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Making (decent) money while in São Paulo, Brazil? Please rea

Discuss working and making a living overseas, starting a business, or studying abroad.

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Making (decent) money while in São Paulo, Brazil? Please rea

Postby jworld34 » Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:32 pm

Hello all,

Quick overview, I'm 21 and will be marrying my girlfriend in a few months in Brazil. I'm an American, in the midst of earning my college degree. I'll be going to SP to live with my girlfriend while she finishes her degree, and I'll then come back and finish mine.

However, I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to make some money there? We'll be living with her family, so I'll just need to pay for my own living expenses, which won't be much. I'm open to jobs including those that need me to speak Portuguese. Please, I'm only looking for suggestions as to how to make somewhat decent money there, not necessarily that I need $ before going there. I'll be going with enough capital to start off with, but eventually will need something to pay my expenses, whether it be working at the mall, or doing something online.

I know teaching English is an option, something I am already looking it. However, it's not something I'd like to do, as the pay is low and mostly difficult to find legit jobs. So anything regarding legit jobs that don't pay great, but something that will do just paying for my own food and the like.

Any and all suggestions on work is appreciated.

Thanks so much,
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Postby djfourmoney » Thu Oct 11, 2012 8:03 am

How about talking about how you met your fiance and your lives in Brazil via a Blog?

You can monetize it. You can also put up videos on You Tube where if you get enough subscribers you can make money with ads on your channel.

You could also do a podcast talking about life in Brazil, answer questions about living there, what challenges you faced, etc, etc, etc/

You'll need to promote the stuffing out of it however but there plenty of websites that will help you with that.
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Postby xiongmao » Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:14 pm

Skill up and go and work in the oil or mining industry. Blogging is for chumps. Who's made money from blogging? Winston's still living in his parent's house.
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Postby zacb » Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:38 pm

Sell digital products about something you know, such as foriegn dating, or a specific type of dating, such as Brazilian or such. That is currently what I am working on (making a website and selling products). Or try affiliate marketing if you are not up to the task of creating a product. There is also liveperson, fiverr, and elance and similar sites you can leverage your skills. I hope this helps. Best of luck !
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