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To Globetrotter: Psychoanalysis, Ridicule, etc.

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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To Globetrotter: Psychoanalysis, Ridicule, etc.

Post by Winston » April 3rd, 2010, 9:50 pm


One more thing. Your psychoanalysis that conspiracy theorists believe in government plots because it is more comforting to them is NOT what the establishment claims about them. The government and establishment defenders claim that conspiracy theorists believe in conspiracies because of an imbalance in cause and effect. For instance, they have trouble accepting that a lone nut assassin like Oswald could kill one of the greatest US Presidents of all time, JFK. A nobody cannot bring down a US President, they feel. The cause and effect doesn't balance each other. Only a greater plot from greater powers could balance out the tragedy. So they attribute it to a big government conspiracy.

That's the standard copout explanation for conspiracy theories by the media and establishment.

It may have a degree of truth. However, there are many conspiracy people who have no emotional investment in any of it. They simply base their conclusions on the facts and evidence.

In Europe for example, most people believe that JFK was killed by a conspiracy and most who have looked into 9/11 believe it was an inside job, even though they were not traumatized by it nor have any emotional investment in it. It is their OBJECTIVE opinion.

That debunks your psychological explanation right there.

Likewise, I have no emotional investment in 9/11 either. I was not traumatized by it. To me, it's just a mystery/detective novel, a great "whodunnit" case. And my objective unbiased conclusion is that hundreds of facts don't add it, and that there is a cover up of the truth, so we were not told the whole story. That's all I know and all I claim.

You do NOT have answers to the anomalies above. That's obvious. So you resort to ridicule to sweep it all under the rug. Nice try but no cigar.

One more thing. If the WTC fell from a pancake collapse, the 47 inner core columns would be standing and there would be a stack of floors at the bottom like records stacked at the bottom of a spindle.

Don't tell me you buy that lie from internet debunkers that the WTC core was hollow. That is a flat out lie. Serious researchers who obtained the blueprints of the WTC have confirmed that there were 47 STEEL CORE columns. Why weren't they still standing?

Your weakening of steel, or "inward bowing" theory is pure conjecture and has NEVER been proven. Plus it does not add up scientifically. NIST tried to make it work but could not, so they cheated in their computer model. Whistleblower Kevin Ryan came out public with this and exposed NIST, and was fired as a result.

I guess truth isn't the highest value, only conformity and loyalty is, huh?

Your thoughts Globetrotter?

And this time, can you please respond WITHOUT RIDICULE?

PS - The fact that you had to use ridicule in your last post speaks VOLUMES. You see, IF the TRUTH were really on YOUR SIDE, you wouldn't have to do that. You would be able to take the Zen approach and simply state the simple facts and evidence, and let the facts speak for themselves. But you obviously can't do that cause you have no answer to the hundreds of anomalies and gaping holes in your side of the 9/11 debate, and you know it. Thus you know that you cannot truly defend the official story. So you have to resort to ridicule instead of discussing the objective evidence and facts. That is VERY TELLING right there.
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Post by globetrotter » April 4th, 2010, 1:22 am

I am not playing this game Winston.

All that you have posted I have seen and read before. What you consider original thought I see as the same ideas and memes and psychological traits, over and over and over and over. Yeah, the fallacy of claiming that my psychological assessment refutes all my points, seen that, too.

It is all the same boring stuff.

I have said my say, and I am done with this subject.

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