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Devastated after online polish girl experience

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Re: Devastated after online polish girl experience

Post by Kuli » June 3rd, 2016, 12:06 pm

Ontopic, some of you guys "advices" to kurdiez are just pathetic. Obviously no one knows him personaly and just tries to make a picture of the few pieces of info thats in this thread.
Second, it seems to me that many here doesnt have much experiences with relationships, hence some of the comments to average drama presented.

What should be talked about now is the fact that hawaiiguy is obviously on a personal vendetta trying to sabbotage evrything for kurdiez and his gf. I dont know but this is starting to be to much where he once again outs info about a teenage girl (that he secretly already took snapshoots of and secretly recorded their conversation, of a teenage girl just because he couldnt get her).
And he now claims that he is, apparently, inviolable because of his families long experiences with frauds. Sounds alittle bit like extortion, not sure if that ok with the forum rules or maybe even the law...

This thread has gone to far, there is alot of accusations/attempts for creating bad images/rumors, and its now obviouse that the girl is not cool with all her details photos and recordings being posted, which if still not violating any law, is just wrong from a moral stadpoint. It should all be deleted.

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Re: Devastated after online polish girl experience

Post by Kurdiez » June 3rd, 2016, 2:59 pm

Thanks for pointing that out for me. I never responded much to any of other's criticisms. My main objective on this thread is to get my message out there and repeatedly tell HawaiianStyle stop posting personal information of ours. That's just all I am worried about. I did defend my girl friend a bit just because I felt like she was being criticized too harshly for what it seems like such minor thing. She is just a country girl who goes to rant / talk to people on Internet if I piss her off so much when we fight. Have you guys seen how girl sin the cities deal with this? They goto clubs to "de-stress" and mingle with other guys. I don't know about you guys, but this was fine with me until this HawaiianStyle incident happened. We did not expect some guy to fly all the way to Poland to actually see her and do all these creepy stuff with her. Did not expect that at all.

We understand that our relationship is not the usual deal and it could stir some thoughts in people. But seriously our relationship is not as bad as some of the people imagine to be on this forum. We read these together and we talk to each other what in the hell are these people talking about? And I jokingly tell her what you did with HawaiianStyle went south so fast and she is like yeah... I went to Poland, met up with all the elders in her family and stayed in their houses for 2 weeks! I came back, we all opened facebook group chat and send funny photos to each other and regularly talk to each other. On Polish holidays everybody gathers and I join in with Skype and say hi to everyone. I mean we are just a normal couple being perfectly normal except this one stupid thing she went out despite I told her not to. We both never even imagined it would escalate like this. Honestly, the way I see is no matter who you decide to be with, there are risks because people are unpredictable and situations are unpredictable as well in life. But if I don't bet my wage on such girl and such warm family I got to know, who am I to be with? I made a conscious decision that this is so worth it and going for it. Anyways I talked too much for my own good here.

We were just so surprised and also kind of worried that someone posted our photos and personal info on the Internet without us knowing. Look man I don't know how often these things happen on Internet, how creepy people are on forums like this, I am not an Internet person as I mentioned before. Maybe I am over-reacting a little I don't know. But I just hope this stops. I wonder how HawaiianStyle would feel if I start posting his photos on here. He criticized me on my looks but ever wondered how he looks like? Well I am not going to do that because I don't feel it's right.

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Re: Devastated after online polish girl experience

Post by Voyager1 » July 12th, 2016, 6:10 pm

Hell hath no fury like a HawaiianStyle scorned :twisted:

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Re: Devastated after online polish girl experience

Post by Voyager1 » July 12th, 2016, 6:29 pm

"-Didnt thank me for dinner" as though she's got to grovel to you and thank you for something.

I've dated close to a hundred girls from Eastern Europe and probably only 1-2 have ever thanked me for dinner. It's just not customary for them to do so in their culture. A gentleman is always supposed to pay for the lady. She is giving you her youth and beauty and in exchange you are taking care of her material needs.

I chalk this comment up to the posters' lack of experience and naiveté.

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Re: Devastated after online polish girl experience

Post by Voyager1 » July 13th, 2016, 5:03 pm

A girl in this age bracket is going to be too young and immature to know what she wants. She had you fly 1/2 way around the world to buy her a sushi dinner. Your mistake was putting all your eggs in one basket. Things didn't work out and you turned around and went back home. You should have had some backup meetings. I've often gone to see one girl, things didn't work out with her so I met some others. In fact that's usually the way it works. You don't always need prior long correspondence to meet with girls. Many of them from Eastern Europe are willing to meet 'on the fly'.

I think what stings the most for you is that another Asian guy got her and not you.

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Re: Devastated after online polish girl experience

Post by yick » July 16th, 2016, 10:07 am

I did what Hawaiianguy did around 15 years ago, you go there, you meet her, you find she is with someone, it hurts for a few days and then you get the plane home.

That is how it goes sometimes, some of these women look great and are in fact great when you meet up with them, but they are still silly little girls who play games.

If you want to meet a Polish beauty Hawaiianguy, you need to get your arse over there for a real long term stint. I actually went to two countries and did what you did
the first was Russia - she was single, she liked me, her whole family liked me but I wasn't in a position to visit her often thus it died a death three years later when she
met someone on the ground - a local Russian dude and married him - it happens.

The second time was a woman in Uruguay - she liked the look of me but she had a boyfriend - she was playing games, it isn't nice, I never thought about getting in touch with the boyfriend because - hey - that poor sucka is a bigger victim than I am - his girlfriend is writing romantic messages to blokes on the internet who live on the other side of the world.

The person I feel really sorry for is Kurdiez, if I could tell him to detatch himself from this young girl, let her grow up and become an adult - I would - but he is probably too invested in the relationship to listen to my advice and I understand that perfectly, but he is just going to get hurt if he doesn't get his own arse to Poland and become a fixture in this young womans life - because - he he had been there - Hawaiianguy would never have got the come on to come on over.

All hard lessons to be learned from the three people involved. hopefully, the young woman grows up, hopefully Kurdiez moves on over or moves on and finally - Hawaiian guy looks at the positives, he saw Poland and he met someone who he can now cross off his list in regards potential suitors, it doesn't always work out my man - sometimes, you just have to put your big boy pants on and ride off into the sunset. Even if you have tears in your eyes, it is the only way.

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Re: Devastated after online polish girl experience

Post by Hero » July 16th, 2016, 12:05 pm

Good tips here, especially the ones about not putting all of your eggs into one basket and staying abroad for a long stint. I've made both of those mistakes before: I went to the Ukraine twice to visit just one woman, and all of my trips abroad have been less than 3 weeks long. I'm not going abroad again until I can spend an extended time in the foreign country (several months, at least).

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Re: Devastated after online polish girl experience

Post by Nailer » February 1st, 2017, 4:22 am

Damn, I will admit that girl is a bit hotter than anything I have f***ed, at least at that age. I need to get my ass over there.

That's a solid 9. Unless you are a male 7.5 at least, you cannot expect to ever bang that.

You can only expect so much, dude. Once you're used to blowing your load in a nice girl who is slightly better looking than you, you'll get comfortable with it and be happy.
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Re: Devastated after online polish girl experience

Post by Tsar » February 7th, 2017, 4:07 am

HawaiianStyle wrote: And this is her...

Obviously I was in complete shock that she finds this guy attractive but not me. They met online on the same exact site when she was 15. Hes in Canada shes in Poland. Hes visited once in 2 years. They talked 1 year before first meeting. The mom somehow was ok with a 30yo man staying at their house and banging her 16yo daughter at the time. I don't know a single parent that would be ok with a 30yo guy banging their teen daughter. As a result I treated this whole "relationship" like a big joke and thought I could win her over in person if I just took a trip up there and we started connecting again.
So a single mom in Eastern Europe (Poland, a wealtheir and slightly more Western Eastern European nation) allows a foreign Asian-Canadian man age 30 to bang her 16 year old teen daughter! WOW!!! That is immoral but just goes to show the difference of Eastern European parents compared to Westernized parents.

I am not posting about teen girls. Just sharing my opinion on a comment.

So if that happens, well, guess what Voyager1 and all my other critics! If some stranger is allowed to randomly f**k a teen girl on a short trip and then leave...I am 1,000 times more confident that Russian or Belarusian parents would allow me to marry a teen daughter and live with them, proving I genuinely want to be married to their daughter, respect her, and embrace their culture! So there! My intentions are noble and I am righteous, my intentions are pure unlike that 30 year old Canadian guy just going over to E. Europe to bang a teen! I want marriage, I don't want any sex before marriage!

Last comment on this account. Say what you want but I just gave my opinion and will now end my input into this topic!

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Re: Devastated after online polish girl experience

Post by Veilmenacex » June 26th, 2018, 9:02 pm

HawaiianStyle wrote:
April 9th, 2016, 2:28 pm
2 months ago after seeing a bunch of very mismatched AMWF couples in some online threads I got hope and also found out half of them met online. Went to some AMWF dating website and as expected nearly all the guys were very unattractive so almost no competition. On the site for a few days and then I started connecting with by far the hottest girl on the site.
What AMWF dating site did you use?

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Re: Devastated after online polish girl experience

Post by aspiabc » July 19th, 2018, 12:56 pm

Wow, this was one of the more interesting and amusing threads. I'd say the polish girl is an 8 to me or 8.5. And at 17 not really fully developed physically either. Also I like these EW women a bit taller like 5'5" or above. Anyway, my 2c too.

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