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A view of God that concurrs with mine

Discuss religion and spirituality topics.

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A view of God that concurrs with mine

Postby Winston » Mon Dec 10, 2007 12:08 pm

A spiritual view of God that a list member sent me that reflects my view of God as well.

"Winston, here is my view on God:

I am of the conviction that there is a God, but that God works in ways that are beyond human logic and description. Whether he is personal or impersonal, in us our outside of us, again, he is beyond human understanding. In fact, one does not really have to call it God: names like the Absolute Truth, Tao or Supreme Undescribable Force will do fine.

I welcome all religions, because I think they are the closest possible relative descriptions of the Absolute that we can have. Therefore, I regard all the major religions as the greatest, most inspirational source of life's wisdom that can ever be provided.

But again, the keyword here is relative, and the religions are still that - they cannot be Abolute. Friction and violence occurs when a member of a religion thinks their religion is the Absolute, or in other words, when they think their beliefs are the most complete description of the Undescribable. And on top of that, many such people think their beliefs are the ONLY way. This is the prime recipe for friction between two or more sets of relative beliefs.

Well that is my take...if you find anything worthwhile here, you may feel free to quote me on any blog or video.
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