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Chilla in Manila

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Chilla in Manila

Postby Headbanger » Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:52 pm

That's not as in "chillin" but as in an icy blast of reality.
Heh.. but with a comedic twist

I have lurked on this forum for a while .. and have to agree with many commentors about Manila and so far , the Philippines in general. Winston, unfortunately is correct on many of his observations from my experience.

Let's set aside all the untimely nuisances like SMART cards that go to zero overnight on no use .. and no one can explain ... or the near Western prices on goods .. or the many inconveniences here .. I can accept that cause I knew to expect that kind of stuff before coming.

I want to talk about meeting the girls. Yeeeeeah.. well

So to describe myself Im late thirties .. above average attractiveness , so women have told me , not my opinion .. in really great shape .

I have a travel plan which includes 1 week in Manila to meet candidates and then on to other areas.
Used different dating sites to locate and meet the girls who were willing to also meet. So that contacts have all been arranged; Yahoo M , Skype and cell numbers acquired. Up to two months in conversation with some ladies

I made it very clear I was a serious person about my plans. Kept my language under control .. but not stiff. Well I have done this before and with good results in other countries.

Onward to the meetings!
Out of 10 girls in the Manila area .. as of completing day 8 I have met 2 ... that's right 2. And here is where the headbanging comes in.
It seems it is near impossible for any girl to :

a) make a plan at all
b) communicate what they are doing ahead of time or even while they are doing it
c) complete any plan

I just don't think it's in them . It may be cultural or an IQ thing or something else.

In the next post , for those interested , I will post some texts from phone conversations as things go south on a case by case basis.
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Chilla in Manila Pt 2 .. Texting Hell

Postby Headbanger » Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:42 pm

This is just one days .. one days! .. compiled highlights among the chats :o

Girl "M" agrees to meet halfway between her town and Manila , about 1/2 hour by taxi or bit more by bus. Surely not exhausting to meet someone you really want to see right? right? And not coming out of the blue either.

Girl M: Good morning!
Me: Good morning.
( later )
Girl M : Good afternoon lunch time =)
Me : Meet up at 3 or 4 pm at north Edsa
Girl M : Hey can we move our meeting to next day cause I dont have money to travel
Girl M : My friends dont have money to cause we pay our tuition a while ago
Me: Come on we planned at four we cant keep pushing it back ( this is a couple days into meeting plans )
Girl M : sorry if i wasnt be able to meet you today ..blah blah ... hope you still wants to meet on the other day
Me: Yes, tomorrow come
Girl M: I dont know if I have money tomorrow blah blah ( yes I did offer to help )
I hope you understand I really really want to meet
Me: well i have to go to Mindanao soon, flight booked
Girl M : But if you come back again I will you I promised
Me: <headbanging>

Day 1 : sent just a little money for bus fare ..yeah I know
Girl J : Meet me at Las Pinas SM Southmall
Me: No it doesn't make sense ..come to meet me .. u already have bus fare
Girl J : But why? Its too hot ..Tom? im moa how about that
Me: Hmm let me think
Girl J : I dont nid money
Girl J : ( 2 posts later ) I can't coz I dont have money
Me: What ? Didnt you pick up the money yet
Girl J: I didnt go to Edsa WU yet .. 6:30 pm heavy traffic blah blah
( all day long now she goes to get it )
next day:
Girl J: come to mall, I didnt get money yet
Me :Just go pick it up and come
Girl J: f* theres no money
Me: Eh? wtf etc
Me: just go to the WU forget online checking
Girl J : The WU is already closed

Girl S and I planned for a day and a half usual she couldnt at the last minute make it to a neutral public place

Girl S: I read your profile I ask if you gonna be here or not
Me : * sigh * Ok I am coming ..1) keep fone near and 2) text me where I need to go ok
Girl S : ok
Girl S : are you in taxi .. Im going to wait at Robson Palapala
Me : My phone is losing charge .. tell me exactly where to meet
Girl S : Im here in Robinsons Palapala in Dasmarinas
Me : Answer what store or cafe .. hurry my battery
( huge gap of time goes by ) taxi driver is listening and laughing as I describe events
Girl S : Where are you exactly? :roll:
( now with no time left I have to tell here where to meet and Ive never been there ! ) :shock:
Me : Meet at Starbucks if none, then Jollibee
( she never advised me that i would be going out into rushour traffic .. it soon becomes apparent it wont work)
Me : Forget it all buses are packed .. u would not reply .. battery dieing.. this has been hell
Girl S : Im here in Robinsons I ll wait for you
Me : No going home
Girl S : but u will still come? I will still wait u
Me : this is a joke right.. this should be on tv
Girl S : How r u now? If it still traffic you better go back home

added bonus feature :
Girl C is on Mindanao

Girl C : Hey when u come in XXXXXX city?
Me : I told you before
Girl C : ok on friday right?
Me : noo .. pls stop its been a bad day
Girl C : so not on 23rd .. you a liar
Me :WTF did you just call me?
Girl C : liar couz u did not come on 23
Me : <quoting> aaand 23 is a Saturday
Girl C : why u bad
Me : Is what I wrote you above the truth? yes or no
Girl C : Ohh .. no . sorry I want to came here on a Saturday

Ok so you get the jist. Days of this stuff.

Lesson learned : once I dropped the hammer and started being tougher and not so much nice guy with these chix some came around and Girl M even begged for a second chance.
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Postby xiongmao » Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:58 pm

Nice report!

You'll probably find with dating sites that so many of these Filipinas are milking USA dudes for Western Union cash that they're all flustered when one turns up on their doorstep.

Asian women are usually late to meet you, also I've had to deal with women who think that dance classes etc. etc. are more important than meeting a potential husband (this is the same women who moan they can't find a man!).

Dating is a numbers game so just work on keeping your online dating game tight, and get rid of timewasters ASAP.
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Postby Jester » Wed Feb 20, 2013 12:30 am

xiongmao wrote:Nice report!

Ditto that - thanks.
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Postby jboy » Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:04 am

Thats what you get for aiming low, sorry bro those things never happened to me. In fact I'm seeing someone now who never has asked me for anything and is very sweet, pretty, educated, generous, smart, outspoken (but very feminine), and yes she is from the Philippines.
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Postby Headbanger » Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:05 am

Zboy = zero reading comprehension ?

Did you pull that " thats what you get for aiming low " out of your a** ..

Did you understand this was about Manila?

Did you understand I have done well elsewhere?

But nooooooo...

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Postby zboy1 » Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:06 am

Headbanger wrote:Zboy = zero reading comprehension ?

Did you pull that " thats what you get for aiming low " out of your a** ..

Did you understand this was about Manila?

Did you understand I have done well elsewhere?

But nooooooo...


Haha, I think you're confusing me with jboy, lol.
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