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Do Jewish/Zionist Conspiracies Rule the World?

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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Do Jewish/Zionist Conspiracies Rule the World?

Postby Winston » Fri Nov 27, 2015 4:31 am

Is it true that the Jews and Zionists rule the world, as many conspiracy buffs claim? Or are the Jews being scapegoated by the real elites? If the Jews really do rule the world, do most of them know about it? Or is it just a small elite group of Jews, like the Zionists and bankers, that run the world? If so, are most Jews aware of it? Obviously, an entire race can't be in on a conspiracy right? How much truth is there in Jewish Zionist conspiracy theories and how much is exaggerated?

If Jews really do rule the world, how did they attain such global power since they are such a tiny minority in the world? And what is their goal and agenda? Are they only driven by money, greed and power? Or is there more to it than that?

Also, do they only rule the Western world? What about Asia and Russia? Are all the Asian and Russian governments infiltrated by Jews and Zionists or their minions and puppets? What about China and Russia? Since China is only concerned with economic issues, and never exposes any of America's lies or crimes or conspiracies, they must be in collaboration with America to some degree right? Do all nations collaborate at a certain level, even those that pretend to be adversaries?

Here are some fascinating articles by Henry Makow about Jewish conspiracies.

The "Jewish" Conspiracy is British Imperialism

The Riddle of Anti Semitism

Is the New World Order "Jewish"?

The first article above has a chilling conclusion that says it all:


I wasted much of my life getting a conventional education, so I feel I am beginning my education anew.

It appears that a vampire-like clique directs the world. This secretive cabal is represented by our dominant political, economic and cultural institutions. Western society has been subverted and western culture is bankrupt. Democracy is a form of social control and the mass media/ education are systems for indoctrination.

Essentially the problem boils down to whether we believe man was made in God's image and has an obligation to lift himself to a higher level of truth, beauty and justice. Naturally monopolists have no use for this and want to define reality to suit their own interests. They have taught us that God is dead and man is just a fancy animal without a divine soul. Culture today tends to deny standards, ideals and goals of any kind. Instead, we are fed an endless diet of trivia and degradation.

Certain elite Jews are an integral part of this elite neo feudal conspiracy. Throughout history they have had a symbiotic relationship with the aristocracy. But ordinary Jews like the serfs were manipulated and persecuted by their elites.

True Judaism like Islam and Christianity affirms the supremacy of God as a moral force. A real Jew, like a true Christian or Muslim cannot perform an immoral act. It's time to reaffirm our belief in God.

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