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Phillipines April 7-26 2012 part 1

Post your trip reports, travel experiences, and updates abroad. Or your expat story if you already live overseas. Note: To post photos and images, insert the image URL between the tags [img]and[/img] after uploading them to a third party site.

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Phillipines April 7-26 2012 part 1

Post by Kapinga626 » April 27th, 2012, 11:57 pm

I just got back from my trip to the P.I. and will post the good, bad and ugly details of my vacation. I made some rookie mistakes, met some cool people, saw some amazing things, and alas failed at finding love.

Part 1 of my trip includes my excursion to Zambales to meet some old friends, and Part 2 will be about my ill fated trip to Davao.

Part 1 April 7-15 2012

I arrived in Manila April 7 at about 9 am. with no prior transportation arrangements ( mistake #1 )
I hired a private van to take me to the Grand Hoya hotel, Subic Bay @ 5,500 pesos, and off we went. A few hours later, I arrived at my hotel which is located at S.B.M.A. ( Subic Bay Metro Authority ) - the former Naval base.

The Grand Hoya is a fairly small hotel. Very clean and comfortable, all that was missing was a swimming pool . I paid $ 78. per night and have no complaints. Staff were super friendly, professional and proficient.

I first visited Subic Bay back in the late 80's while in the Marines. It's a lot different now. No more bars in Olongapo. There are however many bars, go-go bars , hotels and restaurants within S.B.M.A. and many are very nice.
Collectively, the are called " Barrio Fiesta ".
The US. Navy still has a presence there, and The U.S.S. Tortuga , and U.S.S. Denver were both in port while I was there. Watching the boys cut lose brought back a lot of memories.

First night , I headed off to Baloy beach , and picked up a girl from Blue Beach I think it was. Donnabell was her name , and the sex was amazing ! Very cool girl.
Day 2 , I was off to San Narciso, Zambales, where I met a family friend who I refer to as my niece.
I dated her mother in the late 80's before she was born, and have been a family friend since then. Her mother passed away of cancer in 2001, and I am considered to be her uncle. While in San Narciso, we went to the cemetary, where I paid my respects to my dear friend.

Day 2 , I went down the coast to Morong , Bataan, where I really wanted to see a church that I had read about. The name is " Our Lady of the Pillar" Catholic church. It was built of coral by the Spanish in 1607. On Jan. 16, 1942 , Lt. Ramsey ( U.S. Army ) led the last ever horse mounted cavalry charge, when he and two dozen of his troops reinforced with Filipino scouts charged around the western corner of the church, and scattered a bewildered Japanese infantry unit. Before the fall of Bataan, Ramsey turned Guerilla fighter , and survived the war. He was later awarded the Silver star for the action. Bullet holes are still visible on the church. The inside of the church is beautiful, but there were no services when I was there.

The road past the church turns into a lane, which turns into a path, that leads to one of western Bataans beautiful beaches. There, I paid for a cabana, bought some beer, and befriended a Filipino family on vacation from Pampanga province. We shared some grilled seafood, took some pictures and talked. Good time. There are a few bungalows there that I think are about 400-700 pesos a night, and they are very charming.

Day 3 - I met up with my niece again and we headed further down the coast to Bagac. We went swimming there, and rented another cabana. Being forced to listen to Frank Sinatras' " I did it my way " blasting from a Kaereoke machine at 9 am ( or any other time ) is detrimental to having a good time. and after I politely asked the owners to shut it down, they obliged. My niece is very popular wherever she goes , and a bit flirty too. Anyway, she met a long lost relative of her grandfather, and between the two of us, we had the whole neighborhood trying to do everything possible to make us comfortable there. I was given a few proposals while there, decent and otherwise. The town of Bagac is unremarkable, but the beaches are some of the best I've ever seen. In Bagac, there is a Japanese " Peace Tower " that seems to me to be a polite gesture of apology from the Japanese to the Filipinos. It is worth a look. Also, there is a km 00 marker here , where the Bataan death march supposedly started, although I heard that Mariveles also has a km 00 marker.

That night, I saw my niece off , and headed back to Baloy Beach. I scored a girl out of a go-go bar, I think it was called the " Wet Spot " 18 years old, slim, and she could actually dance , which led me to believe she would be good in the sack. . I took her back to the hotel, and railed her hard . Over and over again. Up down and from side to side. I was punishing it ! ..... But the little trooper kept coming back for more !?! . Three times in an 8 hour period, she matched every move and every thrust. I...I didn't know what else to do ! I was looking for a kitchen sink to throw at her. BBBJ 's are the norm here, and this girl didn't seem to care weather I used a condom for the sex or not. In the end, I was wasted ! she wore me out, and the next morning, when I saw her off, she went skipping down the street like a 12 year old ! I stumbled back to my room, and tried to replenish my bodily fluids.
BTW - My hotel staff were mostly fine, young and female, but they were not opposed to my nightly " walk of shame " through the lobby with a girl in tow.

The next day, I met up with my niece again in S.B.M.A and we went for a ride with Subic Seaplane. Former Vietnam era U.D.T. diver named Mike, I think is his name runs the show. Big dude, capable, and no-nonsense. Short on conversation, Mike is a competant guy, and our flight over western Bataan was truly awesome, lasted about an hour, and set me back 12,000 pesos, but it was worth it.

There is an S.M. mall in Olongapo now, and is fairly small, but nice. On S.B.M.A. , there is a HUGE mall being built, and should be open soon, but I cannot remember the name.

A couple of times, I shared my room with my niece. No bar girl this time of course, and the extra matress that I took was 500 pesos.
There is a japanese restaurant in the downstairs of the hotel, which is pretty nice, and the hostess/waitress Leeanne is extremely hot.

No trikes allowed on S.B.M.A which makes staying there a lot quieter.
I got sick after a few days. Mostly resperatory. Not enough to slow me down, but enough to be uncomfortable. I attribute my sickness to the hotel aircon , but I could be wrong.

One more point that I'd like to make about S.B.M.A. Every morning, it's an impressive thing to stand near the main gate or Rizal street gate, and watch as thousands upon thousands of Filipinas pour in on their way to work and or school. Many of them are beautiful, petite, and young. More than once, I descreetly slipped one my cell phone number while making small talk. A few times it paid off, and it was wonderful picking up a date that wasn't a professional.

My niece accompanied me to Manila for my trip to Davao on April 15. Next up, Part 2.
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Post by E_Irizarry » April 28th, 2012, 1:11 am

YOU wrote:"I hired a private van to take me to the Grand Hoya hotel, Subic Bay @ 5,500 pesos"
Dude. You could have taken literally one of the hundreds of buses that short-dash commute to Subic Bay that the locals be taking for literally 40 pesos o less.
That was mistake numero uno. You are killing me with how conspicuously you were on your trip!!!!

But at least you did right with that Wet-Room young and fresh freak-a-deakie!
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