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Response to me about Creationism and Intelligent Design

Discuss religion and spirituality topics.

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Response to me about Creationism and Intelligent Design

Postby Winston » April 27th, 2008, 5:07 am

I really love your website, but have a couple points to make regarding your "Creationism" section.

Quote by you: "I will say that I do not argue against the evidence of intelligent design in the universe. I am one of those with the middle position that Evolution did happen, but that a cosmic life force had something to do with it. After all, no Atheist or scientific materialist has ever been able to answer the question of how something could come from nothing, or why anything even exists at all."

Please the following response to this.

We humans intelligently design and create, therefore we assume that we also must have been designed and created by an intelligent designer. However, symptoms such as diseases, viruses, bacteria, aging, physical ailments, mental disorders, and common birth defects don’t point to any type of intelligent design. Natural catastrophes that occur on a regular basis that destroy life indiscriminately do not point to any type of intelligent design. You can look into the cosmos and find unintelligent design aspects to it such as black holes, supernovas, white dwarfs, red giants, meteors, etc. The intelligent design argument is really feeble as it assumes a flawless creation.<SPAN> Believing that there is this Intelligent Designer actually diminishes the amazement of the universe by suggesting that god just did it, rather than by way of a complicated, intricate process that science is continually learning and explaining. Believing that this "cosmic force" just did it doesn’t explain any of the complexity we see before us; it only transfers the burden of one unknown to an even larger unknown.

Attributing an "intelligent designer" or "cosmic force" as the source every time something can’t be explained from a natural perspective is illogical. That’s the same mentality that was used several thousand years ago to justify the existence of multiple gods when our understanding of the universe and nature were limited. The flaw in this logic is that you must then ask yourself who created this intelligent designer then, and so on, infinitely regressing. If you can conveniently just assume that this intelligent designer has always existed and doesn’t need a creator, then you can just as easily assume that the formation of the universe didn’t need a creator either. Science may or may not ever be able to unravel all the mysteries in the universe or adequately explain the singular event in time that caused this chain reaction to occur, but we should not compromise our intelligence and default to an intelligent designer as being responsible. You are still required to prove this intelligent designer's existence, not just insert him into the gaps of what cannot be understood at this moment in time, and call that proof.

In addition, the following 2-concepts often get confused with each other. Abiogenesis is the study of the origin of first life, and Evolution describes the gradual changes in species from simple beginnings over time. Science never states that life just came from nothing, but rather that the formation of the first life originated from non-living matter. And Natural Selection, which is the driving mechanism behind Evolution, is the exact opposite of chance. Chance only plays a role in the form of gene mutations, but from there, the possessors of those gene mutations that are suited to the environment will have greater reproductive success, and the possessors of those inferior gene variations that are not favorable to the environment will gradually be eliminated until eventual extinction. So we are not here by chance; we have successfully evolved to this point through Natural Selection, which is a cumulative process of slow gradual degrees from simple beginnings.

Thanks for your time."
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