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Would 777 Architects and Engineers endorse BS? No way!

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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Would 777 Architects and Engineers endorse BS? No way!

Post by Winston » August 26th, 2009, 12:02 am

Would 777 professional licensed Architects and Engineers sign their name to something that was BS?! No way!

Yet they endorse the controlled demolition hypothesis that was derived at using the SCIENTIFIC METHOD! Have a look. Here is a long list of their full names, credentials and personal statements, all 777 of them!


Name: Claude Robert Briscoe
Title: P.E.
License #: Civil Engineer C17546 -- California
Degree: BS Engineering, UCLA
City: Santa Rosa
State: CA
Country: USA
Category: Engineers (Degreed & Licensed - Active & Retired)
Discipline: Engineering
Status: Degreed and Licensed

45+ years in civil and structural engineering design and construction with project work in bridges, buildings, foundations, earth retaining structures, roads, highways, and various commercial, industrial and public works facilities.

Personal 9/11 Statement:

The collapse of the three WTC buildings would seem to defy the laws of mechanics, conservation of energy and known structural failure behavior. The case for the destruction of the three WTC buildings by means of "controlled demolition" is overwhelming.

Verification Status: Verified

L. Alan Pyeatt
Lic: C56857 CA (Civil Engineer)
Malibu, CA

Engineering — Degreed and Licensed

• Bio:

Over 25 years experience in civil engineering and construction (mostly public works). Project Manager for Federal Demonstration Project and two APWA/Southern California award-winning projects in West Hollywood, California. Also served as Project Manager for a fire sprinkler subcontractor on building projects in Houston, Texas (including high-rise buildings in Houston and San Antonio).

• Personal 9/11 Statement:

The fact that both towers collapsed in their footprints, without any toppling of the upper floors, clearly indicates controlled demolition as the cause of the buildings' collapse, rather than structural failure. In my opinion, the collapse of the south tower (WTC 2) illustrates this idea most clearly. The airplane which hit this tower entered the south wall, and wreckage can be seen in the videos exiting the east wall. As a result, one would expect the damage to be worse near the southeast corner of the building, and any structural collapse should have occurred first at this corner. This should have resulted in the upper floors toppling toward the southeast. However, videos of the building's collapse clearly show it failing in a more or less symmetrical manner.

In contrast, the north tower (WTC 1) was hit by the first airplane in the north wall, at almost a perpendicular angle to the north wall. And yet, the upper floors of this building leaned toward the south as the building collapsed.

Likewise, there are two failure phenomena which cannot be explained by the "pancake collapse" theory. First, video of the collapse of the north tower shows the upper floors (approx. 10 stories) toppling toward the south. Yet, instead of falling to the ground relatively intact (as they should have done with no structure supporting them from beneath at that point, and nothing pressing down on them from above), they mysteriously disintegrated in mid-air. What forces (other than explosives) could have caused this?

Second, a video exists which shows part of the inner core of the north tower still standing prior to the south tower's collapse. And yet, with only minor debris falling on it from the south tower, the remaining core structure disintegrates. Unless the video is faked (and I have seen no evidence of this), what would have caused the remaining core structure to collapse?
Cynthia Howard
Lic: MArch MIT, 1243 ME, 4486 MA
Biddeford Pool, ME

Architecture — Degreed and Licensed

• Bio:

Architectural education MIT (Masters), and Harvard GSD, (taught course Developing Historic Properties). Studied Structural Engineering under William LeMessurier, at MIT.

30 years private practice:
Preservation Planning for municipalities, agencies and historic societies
Energy-efficient historic restoration and new construction projects, concentrated in coast and mill communities.

Served on the Board of the Boston Society of Architects, as President of the New England Chapter of the AIA, and as President and Board member of AIA Maine.

• Personal 9/11 Statement:

I believe that it is physically/scientifically impossible for the heat from the burning planes to have caused the collapse. If the steel had failed by heat, as has been claimed, the building would have deformed.

The speed of the building's collapse, indicating no resistance as it fell, further indicates that only carefully placed and timed detonation devices throughout the skeletal structure could account for the sudden implosion of the towers into their footprints.

The only plausible reason for collapse of WTC 7, which was not hit by any plane, is similarly, timed explosives within the building.

Murray I. Brill
Registered Professional Engineer, CE #8928, ME #43
Lic: C8928, M433 California
BAE Engineering Rensselaer Polytechnic I
Los Angeles, DC

Engineering — Degreed and Licensed

• Bio:

Worked 52 years as Engineer including 11 foreign countries.

Consulting Engineering firms (such as TAMS), Government Departments (such as city and county bldg, bridge div, USAID) and private companies, on bridges, buildings and structures, and other projects in planning, design and construction supervision in the field.

I am now retired in Athens, Greece

• Personal 9/11 Statement:

I was open minded without any definite opinion until today when I spent two hours carefully listening and watching the video 9/11 Blueprint for Truth (2008 Edition).

I am now totally convinced by the evidence presented that the destruction of the three buildings had to be by controlled demolition rather than the impacts of the plane crashes.

I am crushed by this realization and very angry that we haven't brought the truth to the attention of the public the way it should be. I will lend my support to this endeavor.

Lester D. Baker
Consulting Professional Civil Engineer
Lic: Utah- PE=143426,, Wyo.- PE=1317, Ida. PE/LS=2282
BSCE Utah State Univ., Logan, Utah, 1954
Ogden, UT

Engineering — Degreed and Licensed

• Bio:

I am a registered Prof. Civil Engineer in Utah (since 1967), Wyoming and Idaho (qualified short time later). Am a Prof. Land Surveyor in Idaho.
Received my BSCE from Utah State University Logan, Utah in 1954. Was with U.S. Bur. of Public Roads for 3 years located in Oreg., Wash,. Alaska, and Wyo. Interstate Hwy Design engineer on I-15 from Lehi to Provo, Utah. After that, I was appointed Utah DOT's Standards Engineer (I started with zero standards.) Some BPR Standards were adopted, Developed new format, construction details and all new standards for all types of state roads and highway construction, plus traffic control design, signage and standards. Revised the Utah Road Commission payment handbook, which determined the methods for calculating the contactor's payment.
As a Facilities Engr, for Hercules, I was placed in charge of all roads, buildings, roofs, barricades, parking & utilities lines, including: acid, steam, air, water, sewer and N. gas, plus projects: using, air, hydraulic, explosion-proof equipment & handling equipment.
Mapped 6 underground coal mines in Utah, They used Explosives.
I had an day to day association with an "Explosives Expert & Chemist" for several years."
In 1949 (USAF) I flew over many bombed German cities and witnessed the damage done by bombs in WWII. The corners of the bombed-out buildings stood up 10 to 30 feet higher than the middle portion of the straight perimeter walls of the damaged structures. (Not true for 911 Bldg. #7. I see that example as more proof that all 3 WTC buildings were "Imploded". The corners failed due to the extra explosives.

Lester D. Baker, P.E.
Ogden, Utah

• Personal 9/11 Statement:

When a bldg drops/falls at "free fall" speed, it means to me that the floor above did not "help", or cause the collapse of the next floor below (that would have caused a "short" delay). It means to me that there was "no resistance, or delay" by the floor below and therefore that floors below had already failed "completely" before the upper floor could get there. Each and every floor failed "TIMELY". Only a well-controlled "Implosion" could do this 110 times in a row. And it was repeated for 2 more buildings (another 110 stories and then on another 47 story building.)
I suspect that if any of the floors had failed untimely (too soon or too late), it would have caused a totally different "failure scenario". Both would likely have missed the "footprint" below. The "lower" floors failed exactly as planned (which was about one-tenth of one second apart). Three huge buildings went down without a "hitch". It could not have been better, if it were planned. And yet they say that it was NOT planned. If that is true, The only "tougher" job I can think of - is for someone to build one of those buildings - WITHOUT A PLAN - Timing may not be so critical.

Seperate Comment:
Why can't we find these "EXPERTS", and these were "EXPERTS" that did this job? I suspect that there are only 5 or 10 people in the world, at most, who "know" how to even supervise this kind of "job", and they all know each other, also, they would have access to the sources (find them too) of the explosives, Thermite, and other "Specialties" used on this project, etc. (That was a BIG, COMPLEX job.) So, many people "in the business" would know about it. This INFO should be easy to find (I bet they even advertise). With just a little "waterboarding" (JUST KIDDING), we would have our answers. Can you imagine that the U.S. Government is still continuing those "trials" and torturing those poor Arabs. In any of the videos, I never even saw one Arab, let alone any Arab giving orders to "PULL IT". The owner had a big "payday", that day, He had owned it only a few months.

I have been very impressed with Mr. Richard Gage, Too bad, but the Constitution is either "dead" or "fast asleep". Otherwise, why would they (your officials) have the nerve to prepare and obtain agreements with Canada and Mexico without protecting their "butts". There are no borders, so there is no "country", or Nation. Nations require borders, or they are nothing, except renegades. Do your police "abide" by the Constitutional principles and why not? For any Officer to serve a citation of any kind; there has to have been an INJURY, OR PROPERTY DAMAGE, OR A "CRIME" COMMITTED. All other citations are issued under the "de facto Officer doctrine" under "color of Law." (Ryder v. U.S. 515 U.S. 177). Very interesting.

Another Subject: The Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal have ruled many times in the last 100 years that there is no "contract" between the "Government officials/Police and the "Citizens" (in name only). If Mr. Gage ever talks to me, I will be happy to explain it to him. Sorry, but it is true.

See what convinced these 777 licensed architects and engineers to sign their name by watching this film "9/11 Blueprint for Truth" at: ... 6903609314

Wouldn't you agree that someone with 45+ years in civil and structural engineering design and construction knows their shit, compared to some BS denier on the internet who uses pure conjecture, like Mark Roberts or the site?
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