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Professional employment opportunities in Taiwan

Discuss working and making a living overseas, starting a business, or studying abroad.

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Professional employment opportunities in Taiwan

Post by momopi » September 18th, 2007, 5:21 am

Recently Taiwan's government affiliated MOEA ran a job recruiting event on 8/26/2007 at Hilton Hotel in San Gabriel, CA. I apologize for posting this info a bit late, but I'm pretty sure they'll be back next year.

From MOEA web page: ... e_no=07_02

2007 Taiwan Overseas High-Tech Talent Recruiting Mission
MOEA embarks on a mission to promote HiRecruit

Taipei: Official statistics show that Taiwan will have a shortage of between 50,000 and 100,000 experts and professionals from now till 2009. A lump of the shortage comes from the island’s science and industrial parks, accumulating to around 10,000. Among them, about 5,800 vacancies are for electrical engineers, while 3,000 are for mechanical engineers.

Taiwan’s cutting edge high-tech industries are now in active pursuit of experienced foreign talents with high tech capability and engineering innovation to work closely with them in their transition to the next level of technological development.

A number of Taiwan’s leading companies, such as Acer, TSMC, Advantech, Chimei Optoelectronics, Franz, Giant, Jade Yacht, and others in different industrial fields, have also employed foreign talents in order to boost their product design and technology, and successfully expand to the global markets.

TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council) has been entrusted by the Department of Investment Services, under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), to actively promote HiRecruit Services, with the goal to attract foreign professionals around the world to work in the different emerging industrial sectors of Taiwan.

With over 45 branch offices established in major cities around the globe, TAITRA is on the fast track to promote HiRecruit Services both domestically and internationally. HiRecruit is an effective two-way job matching system that connects professional foreign talents with Taiwan’s dynamic enterprises from the industrial and research sectors. It offers free membership registration, an instant access to the latest job vacancies, regular e-newsletters, and other useful information.

The Executive Yuan of the Republic of China is organizing a 12-day Overseas Recruitment Mission, from the 6th to the 18th of September, to five different cities in the US and Canada, namely Santa Clara (CA, USA), Los Angeles (CA, USA), Houston (TX, USA), Washington D.C. (D.C., USA), and Toronto (ON, Canada).

The delegation, which comprises some of Taiwan’s leading enterprises and several government bodies, will conduct HiRecruit seminars, press conferences and, one-on-one interviews with participating foreign professionals seeking job opportunities in Taiwan.

TAITRA is inviting about 30 companies, academia and research institutions to present candidates with different job opportunities that are currently available. Although the Mission aims to target high tech industries, particularly science and research, semiconductors, WiMAX, bioengineering/biotechnology, ICT, and digital content, enterprises representing other industries are welcome to join the events.

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Post by momopi » September 18th, 2007, 5:28 am

If you missed the recruitment events, don't worry -- they have job listings right here: (note: I saw about 310 job listings, not all are engineering jobs. I saw some oversea sales rep positions, network admin, health care, etc.)

Chinese version:

Japanese version:

You need to register and login before you can browse the job listings.


If you're wondering what the pay scale in TW for engineer is, here's some data from a global pay for EE (Electrical Engineer) comparison, compiled from someone from another board: ... -engineer/

Some information regarding global pay for a electrical engineer educated in US with a PhD, no work experience. This information is collected by myself based on the salary offered to some of my friends and me. Salary is based on USD using the most recent available currency exchange rate

South Korea: 6K/month 13 month/year + 50k stock bonus + year end performance bonus (depends on the stock price of course, probably less now since market went down in South Korea as well)

Taiwan: 1.4K/month 13 month/year + 6 month bonus + 140K stock bonus

Japan: 6k/month 13 month/year + 4 month bonus + 5 month bonus if the company is doing well + transportation cost (subway, bullet train, etc) + housing cost for married engineer. (Single engineers live free in company housing) + living expense adjustment for Tokyo area. Life time employment contract

Switzerland: 130K USD + relocation bonus + year end bonus based on company performance

Washington DC: 150K USD (military)

Texas: 92K USD + 20K stock option over 5 years + quarterly stock purchase plan (75% of the lowest market value in the previous quarter)

San Jose: 140K USD + 20K stock option over 5 years + quarterly stock purchase plan (80% of the lowest market value in the previous quarter)

Orange County: 120K USD + 15K stock option

LA 1: 110K USD + pension plan (military)

LA2: 120K USD + 60k stock option over 7 years (commercial)

It is interesting to note Asian tax rate is significantly lower than US at about 15% overall and capital is either not taxed at all or at 10%.


Analysis from one poster:

One more thing, it is important to note the difference between stock bonus and stock option

Stock bonus is offered at face value of the stock, Usually one NT$ or Korean Wan a share, so 140K stock bonus is essentially 140K in cash if one turns around and sells the stock in the open market.

Stock option is usually offered at the open market stock price at the time of the hire. One takes the difference between the option price and actual market price at time of the exercises. This number is usually significantly less than the amount offered since very rarely the stock will double in price in such a short time. In addition, it is possible to end up with worthless options if the market price goes below option price.

With this in mind, Taiwan actually offers the highest salary since the stock bonus is 140K. One also has to consider the low living cost. Incidentally, while most of my friends in this country tend to marry MDs/bankers, (the ones that are really smart, but not necessary known for their collective beauty), my friends in Taiwan usually marry model/flight attendant (sort of like the Wall St. folks in this country).


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Re: Professional employment job opportunities in Taiwan

Post by vietnamhr9 » October 17th, 2014, 9:48 am

Thanks your posting! In my opinion, Taiwan is a potential job market with high salary.
I am Cuc Nguyen and working in Vietnam Manpower JSC. Our company has supplied so many workers to Taiwan and has gotten positive ideas. I feel so happy about that and also hope that our company can co-operate with many recruitment partners.
Vietnam Manpower JSC is one of the most professional manpower supply agencies in Vietnam. Our company has been serving the diverse human capital needs of our clients for many years. We provides large number of Vietnam highly qualified and skilled workers for various fields such as Masons, Plasterers, Tilers, Welders, Drivers, Electricians, Plumbers,…which helps to match the specific needs of our clients with the requisite expertise required for every position.
Please visit to know further information.
Ms. Cuc Nguyen | Oversea Marketing Officer
Vietnam Manpower Service and Trading Joint Stock Company;
Trade Office: Third Floor, My Dinh Plaza, 138 Tran Binh Street, South Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (84) 4 7303 3699 Fax: (84) 4 7303 0333 Mobile: (84) 84 95 94 116
Email: Skype ID: vietnamhr9

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