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My Trip to Yalta PART B ( The stay)

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My Trip to Yalta PART B ( The stay)

Postby EvilBaga » March 6th, 2009, 6:32 am

Its August 22nd about 1:00AM.
As I said, I decided not to bug Nastya, so I took a bath and went to bed. I was sweating like a pig after all that time waiting in kiev and the time spent in flights (about 16 hours flight time + 4 hours layovers + 5-6 hours incompetence)

Bathroom was tiny at the Krimsky. But heck, doesnt bother me. They have a small bottle of shower gel and a small bottle of shampoo. Also there were two round little bars of soap.

I used one of them. And only after I finished and was going to bed did I realize they smelled funny. Turns out they are for washing clothes, not humans. Oh well, no biggie. But I would suggest you guys take a small bar of real soap with you.

I had a single room on the third floor, which from what I gather, are all on the back side of the Krimsky hotel. The view from the window is just of a wall and a road. But thats okay, I didnt come to see Yalta. I came to see Nastya.

The room itself is of a Queen bed with barely walking room around it, and a desk (no chair, but you can get a plastic chair from the Balcony I guess) which has a TV on the side. The TV catches about 14 channels. Half of the channels in the Ukraine seem to show dubbed in Russian English programming - TV shows like CSI and movies like Die Hard etc.

There is an Air-conditioner with a remote. And in Yalta, you need Air-Conditioning.

Morning of August 22nd - I call Nastya. Shes sick! Could it be a scam? Sure, but she sure sounds sick. She says maybe we shouldnt meet today, but tomorrow.

I spend the day in my room. I dont want to be outside walking about, not speaking the language. Dont even go out for food. Call her in the evening again - same deal.

August 23rd Morning. About 7:30AM. Shes still sick, I tell her, or she tells me, to call her later. I ask about an apartment - she goes "huh? if you ant one I can get it for you" in a mildly surprised tone.
A problem I have is I only booked the hotel room for two days because she said an apartment is a better deal and she'd get me one.

So far all Ive had is some Tap Water. So I go down to the Krimsky restaurant. I order some Ham and eggs. Nice. And a bottle of water. Expensive. I think the Ham and eggs were 22 Grivnas. Water - 8. And I take a bottle of beer back to my room. Total bill 40, I leave 45.

I call Nastya's mobile again around 11AM and its switched off.
And then I call her again round 1:00PM. She picks out sounding barely conscious and in pain (breathing faster than normal). She says shes in the hospital.
I tell her Ill call her again in the evening to which I get a uncomprehending "aahhhhhhhh..." She really does sound sick.

Now heres the problem. My hotel room only lasts till the end of the day. I call Ihor, and he says its the absolute worst time because its Ukrainian National Day and all hotels are fully booked. I ask what I should do. He replies with the chilling words "I dont know".

He then says after a while he can try for an apartment for the next 5 days till I leave, but no guarantees - and it may well be $200 a night minimum. So he asks (or I say) to go down to the desk and see if the krimsky has a spare room first.

At the desk they say no. But they can give me my current room for a day more. So Im set till 24th 12:00PM (Afternoon). This is scary stuff. I call Ihor from my room, he says since they have given me a room for another day, he hasnt called his apartment guys.

Later that evening, Nastya's phone rings, but she doesnt pick up. At this point I dont know if shes really sick or just doesnt want to see me and is not picking up - aka a wasted trip. I feel depressed, I think I really like this girl. She was one of my only two serious choices (the other one was in Sevastopol, but we stopped communicating, probably in part because I made some derogatory statement of women wanting to get married more than men, partially because it was unsure I was coming for a long time. So I have come to the Ukraine just to meet Nastya.
Late at night I get a call from the front Desk. They can offer me a Double Room for the remainder of the time. The price jumps from 395 Gryvinas to 580 Gryvinas (~US$85 to ~US$130). With my budget this isnt good, but its a heck of a lot better than a shaky $200 a night.
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Postby EvilBaga » March 6th, 2009, 6:32 am


August 24th.
Still no answer from Nastya's phone, though it rings. I have lunch at the restaurant. Some meat and potatoes served in a bowl with a side order of rice with vegetables (though the vegetables are just peas and corm. About 65 Gyrvinas.
Around 4:30PM I have the idea to call Ihor. I explain why I came and the situation. He is about to caution me that there are many scams here concerning girls, but I cut him off and tell him I am well aware of it. Followed by "As long as Im here already, spent money on ticket and hotel - I should at least find out all I can.

Basically what I ask him is how many hospitals are there in Yalta. Im expecting an answer of one, but get an answer of many. I ask further, how many which offer in-patient care? A few. Then I ask him for an interpreter to call or go to the hospitals with me so I can see if Nastya is there. He calls me back with the number of one- whos name is also coincidentally Anastasia. She says she can meet me tomorrow at 11:00AM. As it is unlikely hospitals will give information over the phone, we have to go in person. She says due to the nature of what we are doing, seeing shes never done something like this before - she will charge me... 55 gyrvinas an hour.

I feel better. At least its progress.

August 25th
The next morning at about 10:15AM I call Nastya again after waking up. She picks up! She says Hi, Sorry my mobile was damaged. I am out of the hospital now. But I am working" I dont know what to make of it. Also her tone, now and whenever before when I called her is a little lackluster. I dont know what to think. I ask her if I can come to her shop then. She agrees and gives me the address.

I get ready. Get a call from the interpreter Nastya who is downstairs. When I get down, I explain to her what happened, and offer 45 gyrvinas for her trouble and an apology. She accepts. She is off, and I get the Krimsky resident Taxi (Drivers name Ibrahim, seems like a nice guy - and doesnt speak a lick of english) to take me to the address. First we go to a wrong place thats residential. Then I call Nastya from the drivers mobile, then give it to him to take directions from her. He promptly keeps it down thinking Im done with the call. Then I get him to call back. He gets the directions, and we are off. I arrive near her shop, get out on foot as the traffic jam is bad - with a hand signal from Ibrahim telling me where it is. I get there.

I open the shop door. Its a small one room shop selling Italian etc clothes at western type prices. Nastya is the cashier (the only person there). I look at her as she is sitting at her desk. We both say Hi. She seems reserved. Not just polite which is dismissive, but reserved. Its difficult to explain the distinction in words - maybe some other people wont even notice one.

She asks me to sit down in an empty chair behind her. I do so.

She is wearing a mildly revealing dress as Ukrainian women are want to do. We make a little small talk. Then some more. On impulse I get up reach out and kiss her once on each cheek. She makes a feminine sound of mild surprise nad delight. This is a girl I could fall for. During small talk she says she still has a bad headache, but has to work for the next 7 days because she was in the hospital. I ask what about me coming over all the way from Canada? I say I originally planned 9 days, but now we are down to just 4 to get to know each other and make a decision. It is something I will repeat quite a few times. A few customers come in, we stop talking. They leave, we start. She says her work timing is 10 to 9, but if business is slow she gets off at 7PM. Nastya calls her friend - Jane, who also has someone visiting her from Florida. When her friend gets here, I recognize her, saw her on the website. I say Hi, but am a little nervous of talking to another girl who speaks just a little english. I talk to her boyfriend. Just some banter of how the US has lower taxes, he counters with, "yeah but yours goes further" and so on. Seems like a friendly guy, bit of an airhead (this is only technically an insult - because 90% of the people I meet seem like airheads to me). I am not a people person, nor see a need to be just to conform. It leads to having less friends, but who needs superficial friends? But I digress...

Nastya and her friend go to the backroom - probably the toilet. The age old women go to the ladies room in packs. They come out 30 secs later. Jane and her boyfriend are about to leave and offer for me to accompany them to the Botanical Gardens. I decline respectfully. Id rather stay with Nastya, even though she is working. They leave.

A while later I leave telling Nastya I will call her later in the day. Its about 1:00PM roundabouts.

I walk back to the Hotel. Yalta is a city built on a hill, so all the roads from the Promenade (beach/pier etc) are up. In the heat it is a killer if you arent used to it. I have to stop and rest many times.

I bathe. Eat. Sleep a little.

I call her about 6:45 and ask if I can come down. She says my name then pauses searching for the right word. Says no and thinks of the reason. In the end I help her complete her sentences. She is very tired and with a headache - so would like to go home and sleep.
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Postby EvilBaga » March 6th, 2009, 6:33 am


August 26th.

I end up in her shop again. We have a more serious conversation this time. She says she is not thinking about moving to Canada and wants to stay In Yalta. It is true she doesnt have a boyfriend, but she has a few boy-friends. She also loves her parents very much and would like to be near them. Also she says her country's political situation (in stammering english words) is better so things will get better. I try to tell her a bit about Canada, even how it is much richer for 'poor' jobs. I ask her if she wasnt interested, why did she write me that she was?
After a little figuring out together - she tells me she left the agency about 3 weeks to a month ago. I had written to her, long and sometimes a little emotional letters at the agency before coming. And she replied there that she was very excited about it. Obviously the agency was impersonating her to keep my money spigot flowing.

A little clarification would be in order. I met her on (RLM)- an agency renowned for being a scam. After I learned of the $1000 minimum fee, I looked around at other cheaper places. Though to be honest, in the end (to make a VERY long story short) I was willing to pay up because I liked Nastya and she didnt seem like a scam. Fortunately I found her on (also known as I think). I wrote to her on saying I was coming and got in touch with her just 4 days before my flight because for the longest time she didnt check her mail there. Figures now that she didnt get the hints I was throwing at her on as she wasnt really there. In the end an interpreter in Toronto I had hired to translate my letters on got a friend in Kiev to SMS her and that did the trick.

But I saved the more romantic mushy stuff for RLM, thinking they would translate that faithfully at least - not knowing I was talking to an imposter there at that that time. I only gave factual information on cause I had an interpreter helping me and I felt a bit shy about it I suppose, plus I didnt see why RLM would mistranslate simple letters.

So that explained it then. When I asked her why didnt she tell me she wasnt interested in going to Canada, her answer was I had just told her I was coming (on, not asked her if she wanted me to come. I didnt connect the dots at the time and felt used.

She also told me that she left the agency because they were telling her to talk to men even when she had no interest in them. Also she didnt like most of the men on that site now. I had to explain what her imposter had agreed to on RLM. That after we spent a few days togther, we would get married just so I could bring her to Canada - and take it one step at a time from there. If it didnt work out, she was always free to leave and go back - or maybe even stay till she got a permanent residence if we would stick it out for 3 years (maybe). Basically - take the first step, and then cross each bridge when we come to it.

She shook her head vigorously at this. She does not want to get married or go to Canada. We talk some more. I ask her to think about it. Really think about it tonight, not just say she will. And Ill call her tomorrow. Then I say Dasvedanya in Russian as I leave, about half sure I will never meet her again.

August 27th.
I call her. Dont remember when. This is all from memory you know. She asks me to come down.
When Im there, she says she thought about it and she thinks we should talk on the internet some more and maybe in a few months meet again. This is followed immediately by some customers coming into the shop, looking a lot of the clothes over. After they leave, there is silence. I dont know what to say. She gets up and starts putting the clothes back in their proper place and arranging the coat hangers. After she does the first two rows and is in the row closest to me she says "So what do you think Omar?" I still dont know what to say, or think or feel. I dont remember what I say, but some of it was I cannot come back again (this is true, financially speaking).

Then some more talk - serious but I dont remember it exactly - kinda like Shell Shock. Then a lady in her 40s/50s comes in, they talk a little and Nastya says the word "Americanskii or Americanyet" and then the lady goes to the backroom. Nastya turns to me and says "That is my director, she says I have to be here alone, while I work. You have to go. I ask when I should call. She says call me at 5:00PM.

I call at 5:00PM. No response. I call again at 6:00, still she doesnt pick up. I dress up and go to the shop.

I approach cautiously, to see if the director is there or not. There is a customer/customers in the shop. Nastya sees me and opens the door. Her eye liner has fallen a bit. Shes sick or has been crying or is tired. Pure Speculation - I dont know one way or the other and have no strong gut instinct about it.

I ask why she didnt pick up. She says it was busy. I tell her to call me, I wont call, just to call me after work when she is free. Then I leave.

That night, no call.

Later on, when the stress of it all builds up, I cry a little. Not sure about what - her not liking me, me screwing up like this, or the loss of a dream that doesnt become reality. I give up and resolve not to call or see her again. I feel better than I have in days.
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Postby EvilBaga » March 6th, 2009, 6:34 am


August 28th
The day before I had asked the reception if they had a single room free again. They said no for that day (27th) but yes for today. So I go down to switch keys and pay the bill. Which I have been doing on a daily basis rather than in a lump Sum. As Im down there waiting in line as another guest is talking about something. The receptionist picks up the phone, talks, keeps it down and turns to me and tells me to call Nastya. I pay my bill and make my way back to my room.

I really dont know what to think. But I call her anyway. She invites me to come down to her shop to talk for a few minutes.She asks why I didnt call her yesterday. I reply that I told her to call me. She says her phone was out of money, and even now she had to go refill it.

I dress up and go down an hour later.

I sit down. Then she tells me, she spoke to her director for a free day off again. Her director said no again. I roll my eyes to the sky. Then she says she later told her director she was quitting and that this was her last day in the shop so she would be free to be with me tomorrow. I dont say anything for a little while. Then say I wasnt going to call her again, but this was unexpected then some other stuff I dont remember. Then she asks me if I am happy about it. I say very happy.

Then we part ways as I shouldnt be in the shop. I say I might drop by again around 5:00 or so for a few minutes.

I make my way to the Hotel Oreanda - the Business Centre has Internet access for 20 grvnyas per hour. I print out a color picture of Nastya that she sent me months ago of her and her cat. The rep is a young attractive lady who gives me a flash card then takes it to another computer for printing. It takes a whole 10 minutes due to some computer glitch or maybe mistake on the part of the rep but I get the pic printed in the end.

I take it outside to some street painters. They had previously quoted me 500 giryvnas, but when the painter sees the picture he asks for 700 because it has a picture of Nastya and her cat. After a lot of gesticulating due to the language barrier - I get across "How long?" He says three days. I shake my head and say I am leaving tomorrow then walk away.

About 30 seconds later - I hear someone call "Mister!" I turn around. Its the painter. He motions for me to let him see the printed pic again. He says how about two days? I say "Nyet, tomorrow I go Simferopol Airport to Canada" using a russian phrase book to indicate tomorrow. He has a pained expression. Obviously it would be some work to get it done by then. Then we talk some more and decide on 7:00 PM tomorrow evening. (was fun gesticulating about the sun going down and coming up to differentiate tomorrow 7 AM from 7 PM).
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Postby EvilBaga » March 6th, 2009, 6:34 am


August 29th
At last! A day together!
Nastya calls me at 9:30 saying to meet her at the bus station at 11:00AM under the big clock. We are going to _______. I dont remember what she said nor understand it at the time. I had somewhat memorized the surrounding city names before coming - maybe I missed that one, or mispronounced it in my head. Nastya sounds disappointed and repeats herself. I think she planned or envisioned her saying that in her head and me replying with "Wow!" or "Cool!" Im such a klutz =/

Anyway, I take the Krimsky Taxi to the Station and arrive around 10:40. I wait and 20-25 mins later Nastya comes and we go to a bus. She has her hair done up in a complex braided fashion, and is wearing an attractive miniskirt/top. It seems the bus to that destination is full, so instead of waiting she changes the plan and we go to Alushka (or was it Alupka?). She asks if I want something to drink. I as for a water, she gets herself a coke. I pay for the ride and off we go. We chat a bit on the ride. She points out "Bear Mountain" to me. Its an island mountain a few hundred meters from the road/coast. Because of its elongated round shape - it looks like a sleeping bear. My natural reticence and introversion is alleviated whenever I steal a glance at her, or look at her for a while.

We arrive in Alushka. Cross the road and look for another bus to take us a bit deeper in the city. To cross the road we go through an underroad passage with shops hocking many things, including flowers. I decide against getting her one. Its too mushy, and whos going to carry it around all day?

We get on the other bus. The ticket master or whatever you call him is barechested and periodically shouting the bus destination. Deliciously third world. He keeps looking at me, only turning away when I look directly at him and sraight back when I stop. Fascinated by my brown skin I suppose. In my whole stay I saw one Black guy in Yalta and no brown people. Saw one Japanese family on the Promenade, and 2 more japs in the hotel. So not many 'minorities' at all.

I pay, we get on and go deeper into the city. Im walking with an angel :)

We make small talk. I ask her if she ate anything. "A cup of tea, and you?" she replies. Me? Nothing.

We decide to stop for lunch soon. We are walking on a normal pathway. She says she loves the smell of the trees. I can smell it only a little. Nice fragrance I suppose so I agree with her. We talk some more. The topic of her mobile comes up. She dropped it when she was semi-delirious with fever and it broke. The nurse was shocked! She is quite remorseful about it. Nastya then says shes had it for 2 years. A nice pink mobile, and shes never had a temptation to change it for another one. All her friends, including Jane, loved it. Also she had 300 pictures on it of her, her friends and family which she didnt store anywhere else.

I ask her if her birthday is sept 22. She replies yes. Then says birthdays are sad for her because she doesnt have that many friends - except from the past in her school and family. Me, being a loner, tell her I dont have many friends, but it doesnt bother me much.

I end up using a lot of big words that she doesnt understand. Its easy to forget shes a beginner in english because shes got the grammar down pat. ( I had paid RLM 400 US bucks to get her english lessons about 4 months ago).

We stop to eat. She orders a salad, I order a meal. This is the first time we are really relaxed and sitting down and talking whilst looking at each other. Its fun. We make a lot of small talk. The weather is very pleasant in the shade and theres a cool breeze blowing.

She doesnt finish her salad. I finish my meal and take a little of her salad as well.
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Postby EvilBaga » March 6th, 2009, 6:35 am


After a while we get up to go. I ask her the plans for the rest of the day. She says walk on the beach. I say we have to be back in Yalta at 7:00PM for a surprise. She says no. She must go at 6:00 because her cousin sister is visiting, just called her that morning and she hardly ever has a chance to visit. I insist. She says, she doesnt like surprises, for me to just tell her what it is. I stick to my guns. In the end we compromise to she will meet me with her sister for dinner around 7:00.

We get to the beach (pier). Its very similar to Yalta, except less crowds and less cars. We walk, talk, and I find it a little hot but say nothing.We stop at a street vendor selling bottoms, and she ends up choosing two of them with me making a few suggestions after her asking (she doesnt follow them anyway). I think it was 40 gyrvinas. I pay up, she thanks me and we walk on. I say someday she must wear them for me. Shes mildly offended and replies 'Someday...'

We end up going bowling. She trashes me at it. Though she throws a few gutter balls because Im soo far behind her score. We play 3 games and take a few photos. 80 gyrvinas. She keeps the score chart.

We stop buy some stores, I looks at some necklaces at a few shops. Then we get one. 70 gryvinas. She gets some cookies for her cousin which she pays for. We walk some more and then go to the buses.

Im going to skip a bit here, as its already sooooooo long.

We get back to Yalta and I should call her at 5:00 to meet.

We end up meeting at 6:10 outside her ex-employer. Her cousin isnt with her, gone off to do something with a locker.

We take a short walk down to the Relax Lounge to have dinner. We both order salads and decide to split a main dish as we are both still full from lunch.
As we wait I say after eating we will go down to the Hotel Oreanda to use the Internet. She says she cant as she will leave at 7:10 to meet her sister. How about Massandra Beach instead? It is 6:40 now. I ask her what about her surprise? And then tell her to wait - Ill go and get it. Should only take 20 minutes.

I run out - ask a cab driver to take me from McDonalds to Hotel Oreanda - 50 Gyrvinas! What a rip-off!
I decide to walk/run there and take a taxi back. Good thing too, because when I get there at 6:55 the artist wants another 5 minutes.

Frankly I am a wee bit disappointed at his rendition, but its still high quality and he did only have a day. He then has to fish around for a holder from the other artists and I pay an extra 30 UAH for that. Thena taxi back. Asked 70 UAH! It was a minivan though. Got it down to 45 UAH. I get back at 7:15.

Nastya has finished her salad and is waiting to wat her meal. I jog in and say sorry for taking so long. Then I say, as I cannot be here for her birthday on Sept 22 I got her present now, and I hand her the closed cylinder with the painting. She opens it, takes the painting out and unrolls it.

She gives a gasp of surprise and her eyes go wide. I get the coolest feeling in the world :)

She is in a mild state of shock. Shes thanks me profusely and has an unerasable smile. We hug, and I get a kiss on the cheek, and another hug. She says she takes back what she said about her birthday. I say she now has one picture of herself and her cat left.

I start to eat my salad. When Im done she says she cant eat anymore of her main meal and must dash back to Massandra as her sister is waiting at the door for the key ( she also got a call from her while I was eating). Earlier she had asked for 450 Gyrvinas for her rent as she quit her job. When I was picking up the painting I got some cash from the ATM.

I give her 1400 Gryvnas. Equavalent to her salary for a month plus 100 dollars to get a internet card for her PC. I hope she understood, as I, in my adrenalized state said PC, not computer. Earlier on she told me to call her when I get to Canada, before she rturns her phone back to Jane. We hug again and she says with much more enthusiam that she will come in March on a cruise to Canada. She leaves.

I finish my meal. Pay 100 UAH and go back to my hotel room.

That concludes Part B. I actually cut out a lot of anecdotes. Like the time when I decided to go down the the promenade at 3:30 at night for the first time. Maybe to see the sights, or even get a hooker. Not having any notion of how to get there, except to keep going down. Telling myself I was crazy while I tied my shoelaces. This was during one of the times when I thought all had failed with Nastya.
Or the Statue of Lenin opposite the McDonalds. Or the fair prices at McDonalds and me eating and ordering there.

And more and more. I could make this post 50% bigger, but I think Ive written enough. Some of the timings and dates would be off, its all from memory. Some important details arent listed. Didnt think of the them at the time of writing and cant be arsed to go back and read the whole thing. Long as it took me to write.

This was an adventure of a lifetime for me. And Ill write a quick PART C soon of me coming back, some observations, general facts and a summary.
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Postby Winston » March 9th, 2009, 1:03 pm

Wow you sure are persistent. I thought Nastya was avoiding you. But she turned around to it. These girls sure are changeable.

What happened with her? Can you post photos of you and her so we can see who she is and get vibes from it?

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Postby FuzzX » March 21st, 2010, 11:35 pm

Dude you have absolutely 0 game...

I suggest a large helping of

you got played by this chick and managed to dump a ton of money at the same time. You must be REALLY desperate. Natwhateva was NOT interested in you whatsoever... she probably changed her tune a little bit at the end if she thought you intended on dropping a few more dimes. The message at this site is a little misleading... foreign women aren't THAT different from women here at home. They still like to go out and have fun and meet fun and interesting guys... No chick wants to date a clingy nerdy loser, I don't care what country you are in.

If a girl likes YOU, she'll spend money on YOU or offer to pay for hers... the lesson here is NEVER spend money on a woman unless she's your wife.
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Postby have2fly » July 23rd, 2010, 12:39 am

WOW! You guys are SO SO SO out of understanding of being a "natural", I will avoid loser word "game" here cuz I freakin' hate it.

1. I grew up in Ukraine and dated and slept with about 100 Russian-Ukrainian girls who live in the States. I understand their behavior and know "how to play" it. But it only works on girls who are "fresh of the boat" or came at the age of 18 or older. That way they usually stay Ukrainian in their mind, but the more they live in the States, the more screwed up americanized and fat they get! Best of those are Work and Travel students off the East Coast that come to work to Ocean City, Rehoboth Beach or Cape Cod to work over the summer. You can just walk into McDonalds on Cape Cod, notice a pretty girl with a nametag like "Natasha" ili "Svetlana" and say "Hi, you are beautiful, I want to invite you for beer tonight". Guess what? In 50% cases she will say Yes, in 25% cases you will even have sex that same week if you do everything romantic and natural and spontaneous. Yep, that's what I've done every summer for 6 years in a row and American douchebags around me would be shocked, I drove my American roommate NUTZ by having sex with a new girl every week, when he was a good looking guy jerking off to porn everynight completely giving up on girls. Yea, USA Matrix, he blamed himself for being a loser and not the society :) While I was not caring and having fun. So guys, I shared a big secret with you: you can go to Ocean City or Virginia Beach over the summer for a vacation, just browse local shops and restaurants, look for summer students on the streets as well and just come to a girl and say HI. She will be pleased to meet you in most cases! It is THAT EASY! And many of them will consider marrying you if you are decent looking and have something going for you. No need to fly to Ukraine, no need to open visas, no need to spend big airfare :) Wow, if only those guys paying 1000's to some dating sites would know this :)

2. Girls in Ukraine need manly actions. Persistence and being pushy (but it does not mean you should act like a rapist). Ukrainian Girls will test you for everything, I know what to tell them and how to brag about myself, so they will be all over me. Of course, not every girl will fall for me or I am not perfect either, but I would consider myself very successful. So for example, manly actions would be:
a) When you met her, you would hug kiss and smell her loudly saying that "it is the best thing you ever smelled". She will giggle at that.
b) When there is a moment of romantic silence and both of you are staring into each other's eyes - she is actually waiting for a kiss. And if you are trying to kiss her and she is trying to avoid it - that means that she is "being hard to crack", meaning she wants to show you she is not a slut and being a serious girl. So you can force kiss her and that works usually, but sometimes girls will break out of that too. Then you know she is not up for it.
c) When a girl tells you she is not interested to go to Canada it could mean that she is actually not interested. Or it could VERY WELL mean that she is giving you a "shit-test", meaning she wants to test how serious you are about it. Ukrainian girls would often do that when you are trying to kiss them, when you are trying to take off her skirt before sex - she would resist it and wait for you to insist and forcefully take it off. In other words - she wants to be conquered, she wants to feel a manly man and by being shy about sex and kisses she is trying to show you that she is a decent girl. I had it a few times that a girl would be extremely hard to start having sex, but when I finally pulled her underwear she was SOAKING wet and just f**ked crap out of me like all night long! Amazing!
d) Buying stuff actually means you care for her. Yes yes - in their opinion, buying gifts means you are not for just getting free sex, but actually caring for her as a person by buying gifts. It wins her trust and she softens to you. KEEP IN MIND, many of those girls make $300-$400 per month and gift of new skirts for $20 bucks actually means a lot for her financially and spiritually - as a memory of you, which she can show to her friends and brag that some "American bought it for her", so her friends get jealous. That is very important in Ukraine-Russia, because girls are actually very social over there having many friends and "acquaintances" as well and some guys gifts make a thing of discussion and sighs :) Funny, I know.

3. Some girls will just milk your MONEY. But isn't that the same crap in the USA? I mean, are you expecting sex on the first date in the USA? Don't be so naive! Those girls are not sluts. And some girls just want to have fun with you and use you, why not if you allow them to do it? You consider yourself an adult? So be adult and watch the situation. Ukrainian-Russian girls are pretty open. I usually talk to a girl before taking her anywhere and by that time I already know if she is interested. Sometimes girls played me and I noticed that quick enough not to spend too much on her. Amazingly, in Ukraine there are true girls that they show in Hollywood movies that just want to have fun, meaning sex the same night meeting you on a bus :) Yes, that happens.

4. Being Asian IS NOT good in Slavic countries in general, but I am sure there are girls that will be okay to date an Asian guy. You just have to be caring, but not stupid. Meaning carry her heavy bags, open doors, be a gentleman and buy her some stuff, but not much. You gotta be smart about it, cuz most of the girls think of Americans as LOADED with money. They know about America mostly from movies and think most people live in Hollywood and drive a Ferrari.

5. Being FOREIGN in general goes to your benefit. Slavic girls think that all Americans look like Anglo-Saxons cuz again they know America only through movies and they know there are some black Americans. Just depends on the girl and depends on your goal - do you want to get laid same night, get a girlfriend to date for a few weeks or get married or you are trying to get a servant wife, who will be hot and kiss your ass? Well, the last one is NOT going to happen! Those girls could be naive, but not retarded! If you are half-way decent looking and romantic and gentleman - you will be able to get laid, but no one can guarantee that and also depends on the girl, your communication style, your looks, her looks, her character, mood, job schedule etc.

I can write MUCH MUCH more since Ladislav does not know or remember some of these details and since I am not even 30 yet and did all of my high school years in Ukraine. THANK GOD, cuz school in Ukraine was fun, we partied a lot just after school during week day drinking beer at some cafe on the street, I would make out with my classmate girl, we would play "bottle" game - to those of you who don't know - 4-15 people stand on their knees in a circle and you take turns spinning bottle in the middle. If it points to a guy, you shake hands. If it points to a girl, she kisses you - if she is sexually attracted - she kisses your lips, if not - she gives you a kiss on the cheek and then spins a bottle herself :) AH, so much better then retarded BEER PONG that kids play in US of A!!!

Winston, consider making this a "sticky" one because probably many people will find this interesting!
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Postby Winston » July 23rd, 2010, 1:31 am

Wow how did you sleep with so many? I usually got a kiss and they would hold hands with me. But they always made excuses like "my mom is waiting for me at home" to avoid spending the night with me. It happened repeatedly. Being very social and approachable and being easy to lay are different.

Why is that? Was it because I'm Asian?

I heard that Ukrainians are kind of reserved though. Isn't that true? When I was in Simferopol, people didn't talk to me much.
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Postby have2fly » July 23rd, 2010, 2:15 am

I know my language is not exactly logical or American style of writing. But Winston - read again - I slept with those girls "in the States" meaning in America ;) I looked them up online, I tried to find Work and Travel students during the summer at vacation cities (those are all over the States by the way), I found them through my friends, I hooked up at local american Russian discos etc. I understand some psychology behind it and I know russian-ukrainian girls are actually looking for a NICE, but cool and interesting developed guy. Meaning if you are educated, have decent job and american passport (in other words - you are not any worse than american, but can offer the same cultural knowledge) - they actually go for you in the States.

Also, there is a huge Russian-Ukrainian population in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and they have their own parties, disco's and food stores. Check out some clubs in Brooklyn, Brighton Beach in NY. In Chicago, there are websites for Russian gatherings, like

In other words, I found my way out of this social nightmare in the States by finding my own girls and they totally loved me for who I am and I had a girl that I truly loved and stayed in long term relationship. She is now married, but still calls me and tells me how much she loves me for just who I am. She is from Kherson, one of southern Ukrainian cities. Along with Odessa and Nikolaev, Kherson is where totally gorgeous girls live!

However, I have to admit that quality and selection sucks in America because:
1. There is still not too many Ukrainian girls to choose from - I mean this is USA and not Ukraine
2. When girls start to live in USA they get complete cultural turnover - major change of values, traditions and customs. Many of them don't understand what they want or need anymore. This is pretty bad cuz they take lowest American values and often follow them.
3. I have to compete with some douchebags that take them to Wal-Mart or Value Cinema and drive them in rusted Chevy Silverado and girls totally fall for this tatooed white trash guy cuz "he is a true American, like in a movie". Not every girl is that stupid, but trust me - there are way too many!
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Postby Winston » July 23rd, 2010, 2:27 am

I did not misunderstand you or misread you. I was just asking why when I go out with them, they usually always keep it platonic or just act polite for a while, but don't put any emotion into it. I'm sure if I went where you did, they'd talk to me. But that doesn't mean they'll sleep with me. That's a different ball game.

In Washington, the Ukrainian girls are mostly belonging to those Pentacostal fundamentalist churches, which are very religious and often separate the males and females into groups of their own gender. Extremely conservative in other words. No chance there. I went to one of their churches, and only the guys were social with me.
Check out my video series Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind and Full Russia Trip Videos!

Also see my HA Grand Ebook and Join Our Dating Sites to support us!

"It takes far less effort to find and move to the society that has what you want than it does to try to reconstruct an existing society to match your standards." - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World
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