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We all share the same destiny....Stop Asking for Proof

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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We all share the same destiny....Stop Asking for Proof

Post by starchild5 » May 9th, 2014, 7:42 pm

Stop asking for proof when someone tries to expose the Evil....Evil is anything but stupid from freemason to Illuminati to Aliens ...They want you to prove the stuff they do to you with the suppressed technology they give.

Male & Female were One...Humanity were androgynous ..Now this is impossible to prove with the technology we have right now...BUT...I can prove it if the rulers of the world did not block time travel technology from humans..I would have shown you the exact moment you were divided into male and female.

Time has come for humanity to feel the Truth and Lies and go beyond...THERE IS NO OTHER WAY...Either you feel it or not...No amount of "Scientific Proof" can make you accept the truth that takes you beyond....They have not given any technology that can prove their own evil..They are not stupid.

Stop dividing yourself into abyss ...We all share the same destiny....It sounds new age however, new age does not cut it....You are beyond UFOs....The Entire Alien race across the universe created humanity contributing their best DNA to fight these AIs that has taken over the entire known universe...Which Winston calls it Murphy Law which goes beyond earth itself....It sounds Hollywood ...yet this is the truth they are manipulating with Hollywood to brainwash our minds.

The freedom most refer to does not even touch our true destiny....If you were to become free from all control of government...You will be able to walk on the water, free humanity from poverty, make the world a better place...NO....Thats not humanities goal at all...You were created to go beyond Known universe itself where these AIs don't have hold. Even UFOs cannot reach where you can go...

GROW>>EVOLVE.....Hot or not, beauty or fat or bitchy, short or tall, millionaire or poor, US or Russia, young or old does not matter AT ALL at this moment in time...LET IT ALL GO...All the bitterness against women, against society, against family....Even if you make a trillion dollars on earth...It counts to nothing..eventually in this life or next you will be f**cked and raped by the AIs...THEY DON'T CARE....NO EMPATHY..Even the highest level of Aliens who are on the good side..and have traveled all over the galaxy and contributed to humanities creation do not understand these AIs..

Their best bet was to mix all their DNA together and let the nature evolve it ....Do not kid yourself...These AIs, Murphy law is very very powerful....They are destroying nature all around you, because they do not want you to mix up with nature and evolve..Eventually, all freemasons, CIAs, illuminati will be f**cked..Its inevitable


This is it....

This next evolution is your trigger...DO NOT MISS IT...These AIs wants you to skip it..There is a big evolutionary leap coming..when it mixes with your DNA ...It will change the entire known universe

You need to let the nature FILL YOU IN...Allow Nature to fill you consciously...yes again it sounds new age'y ..thats the trick...Whatever New Age says that you will become when you merge with nature is not at all what you were meant to be...You are beyond UFOs..Your true mission is to save this entire known universe from plants to rocks to animals to human beings...You are here to save this existence itself....

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Post by binnybot » June 18th, 2014, 3:55 pm

This should be added to the pile of standing proof that wanton fornication causes insanity -- just complete and utter destruction of the mind. As if AW and their behavior weren't proof of this enough.
hirp dirp

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