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read this ! a foreigner on western women

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read this ! a foreigner on western women

Post by rome86 » January 23rd, 2011, 9:34 pm

please guys stop chasing after women .... his english is upper intermediate i gess..

Why Women Stay Single - Why Do Girls Act Hard To Get - Why Are Women That Way - Many men’s all over the world have the same question Why do girls act hard to get and the ignore men so much!!! Well is many reason about this phenomenon, and in this post I will try to explain why this happens. Many desirable girls don’t respond to your chat and you need to do more to get them. For many of you this is normal or you don’t even realize it as you are younger and you never see how women were before. I have to say that I’m not talking about the women in Asia or South America but about Europe, America, Canada and Australia. In those countries the problem is more obvious.

Why women stay single? Well, I don’t know what happen, where the mother instinct is? I thing feminism kills women spirit. In our year’s women thing that doesn’t need men but unfortunately many women with carrier one day wake up old, with out babies and that’s hurt. When a women want to stay single can find a lot of excuse, like all the men are the same or that all of them act like a guy. Why do girls act hard to get? Girls are always acting cool and want from men to make the first move. Many girls still feel that by taking the initiative will make them feel very loose and cheap. But that’s stupid in 2010. If you have the experience you can see the different between a girl that want to be alone and a girl that Pretend that need to be alone. Although women get harder those days, are still a lot of girls out there that like to have a good time. Some girls know, that have only one life and want to joint every moment. You guys that want to have good time you just need to don’t spent time with girls that going out to bars or clubs and play around only for making them self’s fill better. Look at our society today and TV and tell me what you see…. a world of gays and lesbians with fake sexual freedom. One of the biggest mistakes that men’s do in our time is that acting despair, girls know that from your eyes. Make a simple experiment go out with a girl (not necessary to be your girlfriend) and see how all the other girls going to look at you. I thing everybody make that test 1 time, when you have girlfriend all girls want you. Why Are Women That Way? First, women like competition, second, girls are masochism, they always want what they cant have and that is my point of tell in you that one of the biggest mistakes that men’s do in our time is to acting despair. If all men play hard to get, then you going to see all women running after men. You don’t believe me? I give you another example, we have 2 kids 7 years old, one girl and one boy, with what the boy plays normally with? cars, plastic soldiers or football, now look at the girl, she is for sure playing with her mother lipstick or her sister high shoes. Simple women born to be beautiful but only for men’s eyes. Women need men and that is from the nature. You still don’t believe me? Okay, we have 2 persons that going out for clubbing, a male and female. Now tell me how long time the male needs to take care him self before going out, 15 minutes the most? What about the female? over an hour right? For what you thing women want to get so sexy? Many girls that I was ask this question they tell me that they do that only for them self’s and that they fill good when they look beautiful. Okay I answer, then why you don’t dress sexy and stay home, if you only do that for your self? Another funny thing is that the same girls that act hard to get is the same girls that dress like prostitutes. (simply outstanding :lol: ) My last example is here on internet, researches on 2009 have show that women are not active users on internet.

They cant build any applications or anything, as most of them spent time only in social networks sites, like facebook and try to find boyfriend on line. After this post I don’t thing you need more, for to don’t act despair and to understand that women need you more that you need them. Believe me most of the women live in a fake world, and most of them pretending that is real. The solution is to don’t follow this trap.

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Post by ssjparris » January 23rd, 2011, 10:08 pm

WOW....VERY GOOD POST !!!. no more chasing tale for me in america. i will just have to wait that poon-tang somewhere else. damn am horny !!! :shock:

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