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Why I'm pissed with the west

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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Why I'm pissed with the west

Post by starchild5 » November 23rd, 2014, 8:05 am

My reply to

Transhumanism: Man/Machine Fusion = End of Humanity?


I feel it needs an inclusion from other areas as well...That's why a separate thread

Ray Kurzweil, Michio Kaku, Ellon Musk, even James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Lucas are mere babies :) ..Yes they are...I know how its sounds...but the entire Western Hemispheric Logic is in reverse gear - I don't know what would it take for the west to get a single thing right EVER - We know East is already dead - The only real original thought could have come from the west and unfortunately, its too slow, jumbled with politically correct statements, "proofs", scientific papers, endless theories on stuff that is as clear as day but for some reason refusing to believe in its existence, asking too many nonsensical questions, refusing to move to next level of thought process - The west ain't doing it right either.....Sorry - This is what I see - sitting in the east - trying to find anything that they would write that the eastern thinkers have not done.

That's why I created a separate thread.....Trans-humanism is the greatest biggest agenda that if ever west existed that needs to be exposed. The entire goal of western civilization should be stopping Trans-humanism and yet they are doing the exact opposite aiding it. Stop f****ing create Apps for SmartPhones man - You are not smart - You are an extremely Useful Idiot for the trans-human agenda - you are digging your own grave.

The west it seems is NOT WILD enough to go deeper into all these real agendas - They still need peer approval, proofs, taking step one at a time, very slow to get it - I now believe....West is just an upgraded version of the east...nothing more than that :( and its the saddest statement I ever made - I had such high hopes from the west living in a third world country, struggling to find articles, papers that would really push humanity to next level - What I have seen coming from the west even among truth seekers, "conspiracy theorist" is just old wine in a new bottle...What these so called great Michio Kaku , Ellon Musk & James Cameron etc are saying and doing is just another version of what eastern Philosophers did and said.

They have no freaking F***ing clue whats really really is going on - It seems the western thinkers are busy selling their souls to the highest bidder for the trans humanist agenda. Its sad.

You have no idea what will become of you - This TH agenda is beyond what everyone, anyone has ever told you ever.

--------------------Read THIS - THE TRUTH _ THE REAL TransHuman AGENDA - Its NOT ROBOT AND MicroCHIPS for gods sake - That's for Lucas, Cameroon, Spielberg, Hollywood & Science level of Ignorance. The entire paradigm of western logic is just an upgraded version of the crap that came from the east.

The agenda of the darkness is beyond humans, planets & galaxies even...You wanna know what will become of you - if they succeed because of our collective stupidity - This - See The Image Below


- See anything?

We are too generous in believing that they would give us Hands and Legs and MicroChips when its all said and done - Your entire essence would be bottled up as a Nano - AI [ Artificial Intelligence]- You will become literally a Nano-BOT carrying the information of The Universal Empire - You feel suffocated in a 5 feet 10 inch body - wait till they bottle you up as a nano particle - a mere pixel - Your entire existence if they succeed will be a mere pixel in this Known Universe - That's what is at stake here _and that is for ever by the way_No god, No angel, Nor you can save you.

You will be UNSEEN - Like the Darkness - You will become part of the Artificial Intelligence Network - The Black Smoke like thingy that covers our entire known universe whose presence Winston feels it as the Murphy Law. You will become a mere pixel in the darkness that surrounds this known universe.

The words cannot cover the misery, pain you will go through every micro second of your existence once TH agenda is completed.

Wake UP. Seriously....Stop saying what you smoking, did you forget your meds , conspiracy nutter- kidding time is over - Your Ignorance is starting to hurt humanity as a whole now.

I have enough of the western stupidity - I can't take it anymore - You are no better than eastern level of stupidity just an upgraded version. That's it. I can't take the western BS anymore - sorry I will shrink in pain and misery if I ever listen to anymore stupidity that comes out of the west - I have given nearly 10 years of my life researching all that is west and all it has done is making me go in circles.

Stop freaking saying...History repeats itself, Everything is cyclical, what goes around comes around, everything happens for a reason and my pet peeve Karma word that west has so much adopted from the east into their miserable lifes to explain their misery...Only a retard would say its Karma when you see where it came from India and its misery due to the word Karma they adopted into their lifes,

and then we have this grand stupidity of western people. They are still debating if Aliens exist or not...WTF is wrong with you man? ..How the hell are they gonna get the TH agenda, if they still ask stupid questions like...Are Aliens for real....Its scary 99.99% of Ignorance that prevail in the west when 100% of the east is dead.

Is there any hope for human race...when I see the west going down the same drain as the east did. The west has the best environment ever to free human race and what we have now is just another upgraded level of stupidity. :( :( :(

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