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Murderers Need Love Too!!!!

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Murderers Need Love Too!!!!

Post by Fenix » December 13th, 2010, 8:43 pm

*Old blog post I wrote*

Are women crazy? They have to be because why on Saturn would these women fall in love with murderers? I saw this television program a few years ago on E! called “Falling in Love on Death Row�. I think it was called that but who the f**k cares? Scott Peterson killed his wife and unborn child and women are sending him thousands of love letters. What the thunderfuck? I don’t understand how a woman’s brain works. Women claim to like men that are aggressive, I didn’t know they meant they were attractive to murderers. I am going on a killing spree tonight with a chainsaw, am I going to get love letters from women?

I don’t know why women are attracted to men that like to beat their ass or want to kill them. It boggles my mind. I read this zany story about a woman placed an ad in a newspaper and the ad said she wanted a man to have sex with her and then kill her. I was shocked, dude. You don’t see men out here dreaming about dating Lorena Bobbitt. Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband’s dick and went for a joyride. This woman cut off her husband’s dick and she went for a drive and she threw the motherf***er out of the window like she was delivering a newspaper. How is this shit sexy? Why would any man want to be with this woman? Some men out here are sick and twisted and you never know.

“I want Lorena Bobbitt so bad! I want Lorena to attack me in my sleep and pimp slap me with my own Wang Chung! I don’t want her to stop there. I want to wake up in the morning and not have a cock anymore. I also don’t want any my balls. I want to wake up and say. I…I can’t find my balls. Oopsy Daisy! Lorena, it seems like you took one of them. Did you take one of my balls so you could play ping pong? Well, if you have my other ball, would you mail it to me? Thanks, sweetheart! Oh yeah, you are such a good carver! The way you were slicing off my dick was tremendous! Cheers!�

What man would want a woman like that? Seriously, I mean freaking f***ing seriously. What if gay men were writing love letters to Jeffrey Dahmer? Let me rephrase, what if gay black men were writing love letters to Jeffrey Dahmer? What would they say? Jeffrey, I want you to tear off some of my flesh and I want to watch you cook it and eat it. There is someone knocking at your door, I think you better answer it! Did you open the door? It must have been logic! Another popular murderer that received love letters was serial killer Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy killed women; I will shit, piss, and repeat, Ted Bundy killed f***ing women. Ted Bundy received 200 love letters from women. Women, you know serial killers usually kill women right? You have to know this shit. The other thing I don’t understand is these murderers are in prison for life (without parole).

If you fall in “love� with these sorry excuses for humans you are never going to have a real relationship with them anyway. I am still puzzled and I am speechless right now. What drives these [insane] women to fall in love with sociopaths and murderers? I really want to go out and murder people so I can get some extra attention. I was watching this show in utter amazement. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Why would anyone find Ted Bundy sexy? Ted Bundy is sexy because of the way he strangles a woman to death. Oh, I understand where you are coming from (not!). I am not saying all women are demented, I am saying the ones that fall in love with convicted murderers, rapists, child molesters etc. Johnny Blowjob raped his wife and what makes you think he won’t do that to you? You want a man that molests children? You have children of your own and you would marry this asshole?

I am so sick of writing this shit! I feel enraged and jealous of these other criminals getting dates! What weapon should I use? I don’t like guns, so that is out of the picture. I like to use weapons that will draw a lot of blood. A chainsaw is a weapon of choice. Hmm, what about an axe? No, an axe is too generic. I will bring multiple weapons; I have to be a versatile killer! The only way I can get a woman is by killing a woman. I didn’t know it would be that easy! I have found the secret of success with women. You do not need to be a PUA (pickup artists), a rich jerk, or a celebrity; you can be a cold-blooded killer. Guys, you need to follow my lead and go out and kill some women! I love to read and I want to read love letters from countless women on a daily basis.


You idiots that are willing to kill women just to get women by reading my blog I did not tell you to do this! You did this crap on your own free will. Don’t blame it on Phoenix Sosa. You were already f***ed up and my blog isn’t going to make you do the killings. You were going to do that shit anyway. Alright, I am preparing to go on a killing spree tonight in my neighborhood. I need to map out a blueprint, see you on channel 5!

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Post by BellaRuth » December 13th, 2010, 8:58 pm

Not really familiar with this but I heard of a woman who said she fell in love with... I think it was Charles Manson? She thought he was innocent and misunderstood, not an actual murderer. I suppose that's the case with most of these- the women think the men have been wrongly trialled?

Otherwise- women who are like this are obviously in the extreme minority and have mental issues themselves. It's not as if it's normal for a woman to go around attracted to murderers. Don't get caught up in this and take it to another level that doesn't exist. There are just crazy people out there, both men and women.

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Post by ssjparris » December 14th, 2010, 5:27 am

@ bellaruth these women are really after evil men here in america. dysfunctional women are attracted to dysfunctional men. millions of american women want bad boys as in criminal, asshole, jerk, vulgar mouthed, negative, hateful, provoke fear, and killer. they keep really really quit but these women are really attracted to killers in america. they are very sick women here.

that is why someone like myself, you, winston, ladislav, you name it, we are very nice, kind, loving, caring, compassionate, gentle, treat women well, are very helpful people too. these qualities women just are not attracted to here in the states.

I smile at an american women often and their response is disdain or a bland dull look on their face. foreign women on the other hand love it when i smile at them. they either hold their smile back or smile out right.

if i am nice to an american woman they think i am gay or desperate or needy. A friend told me american women are so used to being around assholes and jerks that they think something is wrong with me if i am nice to them. they would rather be around the jerk ( dysfunctional males ) then with me nice guy( functional males ).

The women in america send love letters to killers in jail AFTER they found out the guy killed somebody.

i am seriously beginning to think these people in america are evil. majority of the women are very negative far away from being positive like yourself. your a positive woman. but try being around american women for three months. you'll see bitches and devious tricky women trying to manipulate you for something.

now not ALL american woman are evil. its just 80% to 90% or mentally ill are dangerous for a man to be around ( because of american laws being in the favor of american women), and cheat on men here, and suck on different dicks just to get at the guys money. its insane here.

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