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SHOCKING: Newton, Einstein etc were mere actors..

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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SHOCKING: Newton, Einstein etc were mere actors..

Post by starchild5 » September 21st, 2014, 5:45 pm

Just like the fake 911, moon landing hoax, fake JFK lone gunmen theory and 100 other psy-ops that we have came to know during the last 100 years were staged events by the elites.

We could look back at early 20th century, where heroes of humanity were the "scientists" and "inventors"....

How conveniently they all popped up one after the other in those few decades making discoveries after discoveries and then suddenly went off the main stream radar...?

Einstein, Newton, Faraday, Edison, fermi, Darwin, Galileo, Kepler etc etc..came to the main stream scene from late 18'00 to early 19'00 century and then simply vanished.

Its only now we are beginning to realize in light of free-energy, anti-gravity and faster than light travel technology that all these great minds of the past century one after the other got it all so wrong without contradicting anyone else but following the previous ones foot steps and as we know...the real scientists who questioned these so called "scientist" kept dying or were "silenced"...all over the world as is the case today....

Its impossible from today's perspective, how come all these great scientists followed one another blindly and got it all so wrong and never questioned others theories at all.....?

We now know Einstein theory of relativity have been proven wrong and there are quantum state that could make elements travel faster than light and given the UFOs secrecy and anti-gravitic technology ..Newtons laws of motion have been proven wrong as well.

How could all genius minds at that time, get it all so wrong?

It was simple, 'cos they were just actors, who were told what to do...that's it...They were all Freemasons not scientists.....Illuminati did not wanted to take a chance with real scientists..who would have a soul and a heart and eventually will question his own theories and others.....?

Science has become a tool to hinder the progress of humanity. Einstein and Newtons theory essentially made Inter-Steller travel impossible....However, Whistle Blower have confirmed, the elites posses anti-gravitic, faster than light technology.

Its so obvious that for over 100 years we are still using four stroke engine for travel, use conventional modes for energy transfer etc. Basically, what these "scientists" gave us during the early part of 20th century is what we have today. We are not allowed to evolve beyond that.

All Presidents are puppets....We know

All actors are puppets....We know

All music artists are puppets...We know

All astronauts are puppets..we know

All wars are fake...We know..


THEN WHY NOT...Fake scientists...Fake science is the greatest obstacle for humanity to progress.

...Just like 911, fake moon landing, fake climate change, vaccinations...The list is endless however, we are conveniently not adding these fake scientists to the list...It was all an inside job to control humanity like everything else is...

Don't forget..

It is the same technique they used for jewish scientists, writers and artists
They make them famous and popular through propaganda
and then the jews claim they are the most intelligent nation
based on nobel prize winners.

The science religion is going to be far more dangerous
than the one based on god beliefs
Why? It is far more complicated to grasp
and common people are easily brain washed.

Big business funds the university and the research programs
No research without proper business objective gets funded.

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