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Is anyone else Superstitious?

Discuss religion and spirituality topics.

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Is anyone else Superstitious?

Post by Eric » August 30th, 2016, 4:28 am

I am and have always been. I don't care if someone doesn't like it, or makes fun of me. I feel this is natural and intrinsic to being human -
What I mean is. I listen to my intuition, dreams, my feelings. I've used to try to be over rational- skeptic and I guess you could say Western rationalism; not because I wanted to be, but because we were told we should be.
Does anyone else also have a penetrating, deep-thinking mind? I've always had it, and it's always felt like a liability/ but I know it's not. It's just underappreciated I sense, which is really, really sad.
I already know why this is, I could go into it how we were duped by the movers & societies masters into being over skeptical/rational beings - because it destroys the soul inside of the human, any sense of spirituality and really any sense of pure wisdom. I can guarantee you - and I've always known this - the people telling us these things, do not believe them themselves; they are lying to us.
I've always known this, if in my gut, ever since a small child. But the conditioning is so strong anyways that we don't listen to ourselves and go with the messages that we hear.
They want us to be all small cogs and pegs in a wheel, produce and industrialize, that's it. To them we are nothing else.

I've read a lot into the occult (hidden) of Religion, ancient wisdom and knowledge; and I feel it HAS been fruitful in ways that I'm still trying to understand.

Anyway, I had a dream this morning, or an intuition - that I should try less hard, with masculinity - that our feminine and masculine natures - especially the masculine nature; doesn't need anything else.... along with it. It already is, and tampering with these delicate energies in any way will throw them off, distort them and cause problems.
I've noticed that many times in my life I've ruined or may have ruined things because of it. Didn't recognize situations that were in front of me, etc. I may have acted stupidly - thinking I was brave or brash, or arrogant - and that was the way to be.
They teach this is the way to be in the West, in America. I can't be sure why, either. It has to be bad - to destroy things. Out of all this alpha masculine behavior - I can't see one thing good that comes from it. Even these guys are less successful with women, in their own ways. They don't want us to come together an naturally be in love. It is easy, it just happens.
They've created this f***ed up scenario in the West where the man's hyped masculine behavior - the female somehow "likes" it because she's ultra sexed, and taught that she needs to be independent and a masculinized sex god herself. It's bizarre - and not natural, but it works in a f***ed up sort of way.
It's a really unique and f***ed up situation. It's all about hooking up - nothing else fertile can come from that ground, though.

I also know this, I've been learning a lot from the ancient Jewish religion & knowledge. I don't care what people think about them - they have the most real knowledge and learning of anyone - the most eclectic and true and useful stuff. I know they're the ones responsible for all the chaos and destruction in the world; but even more reason to trust that they know these things, they know the knowledge and secrets. There is an article from Chabad, which talks about the nature of reality, the absurd and the reasonable, this is just an example...but it talks about that the absurd in the universe greatly outnumbers the reasonable - that's why philosophy fails, sucks and why mathematical axioms exist before corollaries, etc.
That they've put it that "light" or this Spirit from the Universe, that is contained in vessels. Words are a vessel for what we experience, etc., just as a cell is a vessel for the material inside it. It makes sense to me.
I know that ALL begins and ends in the mind.
I know that there are truths in the Universe that are axiomatic.
I know that we must guard and shape ourselves and our hearts & minds...because out of this we create the universe and the Universe creates us in a reflective way.
Know yourself and you will know the world.
Looking outside at the world for yourself, you will only find a projection - of yourself. This is true. The Egyptians taught this.

Know yourself, live in yourself. You are the focal point for everything. You are NOT God, but you are the prism through which all God manifests.

What do you think?
Misery and happiness are only states of mind.

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Re: Is anyone else Superstitious?

Post by Moretorque » August 30th, 2016, 11:31 am

Gee, why don't you just write a book there......
Time to Hide!

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