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Arguments Against ESP and the "sixth sense"

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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Arguments Against ESP and the "sixth sense"

Post by LukeSkywalker » November 10th, 2007, 3:06 am

I have a very powerful argument against ESP.

The premise behind ESP is that some people have a "sixth sense" which they use to sense things that the other five senses cannot detect.

However, a sixth sense would confer such a powerful evolutionary advantage among the organisms that contained it that through natural selection, the organisms that contained this sixth sense would dominate and be selected for, whereas the organisms that did not contain this sixth sense would be selected against. This would occur until the population of organisms consisted entirely of those with the sixth sense.

So therefore it is impossible that something that would confer such a powerful evolutionary advantage would end up being a trait confined only to very few people. Yet there are only very few people that claim to have ever experienced ESP.

So therefore the existence of ESP and/or a "sixth sense" is not true.

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Post by Winston » November 10th, 2007, 11:22 am

I don't understand your logic.

Evolution isn't done yet. Who's to say that ESP won't develop in more humans in the future? And why is it impossible?

ESP is not necessarily an evolutionary advantage. Most who have it can't always control it and it doesn't work well in making profit, except for famous psychics.

Have you talked to people who have ESP experiences? Or studied all the scientific evidence for it? Like the Ganzfeld experiments, the PEAR experiments, and the recent experiments by Rupert Sheldrake? ESP is pretty much proven to exist. The only question is HOW it works.

Also the fact that at least half the people in the world have experienced it says something big too.

Read Dean Radin's "The Conscious Universe" for a quick overview. It's in my religion/spirituality bookstore.

Or just google the info.

Or see these links:

Also did you see my psi vs skepticism presentation? ... sm_Psi.htm

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Post by Enishi » November 27th, 2007, 2:55 pm

One place with alot of good posts and intelligent discussions on the paranormal is the blog of author Michael Prescott. ... otts_blog/

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