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What is it with all these conspiracy theories on HA?

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

Moderators: fschmidt, jamesbond

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Post by Jester » July 5th, 2013, 3:02 am

Winston wrote:In response to Zboy1's request:
zboy1 wrote:Fschmidt, Anti-American and Germanguy has requested that every conspiracy thread gets posted only in the Paranormal, Conspiracies, Mysteries section of HappierAbroad. I also happen to agree with their sentiments, so can you make an announcement to tell everyone to only post conspiracy stories in that section only. That way, we don't have an issue with some members here....
Not really. Because some topics match several categories. For example, threads about GMO's could be in the health board or conspiracy board, government tyranny topics could be in current events, the government board or the conspiracy board. And some historical conspiracy topics could be in the history board or conspiracy board. See what I mean?

Conspiracies are a part of life and may sometimes relate to other topics and categories as well. Why should every topics in every board outside the conspiracy board pretend that conspiracies don't exist? That's too much to ask. You can't completely segregate them like that. Think about it.

Example: Suppose someone starts a topic about gender and race wars in America in the General Discussions board. Then another person posts that these are conflicts engineered by the elite to divide us. Should that person not be allowed to say that, simply because the topic is outside the conspiracy board? See how complicated that would get?

Or suppose someone started a topic about wars. Then another person brings up that the war was started by a false flag operation orchestrated by the government. (such as the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam). Should the whole thread be moved to the conspiracy board? Should no one be allowed to say that because it's not in the conspiracy board? See how nebulous that would become?

Besides, why do these guys have such an aversion to conspiracies? They exist and are a part of life. Why segregate them from everything else in life? It doesn't make sense.

If these guys don't want to talk about conspiracies, then they shouldn't talk about them. Problem solved.
+1 to you Winston.

Like I've told my Mom: you bring up politics, you're gonna get back politics. I'm not going to censor myself. After all, I'm not the crook - "THEY" are. I'm not gonna pretend.

But again I DO think there should be a way to separate the fun threads like girls, travel, etc., from the anger and angst. Maybe I should just search the forum a different way. I always look at the "posts since [my] last visit", so I end up seeing all types of threads.

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Post by C.J. » July 5th, 2013, 3:26 am

fschmidt, hope you're not a satanist. Those kind of people won't prosper for much longer. They will pay for their treachery.
HenryGeorge wrote:Carlin nails it:

Yup, even Carlin knows.

Just because people don't trust each other, doesn't mean they won't band together for a common goal they want to accomplish. Especially when it's as high stakes as unrivaled financial, social and esoteric power over humankind.

In this case, kiling the non-jews, goyim(funny, satanist and other jews are now considered UNTERGOYIM now) and taking their livelihood. Maybe you guys need to have your true lives back:

-The ability to access psychic power, albeit low-level(basic brain future prediction, emotional 8 ball style GOOD/BAD intuition in your stomach, natural BS detector, constant lucid dreaming - this much was given to humans when they're born, but the modern world turns all this off)
-The ability to have true confidence in your life, with little fear
-Your ease of making lots of money, in many cases by DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - you were a money magnet all along
-Your ability to exude maximum vigor, with the healthy body you want, and the above average strength(without working out), intelligence, grace, fast reaction and ease of learning new skills and mastering them that comes with it
-The art of natural, social manipulation to get people to love you and help you without a second thought
-Your ability to combat the harsh symptoms of ALL diseases, flu and colds don't keep you down
-Your ability to walk through life with positive but strict, rigid principles to keep you on the right path in your life, no matter the temptation
-The natural defense against depression - justified respose to evil people, getting even

The way you lived as a child...
...and then have them ripped from your very bones once again, to realize how valuable you truly are to your satanist masters. And how angry you should be right now.

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