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My study abroad experience in Canada

Post your trip reports, travel experiences, and updates abroad. Or your expat story if you already live overseas. Note: To post photos and images, insert the image URL between the tags [img]and[/img] after uploading them to a third party site.

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My study abroad experience in Canada

Post by Iawesome60 » August 13th, 2012, 5:04 am

Remember when I mentioned I could study abroad? I studied abroad in Ontario, Canada. I studied abroad for three months. I will list the pros and cons of Canada.

-Canadians are usually nice
-Health care is free
-Drinking age is lower than the US. It is 19
-Taxi prices are usually a fixed price except in a Niagara Falls, Ontario taxi
-Women look slightly better than American women. I saw African women, Asian women, white women, Latina women, and other women
-Diverse. There is a French channel
-Sights (Niagara Falls, there is a lighthouse I should have gone to, etc)
-Rarely much crime
-Buses are efficient
-Interracial unions are possible

-Canada is expensive. Taxes are 12-15%
-I think I saw a homeless person in Toronto. If so, Canada has homeless people. Not good
-Taxis could scam you. Me, a French male, and a Korean male had to pay $15 (Canadian dollars) total for a taxi
-Canadians have problems. There was a protest at the university I studied at, there were people who argued over political issues (I think it was about the environment), there was a riot in London, there was a protest in Montreal, and other things
-I think finding quality Canadian women is very difficult. I admit, I had fear of talking to Canadian women because of what I have read on here. I possibly saved mental abuse
-I got asked for money in Toronto. The male needed money because he needed money for the bus
-Buildings and roads looked old
-Canada has a colder winter compared to the US. If you are going there between November and March, bring your cold-weather gear. Luckily, I received a light winter in Canada compared to other winters

Highlights/low-lights of Canada
-I told a Congolese woman she was attractive. I had to do it because I was tired of being scared of talking to women
-I iceskated
-I finished my first beer. It was a Canadian beer. Beer is nasty
-I saw beautiful women of all races. I will write more about them on another section
-I saw an Asian woman make that perm-a-scowl
-Someone used the n word around me
-I did not go to Montreal because I did not have the necessary funds
-I think that black Canadian women laughed at me

I met women from Australia, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Hong Kong, China, America (she was taken), South Korea, the UK, Honduras, New Zealand, France, Denmark, and other countries.
-The Australian women were decent-looking. However, they were taken
-German women were the most attractive European women I have seen in my life. However, two or more were taken. Two did compliment me
-British women are not my type. I think all of them are taken. However, I had no issues with them
-The black American woman was cute. However, she was taken
-Asian women were not that bad looking
-The Danish woman is cute. I did not pursue her
-The Swedish women were decent-looking. However, two are taken
-French women were good-looking. However, two or all of them are taken
-Canadian women were decent looking. There are less overweight women in Canada than in the US. There may have been instances where Canadian women tried to throw a pass at me
-Canadian black women were calmer than the black American women. Also, they look better
-There is a Hispanic population in Canada. There are some very attractive Latin women. I only talked to a few. I was afraid to talk to the others because I was scared

I met men from Australia, UK, Sweden, Germany, South Korea, China, New Zealand, Canada, Luxembourg, France, and other countries.
-French men are cool for the most part. It was a French male who used the n word around me. A European woman spoke on it. I am not mad at him anymore. There was a language barrier among us. It was during the beginning of the year
-Australian men were outgoing and friendly to me. British men were friendly and one of them is outgoing
-Black Canadian men and women have African, Caribbean, or Canadian accents
-German men were cool
-The New Zealander male was cool
-Canadian men are tall compared to me (5' 7"). I had no issues with any of the males. There are Canadians who are of Irish descent

Studying abroad in Canada was a rewarding experience for several reasons. I made friends, I finished my first beer, I turned twenty-one there, I learned to iceskate, people's accents were cool, I saw attractive women of all races, and other things. I want to go back in order to travel to more provinces, such as Quebec, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Alberta, and others. I am nice to everyone and that will increase my chances of making friends.
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