your actions. If you weren't so busy f***ing the bad boys and getting a tribe in your youth, you might have had the good man earlier. Getting a good man when you look like an extra from Resident Evil is not cute and it is ridiculous. No man deserves this and you know it but you don't care. It is all about you, you, you. You care about three people, me, myself and I. Fix yourself. Stop blaming men for everything in your life. Men are sick of being scapegoats for your delusional benefits. I have wrote enough, you know what the real problem is...

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Post by Winston » January 8th, 2011, 6:39 pm

Bravo! Well spoken and said. You should put your masterpiece posts on a Blog from Google ranks them higher and places them higher in search engines, since Blogger is their own.
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Post by onezero4u » January 8th, 2011, 7:06 pm

good stuff! youre preaching the gospel there
marriage is a 3 ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring and then suffering.

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Post by have2fly » January 9th, 2011, 1:52 am

Amazing stuff. Loved it. Totally true. I see this happening everyday here in the US.

It is amazing how no one writes me on dating websites, no one starts talking to me in the clubs and no one talks to anyone anywhere! And then you read women's profiles and see that she expects you to do everything for her and entertain her, but she DOES NOT even mention what is she going to do for you! It's completely screwed up! Basically, it means that the only thing she has to do is devote her time to be spent with you and she wants that time to be unique, fun and interesting without putting her input into it. Sick! Totally sick! And men still chase after those sluts.

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Post by wuxi » January 9th, 2011, 4:24 am

Wow, you should go on tour, you could be the next Tom Leykis.

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