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Introduce yourself here and let us know who you are.

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Postby eurobrat » August 25th, 2011, 11:30 am

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Re: Seeking advice and new member recognition

Postby Rock » August 25th, 2011, 11:59 am

tonyjohnston wrote:Hey Dudes,

First a quick briefing about me. I make around 75K-100K a year, am of good looking Italian origin, 5'9" and thin. I am very presentable, I dress well, have a college degree, a condo, a paid off truck etc.

Now I am going to try and keep my story brief and to the point. I am originally from Southern California but relocated last year to Kansas City (Yes i know, listen to my story). I was dating a girl long distance for 2 years (flew her out many times to LA, and flew out here to see her) and she egged me on to move out here and be closer to her. Well as soon as I got out here she dumped me and just altogether stopped talking to me wouldn't answer my calls, texts or emails. I still can't figure out what the hell happened and I'm really pissed at her for doing this to me, I changed my life for this girl and dropped my career I had in California for her.

So yes, that was the last bad relationship I ever want to have with an American woman or any woman in my lifetime. Luckily I am still young (25 years old) and got it out of the way. I did purchase a nice foreclosure out here for really cheap and it's very rentable and I stand to make $200/month just on renting it out. I did this just to make myself feel better for having packed up my life in California to move to this wasteland they call the midwest. I have dated a little more out here, but nothing. I have kind of become afraid of American Women.

The last girl I was seeing (working woman, good looking, 32 years old from a small town in Kansas) came over to my place, drank an entire fifth of my Kettle One vodka that takes me 3 months to get through and she polished off the bottle proudly within one hour! I made sexual advances on her and she then proceeded to wrestle me, least to say I won and she had her clothes off and was in my bed ready with her legs spread demanding it. She woke up the next morning had coffee and left, after I shut the door I said to myself WTF was that? Needless to say I found out she was screwing 3 other guys the same time as me, so I stopped seeing her plus there were other issues.

I DONT GET IT. Why on god's earth is it so hard to date or have a steady girlfriend in this country? Let alone get married anymore. And don't tell me it's money which is every guys copout, I know multi-millionaires in California who have had their wives divorce them. I have tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING to find a good girl in this country and Gen Y women are far worse then even Gen X or Boomer cougars.

The other good news in my life is, I just got EU citizenship this year (Italy)! I applied 3 years ago with my mom and we both just got it earlier this year.

Now I ask the expat's, where can I go to have the most success with women?

Read the forum archives buddy. Answers to your question (whether you mean, sex, dating, or a monogamous relationship) are expounded on in length from the perspective of many expats in various parts of the world. It will be very much in your favor if you can maintain that income while you are traveling/re-locating (is it from online businesses?) or at least have an open door waiting to same job if and when you return. Read-up and good-luck.
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Re: Seeking advice and new member recognition

Postby odbo » August 25th, 2011, 12:03 pm

tonyjohnston wrote:Now I ask the expat's, where can I go to have the most success with women?

Yuppie-ville! You'll feel right at home. :twisted:
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Postby eurobrat » August 25th, 2011, 1:58 pm

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Re: Seeking advice and new member recognition

Postby eurobrat » August 25th, 2011, 1:59 pm

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Postby have2fly » August 29th, 2011, 2:12 am

I wasn't born in the U.S. and I can't figure it out as well. U.S. is totally screwed up with personal life. Girls are light-headed and don't even know what makes them happy or what the hell they even want in life. Again, if it was money, I would get it. Many girls in Europe just look for decent guy with money to support a family - I understand that (not talking about gold-diggers here), it is logical because there are many broke-ass guys. Now there lots of rich guys here in the U.S., but girls pick losers - white trash, hilly-billys, guys with drug and alcohol problems etc. That's total and complete madness!

If you want advice - what would you like to do? Do you consider relocation to Europe for a lifetime? I would say it would be the best thing you can ever do in your situation! Especially with your online income and money you will have from selling your truck - it will enough to get by in Europe, especially Eastern Europe. Italy is good too of course, but a bit more expensive compared to East. Also Eastern Europe will have the best looking girls with much fewer demands.
Oh yes, my friend just came from Russia. He showed me a picture of him dancing in the nightclub, he was THE ONLY GUY dancing there! Ratio in the club was 80% girls and 20% guys. But even those guys did not care about the girls, they were drinking beer at the bar and girls tried to hit on them all night, but guys just didn't care cuz there are so many girls around :) I wanted to CRY when I was listening his story!!!
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Postby Think Different » August 29th, 2011, 9:06 am

tonyjohnston wrote:Thanks Rock for your direction as I am new to the site.

I make around 20-30k online, so not the full income. With European citizenship though I am able to work without applying for a work visa and finding the right company willing to do all that paperwork.

That is a huge advantage most Americans do not have.

I just moved to Europe and my Italian wife and son (both dual nationals, like you) are happier here. People are nicer and more genuine here, and having EU citizenship is ABSOLUTELY HUGE!! It gives you access to work, live, study, and get medical coverage in 27 countries. Most Americans have no idea the advantage having an EU passport is. Dude, you are so set for life. Don't' waste it. You can also pass both citizenships on to whatever children you have in the future, by cause of birth.

The Italian economy is doing better than the American one, despite what they say in the press. And some EU economies are just going fine, such as the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, etc. If you have a way to keep your income going, while living over here, you'll have much greater access to so many different cultures, cuisines, and women from different cultures. If Russia/Ukrainian women are your thing, there are more in Western Europe than in the US. In a nutshell, if you want to find a good woman who isn't ruined by the shallow American culture of entitlement, you will need to relocate yourself here. Get yourself a little apartment somewhere in Italy, get your internet business going, and go meet the ladies.
Think Different
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