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Scary warning to me from a Christian

Discuss religion and spirituality topics.

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Scary warning to me from a Christian

Post by Winston » October 4th, 2007, 2:19 pm

I can't believe some people actually believe this..........

Subj: Re: [TheProving] My Debunking Christian Arguments article complete!
Date: 7/8/2004 9:24:10 AM Pacific Daylight Time

There is something you should know.

I know a former preacher who turned against God, he's been doing things you have been doing since then, trying to discredit the truth, and God.

He became possessed by several demons, they are either with him or never far from him even to this day. He lost his friends, job and even his family. He molested a 2 year old girl and did several years in prison for that. He's one of the most offensive people I know now. I will go miles out of my way to avoid him and at one time we were friends. Others who have known him for years say things about him that are true but not flattering. Most of them who will still speak to him also try to avoid him when they can.

His aura is like a black hole now. He sucks up spiritual energy and spiritual light around him like a black hole. Over his body there is a pitch black darkness with a light crust of light around his form. Then just beyond that it is black again for several feet around him. Some people get sick just being near him, I'm one of them. Others say they don't know what it is but when they are around this guy for a few minutes they also become sick and feel uneasy.

I wouldn't wish what happened to this man on anyone. There's action and reaction in the spiritual world as well. It's one thing for a person who was a satanist to accept the Lord of Light, but it's another thing when a person who had the Light looses it. That Light is the Holy Spirit of Christ, and keys to heaven. It is the thing that keeps the really bad spirits away. And when a person looses that spiritual light the darkness quickly fills that person.

This man I tell you about says strange things now that no normal human would even think of. He says the things demons say. He is now of the living dead and yet walks among us like a man. He sees exactly what he wishes to see. He says what ever is on his mind, no mater how offensive it may be to anyone around him.

Quite a lot of people who never had the spirit Light have set out to disprove and debunk the one true God only to discover the truth and find God instead. I've known homosexuals and even satanists who set out on a path literally to "hurt" God and ended up finding God instead.

I thought at first you would eventually find your way to the Light, but I didn't realize you had once been in the Light, if that's the case. I still pray you will find what you search for, what you need to find. But after the spirit of Light fully leaves a person I have never known it to return. There are some spirits the Holy Spirit will not abide with in the same host. As long as the darkness is there, the Light and the truth will not return. These things are considered the unforgivable sin. Sin meaning "separated from God." I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

You have a spirit of hate and resentment for God and the spirit that drives you knows who the Lord of Light really is. It wants to discredit and hurt God. But the only one who will be hurt is you and those who listen to you. For every person you may lead astray you will be held accountable for. This is why you need to be very certain what you are doing is the right thing. Would you hand poison to children and trust them to make the right decision?

No the Bible isn't without flaw. No the prophets were not perfect. You should see the list of flaws they had. Noah was a drunk. Samson was a drunk and a womanizer. David was an adulteress and a murder. Jonah was a coward. Moses, spoke with a stutter and lost his temper on several occasions. He even took credit for things that God did through him. Got himself in big trouble with God. Elijah was a frightening man to behold, he lived like a hermit in a shack and wore a garment made of camel hair. Nearly everyone knew the crazy old man and most people feared him because he had been know to blind people by just speaking the word or have them burned to a crisp by God's angels without a second thought. Then on one occasion he blinded an entire army, lead them to the King of Israel and then returned their sight. The King of Israel said "what shall we do with them, kill them?" But Elijah said "No, let us have a feast and feed them and then let them go their way."

Yes there's a lot of so called Christians headed for hell and they have no idea what their mistake was. You should not blame their God upon their own lack of understanding or their hard willed religious ways. Even God can't get into those churches, but you can bet the devil and his hoard are there. You see those "Christians" speak of the one true God with their mouths but their hearts are far from him. It is not God they actually worship but it is the god of their religion who is the devil. The same Satan who had Jesus crucified also in the name of God.

In order for you to find the truth you must lay down that spirit of hate and move yourself away from it. Avoid people who have these dark spirits in them. Avoid those like DR. H and others who have demons in them or controlling them. I know from experience the more you hang with those people the further they will drag you down into their hell with them.

You want to find the One True God you can find him even by pushing all the books of religion away from you and search nature and the spirits around us and within us to find the answers. It's there, I found it. I've seen it and I have an understanding for it. It's beautiful what the Creator has done here in this place we call Earth. Please don't let that demon pull you down with it like it did with this other man I mentioned. From that place there is no return.

I pray that God will show you the demon(s) who torment your mind and soul. Then you will know and understand what you are up against. Those powers and principalities in high places that human eyes can't see. But you can see what they do to people.

I once fought seven demons in spirit off of a young man in order to set him free of them so he could find the Light. It nearly cost me my life, but we accomplished our objective and the young man was set free of them. The only reason I was able to do that was because I had God on my side and because the young man asked me for help.

You know that spirits exist. You just don't know what they are ALL about. Before you run into the darkness and fall into a pit you should stop and reconsider what you are doing and what might be the results of your actions. It's spiritual physics. For every action there is a reaction. The physical gets its rules and laws from the spiritual world.

I won't bother you again with this, but you must make a choice. I pray you make the right one for your own sake and for the sake of anyone who might be mislead by what you are telling them.

Bryon Smith

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