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God designed every woman to submit

Discuss religion and spirituality topics.

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God designed every woman to submit

Postby Adama » Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:31 pm

Even without citing the numerous Bible verses, I am going to point out some facts about intercourse and reproduction.

The man enters the woman. The woman can't naturally enter the man.
The man deposits his fluids inside the woman. How gross would it be for another person to leave a snot ball deep inside another person? Which person is on the receiving end?
It is the woman's body which must incubate the next generation, not the man's.

During intercourse:
If the woman performs upon her husband, she must bend her knees.
If the position is missionary, the woman is completely dominated.
Yet when women are on top, they can't lie straight on top of a man and have intercourse. Even while on top, women must still bend their knees, and they do ALL of the work while on top.
Even sideways, a woman can't lie straight. She must bend her knees.
Standing. The woman must bend over. The man will stand straight up.

It is the woman who is designed to submit. Women must bend at the hip or at the knees during every position of intercourse that I can think of.
Look for women who automatically want to please you because it pleases them. Any woman who seeks to please her man is a treasure. Even better if you don't have to ask but rather suggest.
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Re: God designed every woman to submit

Postby Eric » Wed May 04, 2016 4:04 pm

That's why they must rebel against this. It's because in humanist thought, they are the rulers and are 'liberated' and can play God themselves. Nevermind that it's causing all kinds of mayhem and destruction.

Nor do men 'have' to dominate! It's a curse from God, by God!...... now we will all be like rebellious little children in the garden and try to play god. Even though, we know it leads to chaos... the human ego won't let it go.

Let them be stupid, Adama.
-"Virescit vulnere virtus"
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