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Evolve Humanities Group Consciousness.

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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Evolve Humanities Group Consciousness.

Post by starchild5 » July 4th, 2014, 7:45 pm

One Stop Solution for all our miseries. Guaranteed.

No more Pain and Slavery, No more health issues, No more love issues ..Eternal freedom Guaranteed.....

Human beings population in this known universe is 19.5% EXACT...(don't ask me how i know this, i will explain it later) :)

If we really want to go beyond....We need to Evolve and think alike....We need to develop our group consciousness.

As I have said in my other posts...Human Beings are the greatest force ever created in the known universe..YOU are the greatest force EVER... again...

YOU are the greatest force EVER...

Just to stress it even more..I'm from a third world country India and lived in coconut huts in southern part of India...we were dirt poor but slowly while growing up, my parents managed to live me up to middle class existence....NO PITY...Just to make my point clear as these kind of thoughts mostly flows from developed countries :)


THIS IS IT...THIS IS THE MAX they will let you evolve then force you to go in circles....Ferrari, Lamborghini, Billion Dollars or Middle class existence or penthouse ..If we want to go beyond the Money Slavery....WE NEED TO UNITE ....NOWWWWWWW

The making its move....I can GUARANTEE....NOTHING WILL WORK FOR YOU....sorry ....I know this sh**t that is messing with our life and its not Illuminati or even the Aliens...Its much darker and higher than them ....

Its the Universal Empire that has converted us into mere PIXELS....Winston feels this force as Murphy Law....

The Entire Alien Species..Combined their DNA to create fight this Empire...You are a fighter.....REALIZE WHO YOU ARE....

Common....Pleaseeeee....realize who you are in the middle of an inter galactic battle...

Yeah yeah..I can take what I'm smoking, am'i for real talk later.. :) this AI knows you are about to evolve and its making its move.....


There is no separate destiny for any of us...Pray to human beings more than any gods and demons combined...It will solve all your issues..

We need to think alike and ask for help from each other when we are in trouble aka when this darkness attacks us...1-2-3 to million and billions....the more we think alike the better for humanity...

I can guarantee...if you think and ask for help from your fellow human beings....All issues resolved guaranteed.

To come lower to manipulation...

No more girls issues, No more health issues...We will live for ever with the one we really love FOR EVER..No STDs, NO Deaths, No Cancer, NOTHING...PURE ETERNAL BLISS...

This has taken me like ever to write this...

In short..when ever you feel you are in trouble..Just pray to Humanity not to gods or angels or demons or aliens.....Pray to those who are close to you..who care about you..and all problems will go away in seconds.....GUARANTEED..


Please post here ..if you have tried it...we need to UNITE now...THANK YOU.

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