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The Judaist Problem

Discuss religion and spirituality topics.

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Contrarian Expatriate
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Re: The Judaist Problem

Post by Contrarian Expatriate » October 14th, 2017, 3:30 am

gsjackson wrote:
Contrarian Expatriate wrote:
gsjackson wrote:Yeah, there's no significant Jewish influence on Trump. Today he's unilaterally de-certifying the nuclear agreement with Iran and probably will declare the Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organization, something no sane person has or would recommend he do. This has the potential to be extraordinarily de-stabilizing to the world order, but the Jews want it so that's the end of the story. Now let's hear the spin on it from somebody who doesn't know what the f*ck he's talking about.
One thing we can count on when concepts are too difficult to comprehend or require a modicum of sophisticated knowledge, a certain category of individual will often just conveniently blame "Da Juuze," or some other omnipotent force in the mind of such an individual.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is arguably the most powerful Jew in the country. He supports keeping the Iran deal in place so there goes your "It's the Jews" theory right out of the window. Moreover, the American Jewish Reform movement want Trump to keep the deal in place: ... ent-507362

Feminists are also legendary for their stupidity and simple-mindedness. They have their own omnipotent force that they blame on everything, they call it "The Patriarchy!" Just as our resident idiots can constantly blame everything they don't adequately understand on "Da JUUZE," so can feminists blame their nebulous bogey.

What it all comes down to is stupid people need quick and convenient scapegoats to explain things that rise above their capacity. Some examples of scapegoats are:

The Illuminati
The Patriarchy
The Trilateral Commission
The Bilderbergers
The Bankers and Wall Street

Most of these scapegoats further conspiracy theories of small-minded people like yourself. ... y_theories

Different idiots use different scapegoats and conspiracy theories to cloak their stupidity. For some reason, you have unhealthily fixated on Jews.

A discussion of Scapegoating Theory is available on this (easy to read) Wikipedia page:

I would have provided more scholarly links than Wikipedia, but I wanted to ensure you were able to understand most of the material.
You have one obvious point to make in this thread and you've made it about half a dozen times -- not all Jews believe the same things, so no generalizations about them are possible. Then there's your usual juvenile ad hominem attacks that get really tiresome. Your little point is not worth making more than once because it precludes discussion. Some people are comfortable making such generalizations, you are not.

There is a very substantial discourse going on about the neocon (neocons = Jews) influence on Trump, with which you are completely unfamiliar. When I listed the various subversive ideas propagated by Jews (to which you never responded) I left out concepts such as neoconservatism and neoliberalism that require more than a passing understanding of American politics. I didn't want things to get too murky for you as you struggle to grasp the concepts.

You don't know how to debate. You simply call people names and dress it up with dime store psychology. Every time you do it you play right into the hands of racists such as Cornfed, and also Thomas Jefferson, who noted of blacks that they are capable of grand flights of oratory but not of rational thought or discourse. Then after your words that satisfy you so much, you strut around like the pigeon that thinks it has won a chess game by knocking over the pieces and shitting on the board.
"You can lead an utterly dehydrated horse to water, but you can't make him drink."

I think it might be best for you go ahead and keep believing in your "sinister Jewish conspiracy theory" since it obviously serves as some form of mental crutch for you.

By the way, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheyney, and Condi Rice were neo-conservatives so I guess your "neocon=Jewish" theory makes them JUUZE too, huh?

You're out of your league. Do yourself a favor and stick to the shallow end.....

You remind me of a character, Oswald Bates who, like you, really did think he was bright :lol:

Winston, is there a way to change gsjackson's username to Oswald Bates? It would be soooo fitting.

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Re: The Judaist Problem

Post by gsjackson » October 14th, 2017, 7:14 am

Oh, you're going to tell me who the neocons are after a trip to Wickipedia. Aren't you clever. Well, since I wrote the article on neocon journalists for the Encyclopedia of American Journalism 12 years ago, since I worked for neocons at the Heritage Foundation when you were a dumb ass private in the Army, since I have met several of the prominent neocons and have read pretty much all any of them have written, I really don't need you to tell me who they are. Talk about out of your league.

Old one-trick pony -- avoid any substantive argument and purport to analyze the psychological deficiencies of your interlocutors. No Droid, he apparently isn't better than that. I always figured OK when he served it up to Cornfed because Corny deserved it for sizing him up strictly according to his race, but it looks like that's all he's got. For some reason he's on this thread to virtue signal, and I really don't know whom on this forum he's signalling. Fschmidt? He hates your guts, like he hates everybody's.

Go ahead, CE, have the last pompous blast. I won't read it. I'm done having discussions with idiots.

Contrarian Expatriate
Veteran Poster
Posts: 2708
Joined: December 3rd, 2009, 6:57 am

Re: The Judaist Problem

Post by Contrarian Expatriate » October 14th, 2017, 10:51 am

gsjackson wrote: Go ahead, CE, have the last pompous blast. I won't read it. I'm done having discussions with idiots.
No need for the hurt feelings. Maybe I should have described things with your syntax and diction:

[gsjackson speak/on]Your reticulated retort purports to bombast testicular usurpation. Talk about serendipitous constipation all you want, but it just shows your intestinal forces are not all that you decry them so much as the Jews are concerned.[gsjackson speak/off].

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste, unless of course, one never really had a mind in the first place." - Oswald "gsjackson" Bates

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