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Re: - Is this for real or a scam?

Postby xtravel » Sun Jul 24, 2016 12:05 pm

Winston wrote:Check this out:

Can you really meet hot girls that want to travel with you, just like that? I should have thought of a site like that.

How did they get so many attractive girls to join it? Are they expecting that you will pay all their expenses? The site doesn't say much.

It was my searching for references to travelgirls that brought me to Winston's post and thus HA. Now that I've decided to stop lurking, I think it is appropriate to answer Winston's experiences.

I'm male, in my mid 50s. Last year while in Bangkok doing research on the nightlife, ads showed up on the websites. Intrigued and desiring a distraction from personal problems (namely a marriage going south) I joined as a non-paying member. lets you browse profiles of other members if you join, even as a non-paying member. You don't get to send messages to other members unless you pay; and the fees are high.

Profiles include photos, both those generally available to all members, and private photos that the owner can share with specific members.

Within minutes of joining, I was getting notices that random beautiful women were sharing their private photos with me.

And these were very explicit.

So I paid for a membership for a few months to satisfy my curiosity and continue the distraction. In conversations with the women sharing their nudes, it was clear that despite travelgirls' ToS prohibiting prostitution, it was clear these girls were "escorts" and one lady even explicitly said so. And the rates were breath taking: in addition to travel costs, many wanted 1000 Euros a day!

Most of women on travelgirls are not prostitutes, but most are non subtle gold diggers. The gold diggers and escorts mostly come from the former Soviet Union and they are the most aggressive in pursing men whom they believe to have plenty of disposable income. Of the remaining profiles, most are pure fakes, and not very good ones. They are obviously photos of professional models who are probably unaware their photos are being used, and doing a google image search confirms that. I say they are not very good fakes, because travelgirls tells you when was the last time a member logged into the site, and most of the most beautiful women haven't visited in weeks.

What's left after the escorts, gold diggers, and gold diggers are:
- feminists who want a man to pay the cost to travel together with pretty much no chance of intimacy on the trip. I.e. precisely the type that most men who come to HA wish to avoid
- fun women interested in travel, some romps in bed, and no strings attached. These tend to be western women, socialites happy to live off affluent men for their own recreation, and apparently happy to provide GFE on holidays.
- women looking for a romantic, serious relationship. Of these, most women are extremely poor from extremely poor countries, and are burdened with obligations, and are often single mothers. It was obvious to me involvement in such women

While a paid member on I did run across one gem. She was from Myanmar, a business owner, wary of getting into a relationship with men of her own culture (because in her observances and experience they tended to be unfaithful, abusive, and/or inattentive) and seeking a serious relationship. As I did with anyone else I met on travelgirls, I told her I was married. We became friends, and chatted over text fairly often. Because of my marriage we never pursued a romantic relationship until I filed for divorce, a decision which had nothing to do with an online friendship and everything to do with being taken for granted by my then wife and differences in opinions about other things. I will discuss how things went with this Myanmar lady in another forum.

Interestingly, my lady from Myanmar told me that most of the men she met on travelgirls were not interested in sex or romance with her but in scamming her for money. Other women on travelgirls said the same thing, and many (even the gold diggers and some of the escorts) insisted that any man they met would have to visit their home city first before they would consider going on a trip with the man.

At any rate, seeing only one decent contact out of hundreds, I concluded wasn't worth the money, and stopped paying for the service after 2 or 3 months. From what I've read at HA, there are better places to meet women online, presumably places with fewer predators (male or female).
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Re: - Is this for real or a scam?

Postby starchild5 » Mon Jul 25, 2016 2:57 am

Its a scam site from Eastern Europe...The founders are Russians scammers running this site from Estonia, they have been charged with unlawful activities many times.

90% of the women are fake. Much better site is misstravel...atleast women are not fake there..Its an American site, the trust worth is high compared to russian fake scam sites travelgirls.
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Re: - Is this for real or a scam?

Postby xtravel » Mon Jul 25, 2016 7:26 am

> Its a scam site

I respect your opinion. I concur that 90% are fake, either unmonitored profiles to provide eye candy, or not the actual women since some women refused to do a video call, despite the advice of the site administrators.

FWIW, the site administrators were responsive, and when I discontinued the service, it was easy to do so. As opposed to trying to terminate a service with USA phone, cable, or satellite company.

I think the service was over priced, but I enjoyed my time there, and I did meet my girl friend, whose company I thoroughly enjoy.
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