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International woman -> later, an American citizen

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Postby have2fly » Sat Jan 29, 2011 1:16 am

I've seen it happen first hand. DO NOT bring your wife to the USA or even if you do, DO NOT grow your kids in the USA. They will get so many more benefits of growing up abroad, it is unlimited.

1. Education, child care, health insurance (universal coverage) is cheaper and often BETTER quality abroad, especially Europe.

2. Food, drinks and lifestyle is more active, mobile and uplifting in Europe.

3. Social interaction, friends, meetings, holiday celebrations are MUCH better abroad, where you get families and friends all get together for any occasion or EVEN without occasion.

4. Benefits of employment. French get 5 weeks on PAID vacation per year, even part time workers! How many people with 20 years of experience in the U.S. get anything close to that??? Almost an impossible dream in the U.S.

5. Girls girls girls! Even Western Europe will offer MUCH better quality bodywise and brain-wise. Europeans are more educated, aware of outside world and mature much faster. They also dress better, travel more and enjoy culture, theater, ballet, art, books etc.

6. Quality of family life and LESS influence of biased media and society. Your wife will not change.

To make it short, I try to find girls that are either "fresh off the boat" to date or those that lived in the U.S. for some time, but arrived after the age of 18. Those girls, if they did not change, went through so many douchebags and assholes, they are VERY interested in a romantic and honest guy. I am dating one girl like that at the moment, it took me a LONG time to find one, but I did. 90% of them that lived in the U.S. become same or almost the same or sometimes even MUCH worse than AW! I look for the girls that did not submerse into American culture, those are the gems to look for. But they are very tough to find and usually there are hundreds of guys wanting them as well! But as I said, American society is very conformist - people just don't know, don't want to know how to live a life in a different way. If you are in your 20's, you either choose to be a redneck-white trash-wigger-goth or otherwise people don't know how to judge you or how to even talk to you. Everyone in the States is used to "types" of people, no one even thinks that there could be more than 4-5 types! It's INSANE!

Do you know how tough is it to listen to your music, to dress like you used to, to act like you used to, to talk like you used to when whole country around you laughs at you??? IT IS HARD, as an immigrant I can say that first hand. Just how do you think your foreign wife is going to feel when she talks to some American girl and tells her she loves you and cooks for you, but that American girl will laugh at her? Not good.

American society WILL change everyone who comes here. There is a huge pressure from every side. I will say even more - if you want to have success in America, you have to change or otherwise Americans take you as a clown. Little do they know that they are clowns themselves for making those retarded Tattoos and listening to only one style of music, but they think it's cool. LMAO :)
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Postby The_Adventurer » Sat Jan 29, 2011 1:42 am

djfourmoney wrote: But let's be honest, you can have a housekeeper because of the reduced wages of where you live. You would need to pay at least min wage here which would cost you in California about $18K a year. I'm sure you spend about half that if not less on your housekeeper.

Are you kidding? Half that minimum is still $9000 per year. That's $750 per month. A housekeeper in Philippines makes more like $60, yes sixty dollars, per month. You can live your whole lifestyle for $750 a month there, and I've done it with less!

Why talk about getting 2 minimum wage jobs and both parents working and needing to expand incomes to have children and all that? The whole point of being happier abroad is to not have to deal with that wage slave lifestyle American society has designed for its people!

My friend has a small pension but lives in the Phils, in a huge, awesome house, his wife is maybe 18 (they are muslim and are allowed to marry younger), they already have children, and they get to sit around and play Warcraft all day, watch movies and hang out at the malls. Now which life do you want? Both parents struggling with 2 minimum wage jobs to live in California?
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Postby Asia Outback » Sat Jan 29, 2011 6:40 am

You picked up on that too I see. I did not respond- the poster seemed to imply that somehow I was underhanded with the
ways I live cheap in the Philippines. I could have really gone on with it, but how do you explain to someone with no point of reference?
Our housekeeper has the best job of her life, room and board, P4000 monthly and medical/dental access as needed as well as other perks. We had a younger housekeeper previously that we sent to college. One of the things I like about the Philippines is that it is not expensive to do some really good things for people. As Ladislav pointed out, a few hundred dollars can change someone's life.

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