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Ways to make online without a website

Discuss working and making a living overseas, starting a business, or studying abroad.

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Ways to make online without a website

Post by Winston » September 20th, 2008, 9:01 am

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Do you really Want to Make Money Online?

Make money online without having any website!

Everyday, there are hundreds of people asking obsolete questions about how to make money online in major webmaster and moneymaking forums like Scriptlance, Warriorforum, and Sitepoint. Whether these people are really wanted to learn or just having some fun,reading this article could motivate you in selecting the best options to start your online moneymaking career.

A lot of local friends asking me to teach them how to make money online the way I am doing but the problem is, they don’t have such dedication and time to sacrifice at the beginning. Starting an online moneymaking business is really time consuming especially if the concern is just an average internet user. I myself wasted a lot of time before reaching just 50% of my final target, and not many people wanted to waste time the way I did.

Let’s start over!
For newbies, I am not recommending adsense. Simply because it is a long-term activity that involves a lot of hard work in promotion. People who just started doing online business are always impatient and when they don’t see good result after couple of months of working, they just give up and try another method. This is the main reason why majority fails and only few are successful.

Making money with adsense cannot be done overnight. You need to have at least 6 months of working hard before having fair result. Slowly but surely - this how adsense work.

There’s a lot of advertisements and offers everywhere like online surveys, paid shopping, online investments, and others but 90% of these programs are just misleading advertisements that wanted to take your hard earned penny.Don’t believe on this offers because non of them are free.

For newbies like you, having your own website is not recommended as a start-up activity. I am going to recommend several ways on how to earn online without running any website. Work for others first while learning things and when you have some knowledge later on, you can open your own site. This is to avoid wasting time and money.

Offer real service and earn real money. This is really beneficial and easy to do. Offer services at freelance sites like or There’s a large selection of services you might wanted to try but I am going to enumerate only those easy things to do and with high demand.

* Copywriting and Copyediting. This needs a little skill in writing but I still believe many of you can do this.

* Data Entry. Includes forum posting, article submissions, blog commenting, ads submissions. Easy to do. This is different from those ads you found outside freelance sites.

* Graphic Design. If you love creating graphics and beautiful images, this job is for you.

* Link Building. A very simple job that even a 10 year old child can do. This is the process of listing or submitting your customer’s website to online directories.

* Photography Includes photo editing, photo retouching, and other services that includes photos.

* Research. A lot of people needed someone to conduct some research for them.

* Telemarketing. Requires a small experience in customer service but many of these jobs requires just email marketing and some lead generation jobs.

* Translation. Don’t tell me you don’t know any language. If you can speak your own language and can read and understand this article, then you can translate.

* Web Programming. if you are good in programming but don’t know how to start, this is your time.

The above lists is just a part of dozens of available freelance jobs waiting for you at Getafreelancer and Scriptlance. Don’t waste your time trying some come and go programs. Make your own career in online moneymaking and don’t wait for tomorrow… Start today!

Get custom programming done at!

Find freelance programmers at - Search worldwide

If you want to work with other freelance sites, just visit out Lists of Freelance Sites

Good luck to you and to your online moneymaking career.

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