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Now back and lost?

Discuss working and making a living overseas, starting a business, or studying abroad.

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Now back and lost?

Post by kingja200 » November 25th, 2017, 7:53 pm

Hello everyone. I am a 21 year old male from NYC. No college degree. I posted before and you guys gave me the courage to just get a TEFL and get out into the world and try no matter what. Anyway, I just got back from Vietnam. I lasted about 6 weeks. It was the best experience of my whole life. I was so miserable in America. I had literally nothing!! Never kissed a girl. Had only 1-2 friends if you even call them that, and was just super super lonely. I was a bum! My social life and dating life went from negative a million to positive infiniti. I got a very serious girlfriend within a week of being in Vietnam. We still communicate a lot and are taking our relationship seriously. Everyday was like a scene out of a hollywood movie. Extremely difficult to explain. It was insane in a positive way. I was a f******* rockstar over there. The women viewed me as a god. On tinder 50 percent of the women would match with me unlike in America. I swear I could swipe a thousand times without getting 1 match. Whenever I walked into restaurants literally every single woman my age would be staring at me, flirting with me, and blushing. I did get many job offers, but I had one major problem. I was sick almost every single day. Vietnam has some of the worst food in my life in my opinion. It is just not clean and really does not taste too good. I used bottled water only, no ice, and really watched everything. No matter where I ate, I would get sick. I tried Burger King and even very nice restaurants, I still got sick. I would have fever a few times a week, would vomit a lot, and everyday all day I had stomach pain. If I did not eat for a day, My stomach pain went away. The food in this country was the worst I ever had I am sorry.... Overall the country just not ended up being for me. Other than the young people...These people for the most part were very unfriendly and rude. I just did not like the people. Also it is just way too undeveloped for me. The reasons I left were mainly because of the food problem and the undevelopedness. I traveled all over the country and other than a couple districts in Saigon the whole country is just so damn dirty and poor. It was extremely hard to find supermarkets and pharmacies are somehwhat hard to come by. I can't explain it. It is just very inconvenient to live there. Most of the restaurants and bathrooms had no soap or paper towels or toilet paper. Overall it was way too undeveloped for me to teach there and the food was a big issue. I am not picky I eat anything in America... Duck Eel..ect.. I constantly got sick and had pain from food in Vietnam. Anyway...I am back in the US and kind of lost. I am having serious reverse culture shock and want to go back abroad ASAP. I really notice how sick, COMPLETELY MENTAL, and fake and fat the people are now. I do not fit into this culture at all. Even with all of problems I have in Vietnam if I was able to tolerate the food I would go back there. China is an option but I will have to do visa runs apparently every 60 days and I am very nervous I cannot eat the food there as well. My uncle offered me a job to work with him in the city for 2k a month but around 50 hours of work a week. Minimum wage basically and a horrible shitty life taking the train and it is so cold and depressing here in NY. My final option is to go down to Sarasota Florida and live with my grandparents. I will have free food and free living basically. I was thinking finish up an associates (I did go to college for a year) or maybe a bachelors and working part time there or just no college and get some job down there maybe a bank teller or something and see where it takes me in life. If I do the college route teaching English in Korea and Japan open up to me and even Taiwan would be much easier. But... Can I eat the food in Korea Japan or Taiwan...? Maybe my stomach cannot handle Asia? I am very lost and stressed out. If I had lots of money I would be chilling abroad and would not even know how to spell America... I just want to be happy in life and have as little stress as possible and not be a slave to work. I really like that teaching is only around 20 hrs a week. Also random fact I can read write and speak Spanish near fluently.. I heard Spain and Argentina would be very difficult for me because the visa situation for Spain and getting a job in Argentina would be very difficult in my situation and the pay is not like Asia.. I literally have no clue what to do with my life....But know I LOVE LIVING OUTSIDE OF USA....

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