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Some Americans are so ignorant about East Asians.

For Asian Americans to discuss Asian American issues and topics.

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Post by zboy1 » March 1st, 2013, 8:08 pm

Jester wrote:
keepingitreal wrote:Jester: You one sick f**k. Plain and simple. After reading many of your posts, that's all I can say. Hopefully one day you'll learn your lesson.

But judging the fact that you from Cali, I guess it's norm. I've lived there and I know how decent rich white Californians are and how much morals they hold.

Lone Yakuza: I agree some of your points.
-The idea of United East Asia sounds good. Taiwan and China should be united together under a direct democracy system where people take direct role in policies making. Eventually we can form an alliance with ASEAN countries and have our own currencies, as well as a military force like the NATO's.
-Education system need a huge reform there. If we can somehow encourage the parents to stop oppressing and abusing the kids, as well as lower the legal working age, lower the age where people can live on their own and reducing the housing price and rent, so that way even if parents and family failed, kids can still find their ways to get out easily.
-School should encourage more critical thinking skills and ability to fight for our rights.
-With a United East Asia, we can nationalize our natural resources and use it to improve our social security. We can trade it with our own currencies as well. Money belongs to us.
-Also lower the gun control too, so we can have a well-armed, self-reliant society who can think on ourselves instead of bunch of sheeps.
-Yeah and last but not least, the whoremongers aka people like Jester, need to be under controlled. See the United East Asia accept tourism, but not stupidity nor idiots with no moral who try to find a cheap way to get their dicks wet like Jester.

With all that being said, just give it some times, East Asia will be a paradise. All the traditionists will be in America without cash and get what they deserved.
Here on HA because you were attracted by Winston's whining. Can't stand to live in Asia or with Asians, but you're going to fix it and build an Asian Reich.

Oh - and first, I was a "virgin", now I'm a "whoremonger".


This site is for men who want to have intelligent discussions, and/or go live abroad. and/or date abroad.

There is nothing for you here.
LOL, Jester! Keepingitreal posts makes no sense: he hates being Asian and living in Asia, yet he likes living in the U.S., but he wants to see a pan-nationalist--United Asia devoid of any Westerners? WTF? Then whadda' you doing in the United States then? Aren't you being a hypocrite then?

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Re: Some Americans are so ignorant about East Asians.

Post by Falcon » March 3rd, 2013, 6:10 am

keepingitreal wrote:1. The Asian parents. Yes, there are many non-Asian who actually believed "Asian" ways of parenting is the best, some even agree with Amy Chua's book about Chinese mother and saying all American parents should do the same (Amy is an opportunist in purest form. She does it for money by acting stereotypical.), when in reality they cannot survive in a typical traditional Asian household for more than 2 weeks. I grew up in one, fought my way out of it, got my own place, a FedEx job as well as a forklift certification. I know everything that's wrong with East Asian traditionalists' point of views on family. It's one of the sickest, even this friend of mine who happens to be a Muslim from Somalia have said it's just plain sick.

So, yanno, is it really just different culture huh isn't it? Or do Asian parents really have no common sense?
Many Americans are shocked at Amy Chua's books, but she isn't even hardcore. She regrets having called her daughters "trash" before. Well, when the real hardcore East Asian parents scold their children, not only would they say that they deserve to die, but that it should be a torturous and horrible one. And their kids would actually find that amusing since they've gotten so used to hearing such things constantly (Yes, I'm one of these kids).

More stuff like, "You're even more worthless than a dog, because at least dogs are still loyal. You should have never been born!" Or, "Don't you talk back to me or say a single word, or I'm gonna beat the living **** out of you." With sticks, cooking utensils, slippers, belts, household objects, and whatever they can get their hands on. Or just their bare hands.

Shocked? This is classic Taiwanese parenting, though it's been going down over the years.

Caning is still widely practiced, and LEGAL, in Singaporean schools. ... ool_caning Of course, many parents endorse and even practice caning themselves. ... 14279.html
"Of 100 parents surveyed by The Sunday Times, 57 said that caning was an acceptable form of punishment and they had used it on their children."

For sale at a Singaporean grocery store: rattan canes to whack your little kids with:


Some Malaysian babies sure do have it much harder than American babies:

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