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Hollywood Hunks

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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Hollywood Hunks

Postby newbgold » Fri Feb 19, 2016 3:55 pm

I think that there is a corporate conspiracy to prevent a common man from having a satisfying sex life.

Everyone noticed that in the last 4-5 years, the media began to bombard us with Hollywood Hunks. These are male celebrities who are 20-35 years old, they are all white men, they are about 6'1-6'5 in height, they have small, squinty blue eyes, chiseled jaw, big muscles, pecks, washboard abs, etc... We all know who these male celebrities are and we all know how they look. There are probably at least 20-30 of them in the media. In short, many of them look like the Aryan ideal of the uber-mensch.

When these Hollywood hunks first appeared in screen, TV, and internet, I did not see any problem with them. However, the problem became apparent when women, young and not so young, began to exclaim: "He (insert the name of the latest Hollywood hunk) is SO hot... he is SO sexy... you stay away from me because you are not as hot as (the latest Hollywood hunk)." Even 5 years ago, women were less visual than men. Men's looks used to not matter that much, definitely less than women's looks. In just a few short years, it became the other way around. Due to the media barrage of Hollywood hunks, women are more shallow and more visual than men had ever been in human history. It became apparent to me that the media re-engineered the way how women are attracted to men. I think that this explosion of Hollywood hunks in the media was a deliberate way to manipulate women to be attracted only to men of this type and to fiercely reject all other men.

I have a theory that this a eugenics project that would bar most men except hunks from having access to sex with a thin, pretty woman. Men who are hunks in real life have better health, higher testosterone, and greater tolerance of stress. If only hunks get to have sex, and thus reproduce, then this will result in more stress-tolerant and stronger offspring, who will be even more productive for the benefit of the elites in each country. I think that this is why modern young women are fed an ever-increasing diet of Hollywood hot guys. These hot guys are everywhere: google image search, Facebook feeds, Instagram, Fifty Shades of Grey, etc, etc... You get the idea. As a result, women become so brainwashed that they reject men, because they are "not hot enough". The appearance of Hollywood hunks on screen is depriving many men from having a good sex life. The standard of what is considered to be good-looking for a man was deliberately jacked up to an impossible level.

Also, I think that it's much easier for a woman to improve her looks than for a man. I found a thread on a forum that explains this very well.
A man needs to spend days in the gym, lift for 4-5 hours daily, drink protein shakes, take steroids, completely destroy his health, and there is still no guarantee that he will look close enough to be considered "hot". He might still need a leg-lengthening surgery, a jaw implant, a lefort III, and a hair transplant if he is bald. Even then he may not be considered "hot."
Also, women complain that men objectify them, but the word "hunk" is an objectifying word itself. You can have a hunk of bread, a hunk of meat, but calling a man "hunk" is equating him to a piece of muscle and genitalia. This is the true objectification.

One way to resolve this problem would be doing what our grandfathers' generation did in 1960s. Mass demonstrations of protest got America to end segregation and pull out of Vietnam. It might sound crazy, but millions of sexually frustrated young men could join forces and start a Sexual Rights Movement, reminiscent of the Civil Rights Movement. For example, when a new Magic Mike movie comes out, men hold peaceful protest demonstrations in front of every movie theater, with signs and banner like "End the Impossible Male Beauty Standards Now". (By the way, I have absolutely nothing against Channing Tatum, I think that he is a decent man). Every time a new episode with Thor comes out, men would gather in a protest with signs "Stop Marginalizing Non-Hot Men". Every time a new 50 Shades book comes out, men would demonstrate by every bookstore with signs "All We Are Saying Is Give Non-Hot Guys a Chance".
But this is an impossible utopia. You will face much more consequences as a protester today than one would in 1960s. If men were to really to gather and resist in this way, they would immediately be fired from their jobs, arrested, possibly jailed, and never hired anywhere thereafter. They would be labeled as "pro-rape" and "entitled".
Actually, Roosh V tried to do something like this, but he got into enormous trouble for doing that. He began to fight for men's rights to have sex with decent women and he was stopped. By the way, I think that Roosh V is terribly disgusting, sleazy, and not all there mentally. In addition, his recent posts have ultra-right wing tendencies, and he comes across as a fascist and an anti-Semite. (I am Jewish, so some recent articles that Roosh V wrote really offend me).
And it's possible that Roosh V may have raped someone too, we would never know the truth. But this is not the reason why Roosh V got so much trouble lately. It was because he tried to go against the agenda set to outsource all decent women only to hunks. Roosh V got in trouble because he wanted to fight for a more fair sexual marketplace, where men who are not hunks can still get laid. This is why there is so much outrage against him.

So, the cat was let out of the bag. Women were manipulated to accept only "hot guys" that look like the latest Hollywood hunk and nothing less in terms of looks. Once Tinder became widespread, there was no turning back. The only way to fix the current problem is to get male plastic surgery to the point where it's inexpensive, relatively painless, and well-developed. I just don't see any other way.
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Re: Hollywood Hunks

Postby Moretorque » Fri Feb 19, 2016 4:48 pm

Nonsense!.........If there were such a conspiracy we would all be watching Mr. Wu on the big screen regularly. :roll:
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Re: Hollywood Hunks

Postby jamesbond » Sat Feb 20, 2016 1:39 pm

Moretorque wrote:Nonsense!.........If there were such a conspiracy we would all be watching Mr. Wu on the big screen regularly. :roll:

Can you imagine all the ladies who would fall in love with Winston if he became a Hollywood movie star. :lol:

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Re: Hollywood Hunks

Postby Moretorque » Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:35 pm

I'm glad he is not, then I would have more competition. :(
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