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Are Filipinos Asian?

For Asian Americans to discuss Asian American issues and topics.

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Post by lone_yakuza » November 10th, 2012, 10:15 pm

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Post by ladislav » November 10th, 2012, 10:19 pm

Yeah I'm Altaic and I guess Turks also fit in the category but we look quite different, Turks and I.... lol, cause they are at least 60% Southeast European. I'm only 13% Dutch, so obviously I don't look European at all.

The Altaic name is mainly a shared linguistic group. Might be some blood relation too, I would have to go read up on some of the stuff geneticists have to say.
When a Turk walks down the street in Japan, the Japanese go "gaijin da! gaijin da!" Maybe that is the time to give a long lecture on the Altaic connection.
A brain is a terrible thing to wash!

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Post by lone_yakuza » November 10th, 2012, 10:25 pm

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Post by Billy » November 10th, 2012, 10:47 pm

yakuza, sorry i put you on the ignore list. my fault. i do disable pictures on my browser as the HA site is so full of pictures.

you look like a cool guy :) 13 % dutch blood then your phenotyp is nearly turkic :)

don´t forget your push ups :)

yes the altaic badass connection. respect the altaic :)

japanese guys need some swagger bro :)

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Re: Are Filipinos Asian?

Post by Anonymous1 » February 12th, 2013, 4:08 pm

Ginger wrote:
odbo wrote:Aren't they technically the niggers of the Pacific? I'm asking because "Philosophical Filipino" keeps shitting up this site with multiple accounts and has the Jew-implanted "Asian pride" delusion that he is in some way aligned with males from China/Japan/etc, when they are at least 2x smarter than him and share nothing in common.

Maybe Philosophical Filipino is a tsinoy (chinese-pinoy). They do tend to align themselves with NE asians.

Are my countrymen niggers of the Pacific? I don't know. What I do know is my country is very messed up and have a serious problem with identity.

For instance, Mindanaoans (people from Mindanao, one of the three main island groups do not consider themselves as filipinos in culture (they are a mix of arabic-indonesian-malaysian in terms of culture) but geographically they belong to the Philippines.

My country is composed of groups which up to this day remains divided and still cannot find a common ground. Just look at Luzon, it's mostly a big island but I'm telling you that going from one region to another is like going to another country. The culture, the customs, the practices, the vibe, the people are very different.

Most of those here at HA see as pinoys and see as pinoy culture is the visayan culture (they are the ones most open to foreigners, and were the first to intermarry with chinese, spaniards and americans---basically sucks up to whoever is in charge of the Philippines at a given point and time in the history books). The Visayans look down at Luzon people and Mindanao people. Luzon people look down on Visayans as who*es and suck-ups and look down on Mindanaoans because Mindanaoans are very different compared to the more westernized Luzon and Visayas. Mindanaoans look down at Luzon and Visayas people as those who have betrayed their heritage.

Amongst this island groups there is a general sense of division and a kind of tribal warfare. The weird thing is, post something negative about pinoys on the internet and they will gang up together on whoever did that haha. It's like a distorted sense of being clannish, or like growing up with irritating make their life hell but is willing to die for them.

royaldude wrote:these type of questions are ignorant. are italians european? last time i checked their culture and physical appearance is quite different from the english but they are both quite european although from different cultures. the filipinos sadly have thier country run like a poor central american country which explains the mess its in today. does that mean the people are not asian because they are poorer than other asain nations?

one thing the filipinos have in common with other asian countries; they love rice, karaoke and they drink like shit

You got that right! :)
of the irony that luzon people look down on visayans when the 2nd biggest whorehouse in SEAsia is in luzon

btw Visayans are more how is it that visayans are more open?? why would visayans look down on mindanao when many visayans resettled there??

Well Visayas and Mindanao where the most advanced in pre-colonial times...the biggest settlements/cities in Luzon where founded by malays from the south(visayas and mindanao)

anyways culturally the Philippines is alligned to Southeast Asia
people have to understand that Asia has two cultures

Northern CHinese influeneced culture (China, SOuth Korea, Japan)

and Southern Indic influenced culture (Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines)

racially most of the Philippines is (mongoloid) Asian...there are a minority portion of people who are not fully asian or not asian all together(negritos and slum people in Manila and some hybrids here and there)

Jelynn Rodriguez - TV host for a hispanic-american channel back in the day
has a bicolana mother and a cebuano father- both parents are filipino but has a spanish last name...this is the kind of identity crisis filipinos are dealing with

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