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Bringing people back from alternative universes?

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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Bringing people back from alternative universes?

Post by Winston » October 30th, 2010, 9:04 pm ... f=2&t=1478
I recently came across a most intriguing account documented by paranormal researcher Paul Eno, in which two shaman allegedly traveled into an alternate history, and dragged back two people who had died in our reality but were still alive in this alternate history. These two individuals brought here couldn't adjust to our reality, because as they came from an alternate history, their memories were different. The young boy for example recognized his parents, but didn't recognize some of his siblings and neighbors, etc. It didn't turn out well for either of them ...

"On two occasions in the late 1970s, when my cases were nudging me closer and closer to multiverse thinking, I encountered two shamans of two different traditions in two different parts of the world. Both said that they had known other shamans, many years before, who had literally gone into "the other world" and brought back people who had died -- bodies and all. According to these two men, who were very reluctant to talk about this, the shamans had performed these deeds against their better judgment and only after being harassed, then highly paid, by the grieving families. Allegedly, one shaman, in Australia, had brought back a young boy nearly a year after his death.

The two men I spoke with insisted that these events involved neither reincarnation nor resurrection. The two subjects were literally dragged out of other worlds where they had never died. Fascinatingly, both men also said that the shamans who did it soon regretted it.

The young boy who was brought back knew his parents but not some of his siblings or neighbors, I was told. According to the story, he never again "fit" into the community and ended up insane. The other returner, a dead man in his 20s, the father of a family, seemed confused and frightened, then tried to fit in, later running off into the forest, never to return. The man who told me this story, a boy at the time of the incident, actually claimed to have seen this returner.

Given what appears to be the nature of the multiverse, there is no reason whatsoever to believe that "returns" such as these are impossible. People disappear into thin air relatively often, sometimes in front of witnesses. Where -- or when -- do they go? All those "spirit guides" or guardians we hear tell of and sometimes feel ourselves -- could some of them be shamans from parallel worlds, trying to reach us?

Similarly, mysterious people appear out of thin air from time to time, not knowing where they are. On a few occasions, they have carried passports and money from countries that never existed, spoken no known language and/or worn clothes of no known fabric."
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