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Freemasons/Illuminati/Secret Societies: What's their agenda?

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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Re: Freemasons/Illuminati/Secret Societies: What's their age

Postby Wolfeye » August 8th, 2017, 12:04 am

Adama: The thing you said about freedom to do evil isn't totally true- you're not always free to do good. I think there IS a serious urge to fuck-up & be an instigator & then to cite "personal freedom" as a tactic to block prevention or revenge, but there isn't ONLY that urge among people. Being "free" doesn't always mean "from guilt or social disapproval," but can also mean "from interference or retaliation"- at the very least.

In America, for instance, you have A LOT of freedom on paper- but not necessarily in practice. If someone tries to transgress your freedom, you're generally not functionally free to counteract THAT (which is weird, considering that that transgression should definitely be considered something not endorsed by law enforcement, at the very least). This is especially true when dealing with government personnel & really anyone that's thought of as an unofficial superior (medical personnel vs patients, teachers vs parents when it comes to how children are raised, military people vs EVERYONE ELSE, etc...).

That's part of why I don't have a categorical issue with divorce or abortion- it's entirely possible to be in an abusive marriage or get raped & it's counteractions of these attacks are not generally supported on a functional level. Doesn't mean the situation is always right, in my opinion- I just have a somewhat open ear for the story.
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Re: Freemasons/Illuminati/Secret Societies: What's their age

Postby Adama » August 8th, 2017, 1:32 am

If someone is suppressing your natural rights, that's tyranny. I am not talking about women who want to enslave themselves to employers. That's what they want everyone to believe things were all about. It was about much more than that: it was about freeing up women to act like prostitutes without taking money. That's what birth control, abortion, child custody and child support are all for. So women can live in fornication and adultery all of their lives, without anything bad happening to them as a result.

In other words, they simply wanted to remove the consequences for evil so that it can flourish.
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