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Hello all... :)

Introduce yourself here and let us know who you are.

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Hello all... :)

Postby Dogboy86 » August 29th, 2011, 12:17 am

I am here after reading Winston's articles while surfing the net. I am 37 years old, have been divorced for five year and have a son. I have felt the way many of you here discribe American and American women since my mid teens. I have a hard exterior and am tall which attracts American women but once they get to know me I am far to nice, caring, sincere, and loving for them. I have tried holding these things back but there is only so long you can hide yourself. I am tired of investing my self in a shell game where in the end I will be taken for granted and disrespected by females which are clearly three steps below my maturity and emotional development. I have been writing women in the Ukraine and Romainia for about a year now. I have run into many scamers but never bought in do to my work experience. I have been a correctional officer and sergeant for fourteen years witch aids in the cutting through the BS factor. Even the scamers I have written have more heart and emotion then most of the American women I have dated. That last part was a little bit of a joke but not by much.

I would like to thank you all for your contributions here. :)
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Postby well-informed » August 29th, 2011, 1:26 am

What's up welcome to the forum. Take in everything you can here

Do you spot scammers via webcam, chatting or both. What are some clues that give them away. A lot of us would want to know.
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Postby MarkDY » August 29th, 2011, 2:10 am

DB86, why Eastern Europe? Latin American is closer. Even the Phillipines is closer to you than Europe.
Use web-sites like The CupidNetwork sites are great, You can chat with women and get their personal information. I met many nice Costa Rican and Colombian women on that site.
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Postby Winston » August 29th, 2011, 3:46 am

Welcome dogboy86. You sound like you have a great background, kind and caring, yet tough and firm at the same time. If you are a nice guy, the inmates you worked with as a corrections officer must have liked you huh? So you were in the army? Isn't hard for a truly nice guy to be a sergeant?
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Postby Dogboy86 » August 29th, 2011, 6:31 am

The best way I have caught scamers is in gross inconsistencies between emails and phone conversations. If they can't remember what they sent you in an email two days before, look out. Intentional misdirection with talk of sex when asked pertinent questions, them getting frustrated by simple questions that shouldn't be so hard to answer. These are just a couple of ways I use to see what they are about. What ways have you found scamers?

To tell you the truth an officer of mine spent two years in Ukraine on his LDS mission. He loved it and pointed me that way. He learned Russian in a little over six months and raves about how real and down to earth the women were, and how beautiful. I have used Mexican Cupid and it wasn't that great, plus I'm in Arizona and that's like taking sand to the beach. I will check out those sites for other counties though. Approximately how many girls did you scan through before finding the nice ones you did?

I was not in the service but I am a correctional sergeant now. It is very hard to be a nice guy and a Sgt. its a fine line to walk. As for inmates, alot of them do like me. If you are fair yet firm it commands respect, and in prison all you truely have is respect. Being consistent and keeping your word are another couple things that are huge and will keep you out of trouble all the way around. Trust me, I'm way to nice in the free world. :)

Thank you all for the warm welcome and I look forward to learning more.
"Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity"!!!
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