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Gnostic Origins of Christianity and the Lost Gospels

Discuss religion and spirituality topics.

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Gnostic Origins of Christianity and the Lost Gospels

Postby Winston » March 18th, 2014, 3:05 pm

Check out these fascinating documentaries about the Gnostic origins of Christianity and the Lost Gospels that were suppressed by the early church but later discovered during archaeological excavations. They contain alternate versions of the life of Jesus and his teachings which resemble Eastern spirituality. Historians and scholars in these documentaries discuss the implications of all this, why they were banned from the orthodox Christian canon, and what Christianity might have become had they been included.

The Lost Gospels


Gnostic Origins of Christianity


If you want to see something really out there and esoteric, then this one is for you. It's called "Sex - The Secret Gate to Eden" and contains Gnostic teachings about how sexual union leads to transformation and communion with God. It's really out there and gets into deep mysticism. I'm not sure I understand it. But it will stretch your mind.

Sex - The Secret Gate to Eden

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Postby Jester » April 1st, 2014, 7:23 am

Winston, the Second Law of Thermodynamics eliminates Darwinian Evolution, and also eliminates the formation of solar systems through Mysterious Big Bank Magic. God - SOME god - made everything, one way or another. That's not religion, that's science.

And Jesus was a real guy, He really existed, you admitted that on another thread.

He said He was the Son of God.

Was He a liar? He's not buried anywhere, He rose from the dead, He healed the sick and even the dead, His early disciples did it too. Was He a liar?

Rather than expending your copious neurons straining for the most bizarre nonsense you can find, first GET GROUNDED in the REALITY of God Incarnate, God's human child, Jesus in the manger -- spiritual truth that Chaldean Magi and smelly shepherds alike could hear and see and touch in the flesh. And today, thanks to Jesus's Last Supper and crucifixion, a Body and Blood you can partake of and be blessed by one or more times a week.

I am not suggesting you give up intellectual inquiries, but religion is not ABOUT intellectual inquiry, it is about experiencing God. I am suggesting that if you first ground yourself in believing and practicing and experiencing just the basics of Christianity - let's say the 4 Gospels and the Apostle's Creed - that will give you a frame of reference to work from.

If Essene writings or the Gnostic Gospels or a New Age guru acknowledge who Jesus is, as in the Gospels and the Apostles' creed, sure, give them a listen. But if they IGNORE his Resurrection, or if they call Him a liar, then they are deceivers, hucksters, guys with something to sell, or just people who find it convenient not to face the truth.

And I know you're not like that.
"Well actually, she's not REALLY my daughter. But she does like to call me Daddy... at certain moments..."
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Postby Mr S » April 1st, 2014, 11:36 am ... hitects%29

The torrent contains the following:

Origins & Oracles
The Irish Origins of Civilization
Architects of Control

Below is listed some of the subjects covered in O&O, TIOoC and AoC respectively:

[Origins & Oracles]

A series exploring ancient mysteries and forbidden knowledge.

Produced and presented by alternative historian Michael Tsarion, the Origins & Oracles series delves deeply into ancient mysteries and forbidden knowledge.


Program 1 - Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation:

+ Who were the Atlanteans? Were they tutors or tyrants?

+ How did the phenomena of evil come into our world and into the consciousness of human beings?

+ Who, or what, are the Fallen Angels?

+ Is Homo Sapiens a hybrid created by beings from another solar system?

+ Was the science of genetics known in ancient times?

+ Are you Homo Sapiens or Homo Atlantis?

+ What is the difference between Atlantis and Lemuria?

+ Are we being told the truth about our origins and destiny?

+ What do the Biblical terms Immaculate Conception, Forbidden Fruit, and Tree of Life refer to?

+ Why do some modern scientists believe that the so-called Ice-Age never happened?

+ Did Eve really cause the fall of man?

+ Why have women and indigenous races been slaughtered and suppressed through the centuries?

+ Who built the great cyclopean megaliths, and why?

+ Why has our technological expertise far outreached our psychological and spiritual development?

+ What do Atomic and Nuclear war really mean? Who, or what, are the
Reptilians? Do they really come from outer space?

+ Is the New World Order really something new?

+ What is the purpose of the many black budget projects, like HAARP?

+ Who really governs from behind the thrones of government and religion?

+ Why are so many US Presidents bloodline related to Europes elite royal dynasties?

+ Why is the US really involved in wars and Crusades in the Middle East?

+ Is 2012 really the end of our world, as the Maya predicted?

+ What can we do to actively rid ourselves and this planet of its evil?

In Program One, of the Origins & Oracles series, Michael Tsarion takes us on a vivid journey back to the time of the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria.On this journey, timeless mysteries are unraveled and explained like never before. Masses of disinformation concerning pre-history and the origins of humanity, which have duped scholars and researchers for generations, are eradicated and we are finally able to connect the dots and comprehend how the innumerable idioms of our modern world came into being. In the tradition of Immanuel Velikovsky, Zechariah Sitchin, Jordan Maxwell, Graham Hancock and Michael Cremo, Michael Tsarion investigates the true origins of mankind and throws open doors which have been sealed for many an age.

Enriched with a plenitude of rare source-material, Michaels scholarly work investigates the records of our ancient forbearers. Michael also reveals to us the secrets of his own Celtic ancestors who, behind the veil of folklore, had much to say about alien visitation, genetic manipulation, wars of the gods, the coming of evil, the Anti-Christ, and the degradation of spirit. It is doubtful whether you will watch and hear anything more lucid concerning the fascinating mysteries of occultism, genetics, Darwinism, ufology, the paranormal, the phenomena of evil, secret-society intrigue, the New World Order and the future the human race. This 15 hour-long magnum opus is compulsory viewing for those truth-hungry and educated seekers with a discriminating palate. This is revisionism at its best.


Program 2 - 2012 - Where History Ends:

+ 2012 and the Age of Revealing

+ The Destruction of Atlantis

+ The War of the Gods

+ The Genetic Manipulation of Humankind

+ The Fall of Man

+ The True Origins of Evil

+ The Armageddon Factor

+ The Decline of Politics and Religion

+ The Reasons for & Significance of the Present World Crises

+ The Occult History of America

+ The Subversion of the Spiritual Destiny of America

+ The Rise of the Anti-Christ (who is it?)

+ Why Iraq, and the War on Terror?

+ The Rising of the Nephilim

+ The Final Days of the Age of Pisces

+ What the Prophecies of Nostradamus Dont Tell Us

+ The Photon Belt, the Earth Grid and the galactic alignments of the Next 10 years

In Program Two, of the Origins & Oracles series, Michael Tsarion explains exactly why the world is in the present state of decay, and who it is that really rules from the top of the power pyramid. We discover that earths crime-soaked history has been manipulated by powerful secret societies with bloodline connections to ancient alien visitors who crossed their own DNA with that of earths indigenous inhabitants. According to Michael Tsarions astonishing thesis, some of these original Fallen Angels are secretly interred beneath the ground in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in other locations around the globe. These undead vampiristic kings of old have been feeding off the death and mayhem, the pain and fear of human beings for millennia and their servants, upon the earths surface, have orchestrated wars, assassinations, and a climate of perversity and debauchery to feed their dark masters soon to arise again from their unholy repose. This arising is forced due to the approach of powerful constellational alignments and the coming of an Age of Revealing referred to in ancient Maya texts, and in the Book of Revelations. It is of paramount importance that each and every human being discovers what these alignments will mean, what the future holds, and what the worlds ancient scriptures are warning us about. This riveting investigation into the occult history of the world will open your eyes and allow you to make sense of the agendas of government and religion, the strange preoccupations of the media, and much of what will transpire in future years.

Additionally, Michael also reminds to us of the importance of cleansing the inner temple. He reminds us that a toxic mind creates a toxic society. It is schizoid people who inevitably create a schizogenic society, and who are responsible for raising-up the sadistic Orwellian regimes which prey over the good and the free. Michael delineates for us the age-old connections between mind and world, between microcosm and macrocosm, so that we are again empowered with proactive and sustainable solutions. Michael insists that we must re-learn how to put our own inner houses in order before our efforts at overcoming our inhuman adversaries can be successful. Other stratagems are merely akin to re-arranging the furniture on the Titanic, and have not been working. Therefore, it is time for humanity to show zero-tolerance for all the false paths and leads, and to have the truth about change. These are just a few of the topics covered in this monumental 13 hour presentation.


Program 3 - Divination & the Goddess Tradition:

+ Who were the Gnostics, and what did they believe and teach?

+ Who created Astrology and the high arts of Hermetic Divination?

+ What is the Inner Zodiac?

+ Do rocks floating in space really affect our character and fate?

+ Why does the prohibition against making graven images of god come before that against killing?

+ Why is the female cycle connected to the heavens?

+ Are women superior to men?

+ Why do men fear and hate women?

+ Why have women been marginalized and massacred down through time?

+ What or who is Holy Mother Church?

+ Do religions and governments have occult agendas?

+ Why is prophecy legitimate?

+ Why did human beings become sedentary and begin living in artificial city environments?

+ What is the real drive behind technology and the Technotronic Age?

+ What are the solutions to the worlds crises and to the spiritual vacuity of mankind?

In Program Three, of the Origins & Oracles series, Michael Tsarion investigates the real history of religion and reveals its Egyptian origins. In the tradition of Joseph Campbell, Michael reveals the origins of the enigmatic Book of Genesis, and the actual hidden significance of religion, yoga, magick, ritual and science. This true meaning has been concealed so that humans remain disempowered and removed from their source. Prayers go unanswered, people remain lost, and humanity heads toward the precipice of oblivion, raping the planet and fighting endlessly. We might ask if it is God or Lucifer who presides over the world, and over the minds of men. Regardless of the miasma and debauchery, the truth of mans existence remains within the secret traditions. It is now time for ordinary people to have the facts which will make sense of their lives and beliefs. Michael specifies the forces (from within and without) which weigh us down and impede our natural rise, our advancement on all levels.

In this captivating and informative presentation, Michael also delves deeply into the gender divide and exposes why it is that the elites within the orthodox religions have debarred women from assuming positions of authority. He also investigates the real reasons for the criminality of mankind, as well as for the rise of technology and science. We learn what it is that really separates man from the primates, and why man is distinguished by his penchant for sadism, cruelty and violence upon members of his own species and upon others.

Additionally, we are introduced to the Western Magical Tradition, and to the meta-sciences employed by the Magi of old to engender psychic hygiene, moral rectitude, and spiritual empowerment. We discover the true hidden connections between the Tarot, the Zodiac, the Kabalistic Tree of Life and sacred Numerology.


Program 4 - Weapons of Mass Deception - Behind the New World Order:

It is a no-brainer for veterans within the research-community to understand that the US Government was deeply complicit in the September Eleventh tragedy. However, it has taken quite a bit of book-writing, in-depth journalism and documentary-making to get this rather simple message across to the masses of people in America and the world.

Those who have so labored are to be accoladed for their revisionism and bravery. However, veterans of alternative history know that such exposure is merely the tip of the ice-berg. They know that the masses of mankind need to dig a lot deeper to know the real extent of the treachery and guile of the worlds so-called Democratic politicians. The roots of todays atrocities lie in the ancient past, and in the agendas of powerful secret-societies who are moving ever nearer to their end-game. What lies ahead for mankind is not freedom, peace nor prosperity. Time is short, and if the human race is to end evil and survive it must first have the WHOLE TRUTH. Solution-Think, must replace Problem-Think.

In Program Four of the Origins & Oracles series, Michael Tsarion conducts his own investigation into the history of the very real New World Order, detailing for us its founders and their real purpose. He reveals, in some depth, the magnitude of the occult agendas behind the furtherance of the draconian New Imperialism, and lets us see just how those arch-enemies of America have slowly and vampiristically hypnotized an entire continents historically-amnesiac inhabitants into selling off their sovereign power, prosperity and freedom. Using the September 11th attack as a back-drop, Michaels investigation into unseen and sinister stratagems involves warnings regarding the future. Michael insists that it is not by chance that we have conjured such evil in our midst. Overcoming our enemy involves re-learning better ways of being, not new ways to fight. As Michael warns, there can be no victory over an evil which strengthens itself due to our futile, anti-spiritual and self-defeating rivalry. As he reminds us: Evil does not take our power... we give it up ourselves.

Michael opens the book of the worlds secret history and focuses on the ancient European dynastic powers - the all-powerful Black Venetians (Guelph, Saxe Coburg Gotha, House of Hanover Dynasties), whose agents operate throughout the US, in media, healthcare, big-business, law, and politics. He covers the English secret organizations, such as the Rhodes Round Table groups, the Club of the Isles, the Fabians and the Tavistock Institute. He also deals with their lieutenant orgs in the US, namely the Illuminati, the Scottish Rite Freemasons, the corrupt Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

Importantly, Michaels research indicates that these bastions, and their controllers, are motivated by more than simple physical domination of the earth. Although most under-informed researchers believe the machinations of political and religious elites to be motivated by simple greed and power-mania, Michael shows us that there are far more sinister reasons for the policies that lead our world toward the precipices of want and tragedy. We find out the real reasons why the vanguard of the West is back in the Middle East, and why our world has been engulfed in ages of crime and cruelty. Michael reminds us that the real Intelligence Community are those in America (and the world) who are not afraid to face the facts and intelligently and eloquently expose those who have no legal or moral right to dominate humanity. Although We the People are not respected, protected, served or free, there is something that can be done about it once we realize where the real power lies and how to use it.

This one of a kind presentation will inform and inspire veterans and beginners alike, giving each viewer a comprehensive, no-nonsense, yet sane and balanced expose into the real history of the world. As Michael says: The subject of history as taught in schools is surely boring, but the study of how history has been manipulated... is one of the most interesting of all.


Program 5 - Astro-Theology & Sidereal Mythology:

+ What connection do the symbols of government, religion, royalty and the corporate world have with the constellations and zodiac?

+ Who was Jesus Christ? What he really the son of God and founder of Christianity?

+ Is our culture Judeo-Christian, or Egytpo-Christian?

+ Why did the orthodox Church suppress the Gnostics, and massacre women for centuries?

+ What did Jesus mean when he said the Temple of God is within, and that others could do what he did?

+ Why did Jesus refer to himself as the Morning Star, and ask his disciples to be as wise as serpents.?

+ Why was astrology and divination really prohibited?

+ In the commandments, why does the edict against making graven images come before the edict against killing?

+ What do the symbols on flags, on heraldry, on money and on corporate logos, and in ads, mean?

+ Why are there so many cultural similarities when it comes to religion, race and tradition?

+ What are the solutions to the economic, political, social and psychological challenges of the future?

In Program Five, of the Origins & Oracles series, we learn about the real origins and meaning of the term - Holy Spirit, and we learn what humanity must do to secure its survival in the following years. We discover the actual roots of Christianity and find out what religious hierarchs have been hiding for over 2,000 years. Michael Tsarion investigates the suppression of women, the ecocidal tendency and the corruption in high places. Since, as Michael Tsarion says, the world elites have allegiances to hidden cults and secret societies, how can we expect them to honor their professed duties to humanity? In this all-revealing presentation we discover that the modern religions and political ideologies morphed out of seven great cults of power which ruled the world for millennia. The most powerful of these Cults was the Stellar Cult, dominant for over 10,000 years. Christ and the other Magi were initiates of this Cult, which gave mankind such sciences as astrology, astromancy, and the Tarot. Known as Serpents, they were the architects of the great temple structures such as the pyramids and the Sphinx. After the great Cults became corrupted they eventually gave rise to the modern exploitative religious and political hierarchies that prey off society today. We are still controlled by the elite bloodlines of these secret orders which continue to lead the world toward ruin and chaos. In this astounding presentation, Michael Tsarion demonstrates how religion and politics work to shape both the events around you, and the thoughts within you. Astro-Theology reveals the nature of the psychic and spiritual desecration which covertly operates upon us daily, and unlike the majority of other experts and researchers, Michael offers provocative solutions to our social and psychic predicaments.


Program 6 - The Subversive Use of Sacred Symbolism in the Media:

+ Why are the youth so delinquent, in these days of affluence and plenty?

+ Why do over 70 percent of the products we buy have names that mean nothing in English?

+ What are the occult techniques used by corporations and governments to manipulate thought and control behavior?

+ In this so-called Age of Amnesia and Infotainment, are we owning our own thoughts?

+ If we are under psychic hypnosis would we know it?

+ How to we get back to being a symbol literate culture, and offset the worst effects of mind-control, addiction, delinquency and crime?

+ What are the techniques that are used by the media to dumb-down, and influence the youth?

+ Why are television programs, called programs? What do words like Lexus, Nissan, Coke, Visa, Nike, Fila, and Acura, etc., actually mean?

+ Why do corporations such as Levi Strauss and MTV screen girls as young as 5 and 6 years of age?

+ Why are banks and franchises designed to subliminally represent churches.

+ Can a corporation be psychotic?

Have you ever wondered whether the billion-dollar artifice of the media, and of the advertising conglomerates, has any lasting negative effect on your mind and behavior, or whether the young are particularly affected by the all-pervasive presence of ads? Is it rational to expect large ad-corporations to jeopardize their vast monopolies by becoming more responsible in the future? Can Madison Avenue agencies and other Hidden-Persuaders ever be held accountable, if it is discovered and proven that the glamorous creations of their industry do indeed have lasting negative effects on our minds and behavior? Is the new designer disease of our age Affluenza, and is the consumer the consumed, in these times of excess and chronic commercialism? Can there be positive psychological, spiritual or social advancement, in a symbol-illiterate culture, more and more dependent on image, brand-logos and chimeras of the perfect, happy life, based on chronic competitiveness, material affluence and technical proficiency? Is there a connection between the rising levels of crime, substance abuse, inner psychological dysfunction, emotional disassociation, and the subversive use of power images and words in our culture? In this the sixth of the Origins and Oracles series, Michael Tsarion reveals the occult meaning behind many of the brand-names and logos that infest our think- and mind-space. This thoroughly engrossing expose is compulsory viewing for members of the younger generation, who are under daily assault from a deadly arsenal of psychic weaponry designed to eradicate their moral sensibility and willpower. Michaels scathing expose leaves the vague warnings of most media-critics far behind, and delves into areas were few others care, or even dare, to venture.

[The Irish Origins of Civilization]

In this companion DVD to The Irish Origins of Civilization book
(Volumes 1 and 2), Michael Tsarion discusses the historical
significance of ancient Ireland and takes us on a truly
fascinating journey through time, from the Emerald Isle to Egypt
and back again full circle. Along the way we are introduced to
the Druids and also to their destroyers, the Atonists. We
discover the origins of the worlds most powerful secret
societies and the New World Order they labor to create. We
discover secret facts about the royal dynasties of Britain and
Europe, the Empire of Rome, and about Masonic influence in
America. Featuring over 560 illustrations, and rare source
material, this DVD series dramatically revolutionizes our view of
history and explains what can be done to combat the tyrannical
forces that have long conspired to undermine truth, freedom and

Subjects Include:

Message to the Beginner
Message to the Insider
Fictions and Fallacies
The Pre-Diluvian World
The Age of Catastrophe
The World After the Flood
Ancient Ireland and the Druids
The West to East Movement of the Elements of Civilization
Colonization, Imperialism and Genocide
War on Consciousness
The Origins of Evil
The True Meaning of Aryan
The Term Celtic
The Moses-Akhenaton Problem
The Bible: Book of the Pharaohs
Migrations of the Western Elders
The Sacred Trees of God
Akhenaton and the Rise of the Atonists
Druids, Amenists, and Atonists
Nefertiti and Scotia
The Shemsu Hor (Disciples of Horus)
Ancient Technology
Antiquity of the Zodiac
Caucasians in Africa and Egypt
Identity of the Israelites and Judites
Truth About the Levites
The True Hebrews
The Secret Oral Tradition
Truth About the Biblical Exodus
The Biblical Patriarchs: Who Where They?
The Ransacking of Egypt
Identity of the Hyksos Dynasty
The Scythian-Hyksos Connection
Myths About Druidism
Gods and Beliefs of the Druids
Prohibition and Suppression
The Destruction of the Druids
The Milesians and the Conquest of Ireland
Arrival of the Romans
Arrival of the Normans
The Culdeans: Tutors of the Templars
The Luciferians
The Dark Side of the Sun
Origin of the Major Secret Societies
The Merovingian Dynasty
Knights Templars and their Symbolism
Freemasonry: The Irish and Egyptian Connections
The Davids: Commanders of Aton
Atonism in America
Anarchy of the Mind
Civil Disobedience or Obedience
Secret Societies: The Royal Connections
The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

[Architects of Control]

Produced by Michael Tsarion and Blue Fire Films, Architects of Control explores humankinds future and the post-human world. Will the perfect human be a dumbed down, regimented inhabitant of a cyber purgatory created by unseen elites? Will the children of tomorrow be smiling depressives of a technocratic dystopia?

Michaels focus is on individual slave (and by extension slave owners) psyche and internal motives rather than the circus. Why slave needs the master and why master needs the slave. The pyramid is made of people that lean on each other. Mass and transpersonal psyche, which is substantially different from individual psyche and crucial for understanding mass control is not approached in program one, although it could be in further programs.

Subjects Include:

Jim Keith
Mass Control
Mind Control and its History
Radiotronic Weaponry
Psychic Dictatorship
Mass Ritual Killings
The Men in White
Operation Cointelpro
Operation Chaos
Teen Rage
School Shootings
Media Manipulation
Sleeper Assassins
Project Monarch and MK Ultra
Operation Paperclip
Sorcery and Magic
The Cult of Dionysus
Peoples Champions
The Anatomy of Thought
Tragedy: Catalyst of Change
Global Awakening
The Myth of Progress
The Global Village
The Inauthentic Life
Drugged, Medicated, and Under Control
The Deconstruction Cycle
The Rise and Fall of Civilizations
The Death of Emotion
The Posthuman World Initiated
2012: The Age of Revealing
Civilization: Rise and Fall
Psychic Hygiene
The Sane and the Unsane

If you have cash to spare, please support them by buying their books or other works, or send them money directly.

Copyrighted pieces of plastic sent by mail is an obsolete distribution model. Only junk food has to be paid for before consumption (otherwise you would not pay after eating it) - in good restaurants payment is after the meal, not before it.

[Some notes about the video files themselves]

Origins & Oracles isnt very high res and its just XviD, BUT its the best encoding that is available! The Irish Origins of Civilization and Architects of Control are pretty high quality, being x264 and AAC. Irish and Architects were encoded by someone called kwixpix. Irish originally had some kind of subtitle file (a logo showing kwixpix or something like that) embedded into the .mp4 containers. This was removed, because (under certain circumstances) it caused problems when playing the file. The way it was removed was simply by re-muxing the video and audio with YAMB into a new .mp4 without the sub file. No re-encoding was involved.

[A very useful tip]

For the best viewing experience, use MPC (MediaPlayerClassic) with ffdshow and the Haali renderer. In Haali set the Luma Range to 0-255, and in ffdshow under Levels set the Input to 16-235 and Output to 0-255. In the same section in ffdshow (Levels) check also Modify Only Luminance and Full Range. Remember to check Levels as well, so that its enabled.

[A note about the order of watching this]

I strongly suggest you watch Origins & Oracles FIRST, before any of the others, as it was made first (completed 2006). Then Irish Origins, followed by AoC.

[Regarding the viewing order of Origins & Oracles]

The programs in Origins & Oracles are NOT chronological, so you dont have to watch them in any specific order. The DVDs were made at different points in time and later compiled into a box set called Origins & Oracles.

Not sure why they numbered them the way they did. Doesnt make any particular sense.

Anyway, you can watch them in whatever order you prefer, or even just some totally random order if you want.

The reason I mention this stuff is because I think the numbers the
programs were given may not be the optimal order to watch them in.

But that may depend on whos watching, I guess...

I dont have any suggestion either; its just just that I remember watching them in a different order than the numbered one, and I think it flowed better that way. I dont remember exactly what order that was though.
"The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor and stoic philosopher, 121-180 A.D.
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Postby Winston » April 1st, 2014, 12:05 pm

You are operating from the viewpoint that only one truth is correct - that of orthodox Christianity - and everything must agree with it or be rejected. That's not objective or open minded. You've put up a mental filtering system inside your head that filters out what doesn't fit into it. That's the problem with strong beliefs. It makes you biased and heavy on cognitive dissonance. So you cannot be open minded toward new information.

FYI, the Gnostic Gospels do not deny the resurrection of Jesus. Some of them just portray it as a spiritual resurrection, not a physical one. And others tell a different way it happened. Many of the teachings in them are connected to Eastern spirituality. That's what makes them fascinating. You gotta be open minded and consider that they may contain some valuable truths.

Also, you can't say that the resurrection of Jesus is a historical fact. It can't be proven either way. No neutral historian takes it as fact. It's ultimately a matter of faith.

Check out this 2 hour and 20 min documentary about Osiris, Christianity and Gnosticism. It's very fascinating and mind blowing with commentaries from objective experts and researchers who discuss the spiritual implications of all this, not just the historical ones.


Also check out this 90 min History Channel documentary called "Banned from the Bible" which reveals the contents of the Gnostic Gospels, or Lost Gospels. It's very fascinating and worth seeing.

Check out my video series Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind and Full Russia Trip Videos!

Also see my HA Grand Ebook and Join Our Dating Sites to support us!

"It takes far less effort to find and move to the society that has what you want than it does to try to reconstruct an existing society to match your standards." - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World
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Postby Winston » April 1st, 2014, 12:11 pm

Also Jester,
If the 2nd law of thermodynamics can dismiss a whole theory, then how does it explain how a baby can evolve from simple to complex?
Check out my video series Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind and Full Russia Trip Videos!

Also see my HA Grand Ebook and Join Our Dating Sites to support us!

"It takes far less effort to find and move to the society that has what you want than it does to try to reconstruct an existing society to match your standards." - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World
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Postby Jester » April 6th, 2014, 2:14 am

Winston wrote:
Also Jester,
If the 2nd law of thermodynamics can dismiss a whole theory, then how does it explain how a baby can evolve from simple to complex?

Real simple, Winston. The baby is already all the things it will become. A man, a woman, a midget, a giant. It does not evolve. It FULFILLS.

At best.

The BEST we can do is fulfill God's purpose for us. Most fall short. Per The Law of Entropy.

All clear, jefe?

No religion. Just fact.
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Postby Jester » April 6th, 2014, 2:28 am

Winston wrote:
You are operating from the viewpoint that only one truth is correct - that of orthodox Christianity - and everything must agree with it or be rejected. That's not objective or open minded. You've put up a mental filtering system inside your head that filters out what doesn't fit into it.

Yup, Winston, that's just what I said. Everyone here, ipse dixit, has opened their minds. But not everyone here has tried CLOSING their minds, tried HAVING a frame of reference, instead of viewing the Universe like a dissociated victim of MK-Ultra. Yes, I mean YOU.

TRY having a frame of reference. Consider it an exercise.

Winston wrote:
Also, you can't say that the resurrection of Jesus is a historical fact. It can't be proven either way. No neutral historian takes it as fact. It's ultimately a matter of faith.

Horseshit. What do you mean by "neutral historian"? Some smirky atheist faggot with a job in the Ivy League? Winston, unlike you, I WENT to the Ivy league, and I am not impressed by the neutered compromisers who work there. MOST historians since Zero AD have BEEN believing Christians.

Yes or no?

Oh and YES the Resurrection is a historical fact. That's why the Holy Sepulchre is EMPTY.


Winston wrote:
Check out this 2 hour and 20 min documentary...

Winston my friend I really love you, but frankly I've got women to chase and shit to do.
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Postby Moretorque » April 6th, 2014, 6:23 pm

I think it was the Space Monsters my self as well.
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Postby bladed11 » April 9th, 2014, 9:02 pm

The bible is about opening your pineal gland. There's a lot of verse talking about it. At the same time there is a real world application. Like love thy neighbor as yourself and all that good stuff.
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Postby bladed11 » April 9th, 2014, 9:04 pm

I recommend watching this lecture. Take it with as much as a grain of salt. Santos believe Jesus never existed I do. Other than that he is correct on a lot.

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Re: Gnostic Origins of Christianity and the Lost Gospels

Postby Winston » June 29th, 2015, 2:06 am

Did you all know that some of the Gnostic texts reveal a stunning bombshell?

It is that Satan is actually the God of the Old Testament in disguise, which they call a "demiurge", who imprisoned us in bodies in a world of physical matter in order to use and exploit us. And that's why there is so much evil and suffering in this world. So the devil's greatest deception wasn't in convincing the world that he doesn't exist, as Christians claim, but in convincing the world that he was God. It's a mind blowing revelation that turns Christianity on its head. No wonder such texts were suppressed and destroyed, and the Gnostic sects persecuted and wiped out.

According to this forbidden Gnostic teaching, Jesus actually came to save the world from the God or demiurge of the Old Testament, and was also sent by a higher good God to help free humanity of the lower "bad God" that created the world of matter. After all, Jesus did tell the Pharisees who followed Old Testament law that they were "children of the devil". So this implies that there are levels of Gods or deities. And it also says that the Serpent Lucifer (which means bringer of light) in the Garden of Eden, was also sent by a higher good God to liberate mankind from the demiurge creator. So the Bible story has it all backwards due to the demiurge's deception.

To learn more about this, check out this Gnosticism site and free ebook:

Free ebook:

Statements of Gnosticism:

These doctrines do make a lot of sense and would explain a lot. But of course, it's very hard if not impossible to actually prove whether a theology like this is true or not. Such abstract concepts and ideas are neither provable or falsifiable. But they can make a lot of sense.
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