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Vector Marketing - A scam for your soul

Expose or warn others about scams and scammers, or shady business practices. Expose those that have cheated you or ripped you off. Caution: Before naming specific individuals or groups, make sure that they really wronged you and that there was no misunderstanding. Otherwise your post may constitute slander or libel if it contains false information.

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Re: Vector Marketing - A scam for your soul

Post by Jester » April 16th, 2015, 7:50 pm

HenryGeorge wrote:This video sums up the cult of having to be fake and positive in America or else...
GREAT video. I urge folks to watch it if
(1) You believe in positive thinking or the Law of Attraction
(2) You believe in Murphy's Law (Winston)
(3) You are a scoffer when it comes to the downfall of the USSA
(4) You are a Republican
(5) You are a Socialist
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Re: Vector Marketing - A scam for your soul

Post by onethousandknives » April 17th, 2015, 7:19 pm

MLMs are weird. Almost like the kind of thing they tell you you'll get scammed by in a third world country. It's one of those things where "Everyone knows..." it's a scam, but somehow they're still allowed to exist, nobody ever really warns you about it, etc, and people get sucked in. And strangely, some of the people are even fairly smart people. My friend's dad was a CEO of a small company and Columbia grad but still got sucked into the Primerica scam by the guy's motivational speeches and whatnot. I almost did, too, one guy just started talking to me at Walmart and me being somewhat outgoing actually don't hate talking to strangers, and told me about a job with a vague sounding title, and gave me a phone number and the address. I looked the address up in Google, and sure enough, Primerica. Didn't even go to the intro thing, just when he called said "Ah, I looked up the company and I don't believe it's something I wish to be involved in" or something to that effect, but the week emotional high from getting a potential job and having it turn out to be a scam made me sad.

Now I'm self employed as a contractor/handyman and it's hard as money is more sporadic, but you don't have to scam people.

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Re: Vector Marketing - A scam for your soul

Post by Winston » April 22nd, 2015, 6:28 pm

All of you should attend an MLM meeting at least once in your life. It will be a great learning experience for you and show you the epitome in how brainwashing cults operate. Heck you will be very tempted to join once you attend the meeting. The enthusiasm at the meetings, though fake, is very compelling and tempting, and preys on all your emotions. They usually have highly motivating speakers at those meetings that can even fool the most intelligent person. Also the group pressure is strong too, and will cause you to feel tempted to give in to group pressure. Both the enthusiasm of the MLM speaker/presenter, and that of the group, combine to create a very POWERFUL brainwashing force that will highly tempt you to join.

Believe me, I've been to them and was almost had by them several times.
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