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Palestinians are the True Descendents of the Biblical Jews

Discuss religion and spirituality topics.

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Re: Palestinians are the True Descendents of the Biblical Je

Post by Jester » November 20th, 2014, 11:08 pm

MrMan wrote:About my last reply, I'm not sure which video it was. It was a lecture by a scientist on YouTube who was apparently Jewish to a Jewish audience. He said some of them may not be Jews according to the Talmud if the women those Jews from Rome married in various parts of Rome to start the community were Jewish, since that goes by the mother. That is, unless all of them converted. He thought that unlikely while the communities were first being formed. Apparently they can look for a male Semitic gene and a female Semitic gene.

Also, some of this stuff happened pretty early. If Jews went up to newly forming Frankish and other courts to work on financial and other issues, Medieval Roman Catholic views on Catholicism may not have been much of an issue. It took a while for Germanic tribes to convert and for Jewish ideals to set in. I don't know the timeline, but there were Frankish kings before Charlemagne and his initiative to take over and also to pressure rulers to convert, and then the cultural influences would have had to trickle down. Rome's influence took time to grow, too.
I think the Talmudic test for who is a Jew is probably misunderstood. Under the Patriarchs, and the Kingdom of Israel, the father's kid was the father's kid, even if born by a slavegirl (like Jacob having kids with Bilhah the Concubine). No doubt there. SO did the Talmud pervert the Law? Maybe not. A woman who comes to live in your tent, under your authority, is ipso facto going to be keeping the Law you have for your house. Essentially, a woman or slavegirl a Jew took was AUTOMATICALLY a convert, and therefore, "a Jewish mother". I suspect that what the Talmud is talking about is half-caste kids from sexual relations with "foreign" women -- illegitimate hookups, liaisons with prostitutes, etc. The Talmud was written down AFTER the dispersion of the Jews, they were living among foreign nations, PAGAN nations, and p***y was easy to come by for a wandering Jew with some "geld" in his pocket.
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Re: Palestinians are the True Descendents of the Biblical Je

Post by Moretorque » November 23rd, 2014, 3:59 am

ladislav wrote:CITI and all those are a different topic. I am not ' believing' anything here. I 'm quoting/ describing race and nationality laws and classifications of some 20 different countries. They are not obsolete- they exist now. That is how they classify Jews. Their governments and all. I am just giving you the facts. If you disagree, the phone is there and you can call them and convince them of your racial system. You may want to tell them about the razor's theory as well. See if they agree or become convinced.
I would need to pay closer attention to what you are writing and go back over it but what I do know is our rulers have been busy setting this debt system up world wide for the last few centuries and are censoring any history which does not jive with their narrative which is pretty much all of it.

I live in a college town and these historians are putting out some real garbage and this goes for Jewish history as well, I read somewhere some years ago a lot of large groups of people's for thousands of years have been claiming to be the real blood line of the God of the bible so what you say does not surprise me at all but I still believe proper and I mean proper DNA testing can clear this up and I am not referring to Zionist science either.
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