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To anyone who denies Asian men are seen as asexual in the US

For Asian Americans to discuss Asian American issues and topics.

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To anyone who denies Asian men are seen as asexual in the US

Post by Winston » February 28th, 2009, 12:43 pm

To anyone who denies that Asian men are discriminated against in the US dating scene and seen as asexual:

I have some questions for you.

1. Can you name any Hollywood movie where an Asian male was cast as the romantic lead? Or any American made movie where an Asian man was making out with a white woman? If not, what does that tell you?

Answer: Doesn't it tell you that it's because the American mainstream public DO NOT view Asian males as dating material, romance material, or even sexable? Doesn't it tell you that the American mainstream does NOT view Asian men as the ideal male image of their fantasies? Don't you think most in the US would consider seeing an Asian male in bed with a woman or making out with one to be disgusting?

2. Can you name any Hollywood movie where an Asian male was paired up with or making out with a HOT ASIAN FEMALE?

Answer: If not, doesn't that tell you that Asian men are viewed so asexually, that the US public does not even want to see them making out with women of THEIR OWN RACE, especially if the female Asian is hot? If she's hot, then they want to see her with a WHITE guy, not an Asian guy!

What does that tell you?!

Are you blind to what's obvious?

And you still claim that Asian men are not HIGHLY DISCRIMINATED against in the US dating field?

3. Do most people conform to their culture or defy it?

Answer: Obviously, most people conform to it, otherwise the culture would change if they defied it. Now, US culture says Asian males are asexual, and not dating/romance material. So do you think most people are going to conform to that? Or not? Obviously so. So is that not discrimination at large against Asian men? Is that not a REAL HUGE OBSTACLE?

The logic I just presented is very simple.

That's why the vast MAJORITY of women in the US do NOT prefer Asian men as romantic partners. They consider them not their type, and even ADMIT it.

So I guess the only question left is: Why are you in denial about this!?
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