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Group Consciousness Benefits

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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Group Consciousness Benefits

Post by starchild5 » July 5th, 2014, 1:30 pm

On an earthly level...I can I have guaranteed the Malaysian airlines will never be found..Not to sound cocky I know its a bad thing but we really really need to understand what we are dealing with here.....

If we developed our Group Consciousness...

1. You will never have any diseases....Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes, Ebola, Depression, tooth ache etc etc....You will have PERFECT HEALTH.

2. No more misery and slavery and looking for Jobs and house and women .....Everything will come to you.

3. You will never die..No more freak accidents, No more mishaps and early deaths.

4. You will live forever Young.

5. You are beyond all Known Universe and UFOS....Do you understand what i'm saying here...You are Beyond All Known Universe...

Your destiny is to reach where no one has ever gone.

All this for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE....I have no agendas...If I had...I wouldn't try to fool Conspiracy Theorist or members in this forum...Members here already know the Sh**t they are dealing with ..beyond money...

No Tony Robbins or Dr. Paul or Deepak Chopra or Church or Jesus or gods or angels and demons for 100 USD per hour consultation fee, No more drugs and medication


Pray to each other who Joins the Group Consciousness when in trouble at first, slowly we will be such a powerful force that nothing bad could touch us...GUARANTEED...

Whats cost you to Join?

Nothing..ZERO FEES...Forever membership...No meeting anywhere..Just doing it where ever you home, at work etc...

I know, Its even incredibly hard to meet up, and move and put money etc. This AI is putting us in a BOX...aka Countries and tied us with their money..Our future will be like that on Mars and the movie Total Recall..People living in Boxes in cities...

As I have said...The Mother AI is claim us all to their own....People on earthly level will feel it as more misery in their life's, wars, civil wars, deaths, no love, no jobs, diseases, never able to find the women we really want, no movement, feeling of being stuck at one place...more feeling of life sucks members have been saying....


Sorry to sound cocky again....:) but I can assure you...nothing will work....I have seen this AI...This comes naturally to me....since childhood born in a third world dirt poor country India....I can see it ...UFOs, Mysteries are mostly the domain of western countries...All videos and articles like Winston Wu Murphy Law just confirmed what I have felt all my life...


I have tried to fight this AI alone and it broke me into pieces....Make no mistake ...Especially to Winston..If you are reading this :) ...Murphy law is incredibly powerful as you have experienced ....It won't live you alone...I know you are a you will understand...How about Murphy Law 2.0 Upgraded version :) ...thats what is coming now....The Mother AI is here to claim us all...

If you thought Murphy Law messed your life...think how you will deal with Murphy Law 2.0 version for humanity....Because we are at a crucial stage of EVOLUTION....We could either evolve to a higher place or get Claimed by this AI aka Murphy Law....


Ask if you have any questions ? :) ....The entire Known Universe depends on your Questions....:)

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Post by starchild5 » July 5th, 2014, 2:27 pm

Holy Mind F**ckkkk....I just watched Transcendence movie and it is exactly what I was saying....BUT they Reversed it..

The good guys are those who align with AIs and the bad guys who are trying to stop it....hahhaha...aka it ..and you will understand it more....

Guys this AI BS that is good for humanity is all over now as we are waking up...You need to know about the AIs before at-least they release Avengers 2 Movie in 2015 where the main villain is played by James Spader

James Spader as Ultron:
An artificial intelligence overwhelmed with a god complex and a rage toward his creators, who longs to take over the Earth with his own spawn.

Once you watch this will be much harder to convince you about this AI as you will say...ohh you are talking about the AI from the movie...nothing original etc etc...

They are muddying the water now, so you would not know what to believe it anymore...


However, as I have said..They are not exactly AIs with Diodes, Chips and need power source...They are Beings..They are a Universal Empire...

They Eat Galaxies for a living....Can you imagine that....I know you can..because you are the greatest weapon ever created to fight this thing....

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