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Vanishing phantom stories in Dianne's family

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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Vanishing phantom stories in Dianne's family

Post by Winston » December 21st, 2007, 3:49 pm

PS – Here's another bizarre paranormal story for you. The other morning, Dianne told me that her mom just gave a very old beggar outside some coins. He was walking very slowly, barely able to take steps. Then she turned her back for two minutes, and when she turned back around, he was gone. She walked out onto the street and looked in all directions, but he was nowhere to be seen. Apparently, he was some phantom and here it is said that the act of giving coins to an old man phantom is considered a lucky omen.

To this I responded "Ummmmmmm oooohhhhkkkkkkk" (sarcastically), but what else can I say about it?

Actually, I've had experiences before where someone was going slowly around the corner, and then when I look around the corner that person was nowhere to be seen in any direction. And I'm thinking, "how did he/she get so far so quickly"? I'm sure you've all had similar experiences too, but there's usually a rational explanation for it.

PS 2 – Just now while typing the above, Dianne told me that one time, while her dad was at work bulldozing garbage, a very old man appeared and told him that under a pile of garbage to the side was buried some gold. When her dad looked, there it was, a box of pure gold. However, there were other people nearby and when they saw the gold and ran to see it, both the gold and the old man suddenly disappeared! The family thinks that it was because the gold was meant for Dianne's dad, not for the others, and that's why it vanished. The others who were there at the garbage dump site claim to only see the gold vanish, but never saw the old man, which only Dianne's dad saw. Ummmm ok.

So, apparently, Dianne's family has not only encountered winged vampire creatures that can detach at the torso, the Mananangal, on multiple occasions, but have also encountered vanishing old man phantoms on multiple occasions as well! Interesting, I guess. But what else can I say about it?

How come these kind of things never happen to me?!

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